Monday, November 4, 2013

Coffee to Last Night

Biography :

Coffee to Last Night formed on Januari 2011, we are small group from Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia.
We play some metalcore musics in a group band, and we called our band as "Coffee to Last Night".
It's started when Dwi, Tian, Mbegoock, Anzar, and Agung who want to make their friendship more challenging by playing music.
Unfortunately, because of Anzar’s and Mbegoock’s school programs, they have to leave this band. Finally, we just have three members.
At the last of 2012, we found a suitable bass player, named Anang. Anzar's position is currently being replaced by Vando, one of our guitarists who completed our lineup.
And finally on 2013, we also lost our vocal, Dwi. He resigned from the band and chose to continue his career. Dwi's position is currently being replaced by Wanda, one of our vocalist who completed our lineup.

Band Members :

* Wanda – Vocal
* Vando – Guitars
* Tian – Guitars
* Anang – Bass
* Agung – Drum

Influences :

* As I Lay Dying
* Caliban
* Slayer
* Bring Me the Horizon
* Lamb of God
* Hatebreed
* and More ...

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