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Dead Vertical

Biography :

Dead Vertical was founded on 22 November 2001 in a suburb of East Jakarta, with the early formation Iwan-Vocals, Boy Guitars / Backing vocals, BONY-Bass-Drums and Andriano. Over time it is like other bands typically Dead Vertical has undergone several personnel changes, namely in mid-2003 Andriano (Drums) resigned because of busy work, then his position was replaced by Ben that stood until March 2004 (after the first album release " The phenomenon of the End Times ") and then he resigned. Furthermore, the position of drummer was replaced by Arya (Formyblood) until now. At the end of 2005 Sam (Vocals) resigned because of busy work and was replaced by Boy Vocals position while still holding the position of Guitars. Dead Vertical has the meaning of "death VERTICAL RELATIONS BETWEEN PEOPLE WITH GOD." The name is inspired by the phenomenon of life in an era now where the world has been filled by hatred, chaos, carnage, and misdirection globally because many people who have forgotten their God. Dead Vertical terinfluence by bands such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Slayer, Sepultura, Brutal Truth, Righteous Pigs, Massacre, Nasum, Lock Up, Rotten Sound and others. Shouted the lyrics are themed around social and daily life was packaged as a genre of Grindcore. Dead Until now Vertical has produced some works of music among other hardcore band Split tape with the Philippines-Human Error (No Label rec 2003), The First Album "The phenomenon of the End Times" (The Eye Music in 2004), Mini Album "Global Madness" (Dead Vertical 2006), the second album "infecting the World" (Rottrevore records in 2008) and several compilations of Death Metal, Punk-Hardcore...!!

Band Members :

*Boybleh - Vocalist / Guitarist
*Deadbonz - Bassist / Backing Vocal
*Arya Blood - Drumers

Free Download Death Vertical's MP3 :

* Death Vertical - Black Storm

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Funeral Inception

Biography :

Funeral Inception was formed upon the ashes of the well-known gore grind band from Indonesia called BLOODY GORE, which was formed in 1996. And after the departure of Bloody Gore's drummer Sonny, and then the rest of the goregasm warriors engulfs Pandi (Drummer of Sadistis) to put into the fold and decided to change the name into FUNERAL INCEPTION. And the present line up of Funeral Inception is Doni - Vox, Rio - Guitars, Pandi - Drums and Mithos - Bass. Depresive, angry and extreme and obscure also dark composition then created to be vomitted into the debut album of Funeral Inception entitled "Anthems of Disenchantment" which released by WARPATH RECORDS, France. The musical journey began by exploring the newfound boundaries of brutality as well as heaviness creating and molding the realm of Funeral Inception. Previously the band under the name of Bloody Gore release 2 MCD, 1 Promo Tape, and tape version of the said MCD. The first MCD called "Stench of Your Perversion" re-released in CD format under the flag FETAL TAMPON DISEASE Records, USA. And the 2nd MCD "Blood Driven Vehemence" released by UXICON Records, Belgium. Both MCD receives tons of excellent reviews according to the musical abilities of the maggots inside it. In May 2002, Funeral Inception entered Palu Studio, Jakarta, to record their 10 songs for their debut album. It took 4 nights to record all of those stuff. The band giving it's best they all have. Some of the songs recently highlighted in some foreign zine/webzines as the best songs of the year, though the band felt that they aren't satisfied of it's final recording results, but the money factor always made us in very difficult position. The band spent all of their money to fund themselves to recorded it, and it was the best they could produce! In mid of March 2003, the band is sadly to announce the departure of Mithos (Bass) as his study needs more concentration and attention. The beasts in Funeral Inception wish the best for Mithos and his future. The rest members of Funeral Inception will continue to spread hatred and insanity, though it losts it..s one of it..s power. Funeral Inception appeared in several compilations tapes/CDs in local and foreign scenes, to few a mention ..Insane Cannibalism.. Comp Tape, Necromance Magazine (Spain) CD sampler, etc. Tons of excellent reviews concerning to the debut album were gained by the band, and they are now gaining more and more with their onslaught of most depresive and aggresive composition they've ever made, entitled H.A.T.E which is stand for HEATHEN AGAINST TERORRIZING ENTITIES which consists 10 songs of heavily influenced by US Death Metal gods, Suffocation. Released under Rottrevore Records, Jakarta.

