Thursday, April 7, 2011


Biography :

Outright is a Hardcore Band. Started in late 2005 Asuy, Ryan, Ricky and Bart want to make a band start with a cover song of Biohazard, Ryker's and hatebreed. We have no idea for the name so we called OUTRIGHT we play a new new style of music, a not so fast hardcore but heavy as shit we called it SUPER GROOVE POWER CHORDS, after 3 years finally we've just released our debut album "HARDCORE STRIKES BACK" under CROSSOVER records.

Band Members :

* Ricky - Low Screaming Truth
* Bart - Sick Wired Power Chord
* Asuy - Four Wired Destruction
* Part - Groove Beater

Contact person :

* Ryan : 085624169351 / 022 92772040

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Biography :

Sympathy is a technical death metal band from Canada, formed in 1991. Sympathy got some notable attention in the Benelux, Germany and Switzerland as those are the countries where their previous label Fear Dark is usually marketing its bands. The band is known for its professional musicianship. Sympathy's albums are distributed in the United States, Europe and Canada through Displeased Records, Deadsun Records, Megarock Records, Facedown Records and The Omega Distribution. Their lyrical themes tend to revolve around subjects such as theology, philosophy, and death. They have released three albums, Invocation, Arcane Path and an EP titled Abyssal Throne. On February 19, 2008, the band was signed to Bombworks Records. The third album titled Anagogic Tyranny was released on November 11, 2008.

History :

Sympathy started out as a five-piece thrash metal band in vein of Celtic Frost and produced its first demo in 1991. One by one the other musicians left Sympathy and eventually it ended up being Dharok's solo project. During the years 1993–1997, the musical style took a more technical death metal direction, and Dharok released the recordings Arrogance and Ignorance (1993), Age of Darkness (1995) and Realms of Chaos (1996).

The band's influences include: Spawn of Possession, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Death, Emperor, Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, and Dimmu Borgir. In 2001, Sympathy signed a record deal with the Dutch extreme metal label Fear Dark and soon recorded its first commercially available studio album titled Invocation. The album received positive feedback in underground metal circles, magazines such as BW & BK, and was mentioned in Metal Maniacs magazine as one of the "reader's albums of the year for 2002".

On the following releases, Tim Roth of Into Eternity, as well as other members from that particular band, and other bands began to fill in the spot. In 2004, Sympathy released its second album titled Arcane Path which took a more technical blackened death metal direction and showcased a more polished production. Arcane Path featured frontcover artwork as well as a new logo design by the reputive Belgian (Flemish) artist Kris Verwimp. The album was well-received and brought them more exposure.

In late 2005, Sympathy released an EP titled Abyssal Throne which featured two re-recorded songs from Invocation, two new songs and a cover of Suffocation's "Torn into Enthrallment". Abyssal Throne was released on the Norwegian label Momentum Scandinavia, and the packaging artwork was done by the Swedish graphic designer Samuel Durling. Later in 2005, a fellow Canadian, Jeff Lewis, known from his work in Australian band Mortification and his solo project Abolishment of Hate, would join forces with Sympathy.

On February 19, 2008 the band was signed to Bombworks Records. The third album titled Anagogic Tyranny was released November 11, 2008. Sounds of Dead gave it 10 out of 10 points and Lords of Metal gave it 83 out of 100. Tracks from the album were included on the sampler CD's of such magazines as Metal Maniacs and Terrorizer.

On April 2009 the band announced that they have written 12 new songs and are currently recording them, The fourth Sympathy album is tentatively entitled Beast.

Band Members :

* Dharok - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
* Jeff Lewis - Lead and Rhythm Guitars (Mortification, Abolishment of Hate)
* Jim Austin - Drums (Into Eternity)

Discography :

Albums :

* Arrogance and Ignorance (1993)
* Age of Darkness (1995)
* Invocation (2002)
* Arcane Path (2004)
* Anagogic Tyranny (2008)
* Beast (2010)

Other :

* Covenant (demo, 1991)
* Realms of Chaos (demo, 1996)
* Abyssal Throne (EP, 2005)

Associated Acts :

* Mortification
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Biography :

Switchblade is a five-piece metal band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2001. The band has opened for bands like Slayer, Machine Head, Exodus, Trivium and Nevermore and released two albums. They have also appeared at Metal for the Brain and the Come Together Music Festival.

History :

Formation (2001–2003)

Switchblade was formed by guitarist Andrew Najdek, drummer Mat Piccolotto and bassist Ben Bessant in 2001. The trio spent the better part of their final high school years playing metal cover songs and writing a handful of originals which would become early Switchblade demos. Vocalist Chris Apps joined the band prior to the recording of the band's very first demo, but split from the group directly following the recording.

In early 2002 Switchblade recorded a new and much heavier demo and began to audition vocalists. The auditions were unsuccessful, and the group struggled to find a frontman until Piccolotto answered an internet messageboard post by vocalist Colin "Sway" Druery, who shared a similar musical vision and joined the band in 2002. Switchblade began working together on original material, however only a few short months into rehearsals, Sway would permanently damage his vocal cords and was forced to leave. Switchblade was once again looking for a suitable frontman. During this downtime Najdek began using a seven-string guitar, and tuning much lower than he previously did. As a result of this the band's musical style moved away from its thrash metal and death metal core and took on a much more groove metal approach, similar to bands like Pantera, Machine Head and Fear Factory.