Band Members :

* Doni - Vocals
* Edos - Guitar
* Ronal - Bass
* Adit - Drums

Influences :

* Suffocation
* Deeds of Flesh
* Crematory
* Cannibal Corpse
* Benediction
* Nile
* Spawn of Possesion
* Vital Remains

Free Download Funeral Inception's MP3 :

* Funeral Inception - Brigades of The Falling Sun
* Funeral Inception - Fear The Return
* Funeral Inception - La Grade Mutte
* Funeral Inception - Lebih Baik Mati
* Funeral Inception - Plague Us With Your Disgust
* Funeral Inception - Primitif
* Funeral Inception - Surga Ditelapak Kaki Anjing

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Biography :

Sekarat was founded in 1993 when five individuals of different backgrounds found a philosophy and spirit of death metal in them. Francis (vocals), Arkam (guitars), Ateng (guitars), Ari (bass), and Purwo (drums) embody their soul of mayhem in a wild place without limit where norms and rules are abstained, a stage where death metal is a symbol of existence. At that time they still carry the name of Malignant Covenant until the year 1997 when they had to struggle and bleed for the survival of the band and changed their name to Sekarat. Dhiek (ex- Sectordeath, Keramat) took over the guitarist spot left by Arkam and brought new spirit in the band. The dynamics and pressures had brought them to a higher level where their lives had become a real salvation for the sake of death metal. The struggles had finally paid off; In 1998 Sekarat released the first album titled 'Tragic Incident' (Adrenal Records). With a never ending passion of death metal, Sekarat released their second album titled 'Save Indonesian Ground' (Confuse Records) in 2000. Four years after their second album, Yudha (ex-Radicalsquad, Mysticism, Akasia, Ataxia) was assigned to fill the drummer spot. With Yudha on board, Sekarat released an EP in 2009 which titled 'Confounded by Hatred'. After more than ten years of existence in the scene of death metal music, Sekarat have proven that they will only stop at the death's hollow

Band Members :

* Francis - Vocals
* Dhidiek - Guitar
* Rano - Bass
* Yudha - Drums

Influences :

* Human Rejection
* Cannibal Corpse
* Disavowed
* Dying Fetus

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Biography :

HATESTROKE was founded in January 2004, (originally called DOWNSTROKE), With Yeri-Lead Guitar, Cesper-Vox, Yono-Drums, Bimo-Bass, and Ongky-Rhythm Guitar. The band then changed their name to HATESTROKE in 2005, Forming a new line up with Yeri-Guitar, Cesper-Vox, Sulih-Drum, and Soni-Bass. They started playing death metal music and recorded one song single “Anger” which featured in Kediri Metal Associaton Compilation CD. In 2006 Soni left the band, leaving HATESTROKE as a SICK 3 piece band without a bass player. A few months later, Sulih also left and was replaced with Yahnes (of TENGGGOROKAN). With Yahnes, HATESTROKE began playing Fast Brutal Fucking Death, and they recorded the Demo 2007 (4 Songs) & Demo 2008 (14 Songs). By mid-year, Yahnes was replaced with GOD-X of DROP. HATESTROKE now recorded its first full length album THE SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM OF HATE DISTRIBUTION... Which was released in April 2009. Latest line up: Alan - Bass, Battery - Drums, Yeri-Guitar, Casper-Vox. Discography: "Anger" : Single 2004 XXX Demo 2006 : Demo 2006 XXX Demo 2007 : Demo 2007 XXX Demo 2008 : Demo 200.

Band Members :

*Casper - Vocalist
*Yeri - Guitarist
*Alan - Bassist
*Battery - Drummers

Influences :

*Hate Eternal
*Cannibal Corpse

Free Download Hatestroke's MP3 :

* Hatestroke - Berpesta Hancurkan Kesucian
* Hatestroke - Carnivorous Read More...!!


Biography :

At the end of 2007 four virgin bandung build a spirit of creativity in the musical rhythm of death "Death Metal" .. and make a band name is "cranial" with the meaning of Part of human skull bone. Rindra Together (Vocal), Doplin (Guitar), Dwi (Drum) while Wes (bass), who recently just got out because there are others: personal interests, even though three will but not discouraged us to achieve one's vision and mission. Second song material was eventually consumed in the compilation can be brutally Sickness Mutilated Orgasm (ESP) and also Panceg Dina Lines (PIECES record). Create the Death Metal Fiend tear, incision, and will blow we pour in the boiling smell of death that seemed KILLED. Stay Metal Keep Brutal!!

Band Members :

* Rindra - Vocals
* Doplin - Guitar
* Wes - Bass
* Dwi - Drums

Influences :

* Suffocation
* Deed Of Flesh
* Dying Fetus
* Aborted
* Disgorge
* Abominable Putridity
* Mortal Decay

Free Download Cranial's MP3 :

* Cranial - Cremation of Humans
* Cranial - Flatery of The Hell Island
* Cranial - Senyawa Tubuh Terbelah Read More...!!

Torment Murderer

Biography :

At the beginning of 2006. The band was formed by Andre (Guitar / Vocal), Donie (drums) and brought the genre DEATH Grind. The band had recruited Dhanny (Bass), because there are no matches in this band, The Band out Dhany. The band due to lack of personnel did not last long, mid-2007 the band Vacum. Andre formed early 2007 that carries the flow Band Black Metal that is "FETID". However FETID problems and finally vacuum. At that time Donie and Andre agreed to continue the band. But the band is still facing the same problem, since it has no vocals. Mid-month February 2009, the band recruited Bagus (Vocal), which is none other than the little brother Andre (guitar). And formed again "Torment Murderer" which brought Brutal Death Metal genre. Final formation of this band is Bagus (vocals), Andre (Guitar), Donie (drums). In the year 2009 With New Line Up: ~ Bagus: Vocal ~ Andre: Guitar ~ Chesil: Guitar ~ Donie: Drumm.

Band Members :

*Bagus - Vocalist
*Andre - Guitarist
*Chesil - Guitarist
*Donie - Drummers Read More...!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Biography :

FETID is a nuanced Underground rock band BLACK METAL homage standing MALANG EAST JAVA INDONESIA earlier in the year 2006. FETID founders are: Rama Love Satan (vocals), Andre (tremolo pick guitars), Qwal iblyssic (bass). after walking a while, we finally strengthened by recruiting Nanang music as drummer. And the final formation of FETID are:-Rama Love Satan (demon scream vocals), Andre (tremolo pick guitars)-Qwal iblyssic (bass)-Nanang (drumm).

Band Members :

*Rama Love Satan - Demon Scream Vocal
*Andre - Tremolo Pick Guitars
*Owal Iblyssic - Bassist
*Nanang - Drummers

Free Download Fetid's MP3 :

* Fetid - Noise and Punk Read More...!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Evil By Envy

Biography :

Formed on feb 2008 at malang city in junior high school grade , first endar , risang , fahri and dito make an band named 'my dirty diary' just for fun and fill up a free time . many gigs we play together in this formation with covering many songs from other bands , haha this fckin shit exp dude ! as long as after junior high school ends rifki sign from formation become our new voc some day after this we've change evil by envy / ivy become our name . we choose screamo metal for our genre , with many influence like blessthefall , the devil wears prada , underoath , alesana and many more .
So now our formation is rifki as vox endar as guitar fahri as guitar vox dito as bass risang as drum . currently we launch our first demo "Hope You Die Today" in AA studio . now we solve our second songs and prepare for second demo records . so come on support us fellaz ! cause without you we are nothing !!