Switchblade again found themselves recording another instrumental demo at the end of 2002, the first of the new material written completely on a seven string guitar. Sway got a copy of the demo and was compelled to return to the band. Inspired by this new sound, Sway quickly wrote lyrics for the new Switchblade material, recorded his vocals on the instrumental tracks, and Switchblade's 2003 demo Incoming was released in early 2003.

Incoming (2003–2004)

Switchblade then began doing the rounds on the Sydney metal scene and was soon touring interstate and supporting higher profile local bands like Daysend, Sunk Loto and Dungeon. Meanwhile, Piccolotto also briefly joined local thrash metal band Descend, who disbanded shortly after, and Najdek became a member of local power metal band Friar Rush.

In mid 2004 the band realised its musical output was limited by only having one guitarist, so a second guitarist was added in Scott Bernasconi, who played his first show with Switchblade on June 19, 2004. The band's material was re-worked to make room for a second guitarist. Soon after, Switchblade played a string of shows with now Los Angeles based tech-metal outfit Devolved, Sydney band Daysend, and Machine Head. Switchblade then booked themselves into the studio to record their debut album with Astennu producing.

The End of All Once Known (2005)

The End of All Once Known was released on March 12, 2005, showcasing a more melodic and technical approach than previously.

Switchblade then began a series of shows around Australia to support the album, but Bernasconi and Sway left the band after a final performance Sydney on October 29, 2005. During the final song of the set, Sway was joined on stage by a good friend of the band, Adam Helmrich, who was asked to join Switchblade almost immediately.

In late 2007 Bernasconi was the temporary live guitarist for industrial death metal band The Amenta on their 2007 Australia and New Zealand tour, replacing Psycroptic guitarist Joe Haley.

Comeback (2006)

Following the departure of Sway and Bernasconi, Switchblade took a break to focus on finding a second guitarist. With Helmrich already confirmed as new vocalist, Anthony Delvecchio was announced as the new Switchblade guitarist in early 2006. The new lineup was then booked to make its first appearance at the annual Metalstock Festival, held in Scone, New South Wales over the Easter weekend. Two weeks before the show Bessant relocated to Perth and cut off all contact with the band. Symon Alhaddad, guitarist for Sydney death metal/thrash metal band Vaticide temporarily filled in on bass guitar, eventually joining Switchblade permanently.

With the band's lineup now solidified, Switchblade went on to play a number of key local shows including the 2006 Come Together Music Festival, and a show at the Marquee, Sydney, which was filmed and recorded for a future live DVD. The band ended 2006 by appearing at Metal for the Brain and then supporting Nevermore in Sydney on the same day.

At the start of 2007, Switchblade had originally planned to cease all live shows however they were then offered the opening spot on a tour by Trivium. To capitalise on this appearance, Switchblade then played some tour dates around the country and featured on a national touring metal event billed as the Festival of the Dead.

Invictus Infinitum (Since 2008)

In 2008 Switchblade opted to put all live shows on hold and focus on the writing and recording of the new album. In a 30 July 2008 MySpace blog, Switchblade revealed the title of their follow-up album to be Invictus Infinitum. They also revealed that Alhaddad would be leaving the band, replaced with Gerard Dack of Infernal Method.

Invictus Infinitum was released in Australia on June 6, 2009 on Melbourne-based label AmpHead Music, and was supported by a national tour which included shows with Psycroptic, The Amenta, Daysend, Alarum, Frankenbok and many more. The album was mixed by Grammy Award-winning producer Neil Kernon in the US and featured Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis on the track "Reflective Curse."

On October 15, 2009 Switchblade capped off a massive year by supporting thrash metal band Slayer, for their one-off Australian performance of the seminal album Reign in Blood. It was also announced that the band would be supporting the newly reformed Wollongong-based band Segression, who were one of the most prolific Australian metal bands during the 90's, but had broken up in 2002.

In 2010 Switchblade played a small number of select shows including a Sydney festival for the 30th anniversary of long-running heavy metal store Utopia Records, with bands such as The Amenta, Daysend and more, and also supported thrash metal legends Exodus in Sydney. Soon after it was announced that the band was working on a new release due in 2011, and would be taking a short break from live shows.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Adam Helmrich – Vocals (Since 2006)
* Andrew Najdek – Guitar (Since 2001)
* Mat Piccolotto – Drums (Since 2001)
* Anthony Delvecchio – Guitar (Since 2006)
* Gerard Dack – Bass Guitar (Since 2008)

Past Members :

* Colin "Sway" Druery – Vocals (2002–2005)
* Scott Bernasconi – Guitar (2004–2005)
* Ben Bessant – Bass Guitar (2001–2005)
* Chris Apps – Vocals (2001)
* Symon Alhaddad – Bass Guitar (2006–2008)

Discography :

* Switchblade - Incoming (EP, 2003)
* Switchblade - The End of All Once Known (2005)
* Switchblade - Invictus Infinitum (2009)

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