Band Members :

*Rifki - Vocalist
*Fahri - Guitarist and Backing Vocal
*Endar - Guitarist
*Dito - Bassist
*Risang as Drummers Read More...!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Biography :

Tenggorokan representing a band of death metal which formed early year 1999 which merged into death metal kediri, and new formation,viky(vocal) yahnes(drum) rangga(guitar) cdok(bass). and tenggorokan many terinfluence like cannibal corpse, nile, origin, disgore death metal!!! dead price!!!

Band Members

* Viky - Vocals
* Rangga - Guitar
* Cdok - Bass
* Yahnes - Drums

Influences :

* Cannibal Corpse
* Nile
* Origin Montrosity
* Disgorge Read More...!!


Biography :

Hysteria was founded in August 1996 at Medan - North Sumatra. Hysteria formed at the beginning brought death metal songs.
Hysteria call their music flows now with Death Metal, with the theme of songs social criticism, politics and death.
Now Hysteria based in Bandung with 2 personnel from Medan and 3 personnel from Bandung.

Band Members :

* Rachied Rakohammas - Vocals
* Iwan Purba - Guitar
* Tommy Dillinger - Guitar
* C.2.P "Bandit" - Bass
* Azie "Odenk" - Drums Read More...!!

Apocalypse Grind

Biography :

The first was formed in February 2009 , we started playing music since high school deathmetal , first rizky rera guna alam acquainted with ardian pratama , we agreed to make a deathmetal band, then we invite rendhy farizi firdaus and galuh prasetiyo to fill vacancies , we are ready to preserve the underground music wherever we are , since then, we began to explore various events in the title in Bandung and the surrounding area , we began to find the point where we run the existence of this band , we are ready to destroy the event .

+62811236161 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +62811236161 end_of_the_skype_highlighting / +6285291919090 / +622291919090
Jln.Jatiluhur VII D3 17 Komp. PasirJati Cijambe Ujungberung,Bandung 40286
West Java,Indonesia

Sequeen Mangement
Teh Unie - +62815701575
Jln.Karang Pasundan 1 no.15 Pasirjati Cijambe Ujungberung,Bandung 40286
West Java,Indonesia

Band Members :

* Rendhy - Vocals
* Adrian - Guitar
* Rizky - Bass
* Galuh - Drums

Influences :

* Disavowed
* Disgorge
* Jasad
* Bleeding Corpse
* Plasmoptysis
* Undergod

Free Download Apocalypse Grind's MP3 :

* Apocalypse Grnd - Penghuni Neraka Yang Celaka Read More...!!


Biography :

Sickmath was established since 2005, the name was taken from a keyword "stay sick and burn wit us", “Sickmath” itself could be also visualizedas a straight line to show the consistancy of this band in the “death metal” stream .

SICKMATH DEATH METAL band from cimanggis west java-indonesia which was founded in early 2006 with the formation ANOM (guitar, vocals), buyung (drums) and YUDI (bass) with EP: THE CIRCLE OF DEATH (2005) self-release and SPLIT ALBUM (2005) with KRANDAMAYAT (north Jakarta) with a label BCEX MUSIC recs. but buyung was replaced in 2007 with Abeng drum position..

and in 2008 the last SICKMATH changing formations: yudi (bass), anom (vocals), nico (guitar) and leohardy (drum ) influence on oldskull metal / death metal music like morbid angel, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, disavowed, sepultura and siksakubur.

TERAPI GILA track is also included in the "FROM DUST TO DUST 'COMPILATION released by the label Chaotic Recs. is not it at that, the trackTERAPI GILA come back to enliven a music event in the European metal, with the name of the show "THE MEAT GRINDER" radio show with the poll results radio show listeners request it.

at the middle of 2010 this year SICKMATH back into the compilation album " BRUTAL DISASTER - Chapter Sick Compilation which will be released by the label with NO LABEL RECORDS tittle track INFEKSI MASSA HITAM.

In September 2009 SICKMATH already completed the process of recording for the album. In this album there are some changes in musical arrangements more fresh by writing lyrics that what happened in this country and from various environmental bad influence, sickmath are now under the label PIECES recs and SEQUEEN ...

just SICKMATH attend (KEDIRI DEATH FEST - KEDIRI) and RIOT IN PEACE in semarang...
see you in stage !!


* Budak Masa Kini (single) 2006
* The Circle Of Death (split album) 2006
* From Dust To Dust (compilation) 2009
* Brutal Disaster - Chapter Sick Compilation (compilation) 2010
* Feasting The Dead (album) 2010

Band Members :

* Anom Sick - Vocals
* Nico Supersatan - Guitar
* Yudhi - Bass
* Leohardy - Drums Read More...!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Demented Heart

Biography :

Three retainer from the home town of Kediri a member Ary beranama Demented Heart - Bass, Avaness - Guitar / Vocal, Zane - Drum just regurgitate her first album, entitled Seeds of The Venomous to contain nine songs such as Error Suggestion, Fill Full Fall, Have A Nice Die, Tortored Abstraction, Insane, Seeds Of The Venomous is part of the album.

Technical Death Metal, by bringing them tried to storm a bandage plus an all-out rhythm guitar melodies are truly tragic without the slightest pause in his songs that blended the music is not half-hearted can stimulate adrenaline and pride in us as a lover of death metal.

You can imagine how ganasnya between fusion of Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Cynic merged into one in this album? how sick they are. At the end of the album, we played a song from Judas Priest's Painkiller entitled aaarghhh damn! incredible that they can present with a cruel and sadistic with Heart Demented version.

Demented Heart is a newcomer in Indonesia but the metal music scene regardless of their age relatively new, musicality and skill they could no doubt to compete with other bands that had preceded them.

Band Members:

* Avaness - Guitar and Vocals
* Ary - Bass
* Zane - Drums

Free Download Demented Heart's MP3 :

* Demented Heart - Error Sugestion
* Demented Heart - Have a Nice Die
* Demented Heart - Insane
* Demented Heart - The Minor Abstract

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Down For Life

Biography :

Welcome to the new empire ..! A long collectivity with passion and more fresh blood that is spread out straightforwardly. Still in the same corridor that hard .. but with a scary horror ambient. Having experienced a period - the full transition period the cult of sweat and metal .. this is the forces of Hell ... Pig DOWN FOR LIFE. Starting in late 1999 after a long, exhausting phase finally arrived in the era of 2007. Hell Pig forces with the city of Solo as a cage to compile all the ammunition. With some individuals who have become legion of troops involved, namely Anang aka Farid Acheng (Underdog-Solo) and Doddy (Traxtor / Brutal Corpse / Mortorg-Yogyakarta), also some friends who helped in several projects both recording and live perfomance like Oky aka Andreas Gembus (Mock Me Not-Yogyakarta), Novianto Koploh (The Rival-Solo), Godhot (Fat in Diet-Salatiga), and Sofyan (Death Vomit-Yogyakarta). Through many periods and this legion of tersahih for now: Stephanus Adjie (ex-Sabotage Yogyakarta), Imam Santoso (ex-Delanggu Full Stricken), Sigit Pratama (ex full Stricken, orrupshitx-Delanggu, Semarang), Ahmad'Jojo'Ashari ( ex Apoticore, Nes x-Solo) and Revelation Jayadi (Arm of The View-Solo). Armed with a demo contains 12 songs with several hit singles Change, Pasoepati, was stabbed from the rear and other songs of this legion beat hundreds of gigs in the city or outside the city of Solo. Some good talks with several major and minor labels did not find significant common ground. Several singles compilation released in a few projects and sampler, some friends released homemade video clips, some live video circulating officially and unofficially. Circulated demo for free and widespread in Indonesia ... with no official release of the album. A journey that nothing - nothing without real work. In the mid-year 2007 with the support of a national tobacco product X Mild prepare minor label debut album through alliances.

Band Members :

*Stefanus Adjie - Vocals
*Sigit - Guitar
*Imam - Guitar
*Jojo - Bass
*Uziel - Drums

Free Download Down For Life's MP3 :

* Down For Life - Birth After Birth
* Down For Life - Change
* Down For Life - Elegi Lingkar Utopis
* Down For Life - In The Beginning
* Down For Life - Ketakutan Tanpa Alasan
* Down For Life - Menuju Matahari
* Down For Life - Menuju Matahari Feat Didik Crow
* Down For Life - Mistakes
* Down For Life - Pasoepati
* Down For Life - Similarity
* Down For Life - Tanpa Rasa Lelah Terus Berusaha
* Down For Life - Tertikam Dari Belakang
* Down For Life - Violence To Existence
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Biography :

Vendetta is a Godsplaying metal band that was formed at end of the year 2007.
Our music is heavily influenced by many bands like Lamb Of God, Spawn Of Possession, Necrophagist, Megadeth, Testament, God Forbid, The Faceless ,etc.
We will bring you our own good tasted death metal music with well skilled personnels and we present you our well packaged stage performances which hopefully shows our determination to be amongst the most influential and powerful death metal bands on the scene map.

Band Members :

* Jono "Roaring Bones" - Vocals
* Prisa "She Terror" - Guitar
* Audri " The Avalanche" - Bass
* Abinara "The Raw" - Drums Read More...!!

Imperium of God

Biography :

Imperium of God is a band from a group of teenagers from various levels who are seeking the identity of their lives, from the differences that created an IMPERIUM OF GOD, the band was founded in late 2006 and IOG Thun is a band that carries the flow of metal music IOG
We Hope Our songs can be accepted and can enliven the ranks of metal music in Indonesia.

Band Members :

* Bonor - Vocals
* Van - Guitar
* Rama - Bass
* Soyeh - Drums

Free Download Imperium of God's MP3 :

* Imperium of God - Anjing Neraka
* Imperium of God - Bau Busuk Tuhan
* Imperium of God - Halusinasi Read More...!!

Ritual Orchestra

Biography :

Ritual Orchestra, which means rhythms for the accompanying smell of a mystical ceremony relegious of
darkness. Hailing from Malang, Indonesia on November 1995 formed by: Rahma Sandy (guitar),Tony Setiawan (bas & vocal) and Edwin Sukisman (drums}.At the beginning of Ritual Orchestra is still Black Death Metal band, each live in their present shows songs belong to other bands such as BLASPHEREI0N. After the concept it is to find a more suitable music "Dark Majestic Black Metal." Ritual Orchestra began present songs of their own creation whit insflunsed by Black Metal bands from Europe and issued a promo tape 'Satan In My Embrace ' which contains 6 songs that told about the greatness of darkness. A year later after exploring the many events underground or non underground in February 1997 with Necro Sound Record, Ritual Orchestra released promo tape of Satan In My Embrace a debut album that titled 'Seeking Immortal' which contains 8 songs: The Legend, Satan In My embrace, Holy Obsession, Me, Blood and Satan, Lucifer Blessed We All, My Soul Just For My Lord, Diseuphonic Dark Requiem and Seeking Immortal. Because as a matter Ritual Orchestra also get out from Necro Sound Record. In June 1998 Ritual Orchestra issued single 'Serpihan Bintang Timur' in the compilation Metalik Klinic 2, that the major label (Rotor Corps joint with Musika Record Indonesia) to be controversial among scenester Malang, so that they experience in the boycott in the city. But it is important for those who want all that obsesions about how darkness is indeed, with they lyrics more out of not only among the undergrounders, and they also want to measure how far the existence of the existence of the Ritual Orchestra can provide the receipt with the feel of another Black Metal scene in Indonesia. In the compilation sold in excess of 60,000 copies Ritual Orchestra with these bands such: Wafat, Tengkorak. Deadly Groound etc.. Without under the influence of fuckin idiotic people in the city. Ritual Orchestra are making every effort to existence, and in February 1999 they signed with Psychjc Scream Entertainment. Malaysia to issue a split CD 'Perjanjian Ilmu Hitam' in the split Ritual Orchestra with the band Black Metal from Penang, Malaysia, MISTIK. And in March 1999 Seeking Immortal album released by the Psychic Scream Entertainment market for Malaysia. After getting a good appreciation of successful issued split ' Perjanjian Ilmu Hitam' and debut album Seeking Immortal, Ritual Orchestra back to represent Malang, Indonesia issued a single ''Iblyssic Sacrament' released again by Psychic Scream Entertainment is working with the Modern Invansion, Australia. In compilation Modern Ozz Demonz Psychotic Eastern Blitz 99.666 Ritual Orchestra with: Abigail (Japan), Mistik (Malaysia), Destroyer 666 (Australia), Paganizer (Sweden), No Promises (Slovakia) etc. And with it also Ritual Orchestra became the band Psychic Scream Entertainment umbrella issue for the next album. In February in 2000 was historic for Ritual Orchestra, as a for the month Ritual Orchestra into Black Metal Malang, Indonesia's first band in cooperation with the Europe (Sweden) band , BLODSRIT issued a split album with titled Storm Of Immolation released by Psychic Scream Entertainment.In February too Ritual Orchestra also issued a single 'The Legend' in the compilation of Panggilan Pulau Puaka III part I .... TRUE HELLISH EVILUTION ... RITUAL ORCHESTRA c/o Sandy jl Tlogo Indah st V2a rt/04/01- Tlogomas Malang, 65144 Jast Java Indonesia.

Band Members :

* Toni Setiawan - Bass and Vocals
* Rahma Sandy - Guitar and Backing Vocals
* Edwin Sukisman - Drums

Free Download Ritual Orchestra's MP3 :

* Ritual Orchestra - Legend
* Ritual Orchestra - Serpihan Sang Timur Read More...!!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Biography :

Early 2002, Jakarta, Indonesia. After a year disbanding his legendary hardcore outfit for 10 years, Puppen, vocalist Arian13 [Puppen, Aparatmati] and old time friends, drummer Khemod [from Bandung thrash grinders, Aparatmati] and guitarist Ricky [from Jakarta's finest hardcore band, Stepforward] founded SERINGAI ['grin' in Indonesian]. Fueled by a desire to play a blend between Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Slayer, MC5, they began to jam together after bassist Toan joined. SERINGAI was already in the habit of constantly writing songs, and playing small gigs in Jakarta and Bandung. Anthem songs like “Alkohol” [alcohol] and “Membakar Jakarta” [burning Jakarta], are the crowd's favorites. SERINGAI became more popular and the shows were beer-soaked and the sing along, slamdancing, stagediving never stops. Shortly thereafter, Toan left the band, and was replaced by Sammy. The band recorded 9 songs including a cover of Black Flag's “Jealous Again”, and released High Octane Rock EP in 2004 in tape format on their own label, Parau. Many shows in support of the tape, and without proper promotion they have sold about 15.000 copies of High Octane Rock EP. They even got offered to write songs for local movie soundtrack, teenage flick Catatan Akhir Sekolah and horror flick 12:00AM, both movies was also a success. Their fanbase grows bigger, and named themselves 'serigala seringai' or, Seringai's wolfpack. Their fans also varied, ranged from 15 years kids to 40 years old school rock fans. In 2005, the CD version is released. The CD version was highly anticipated, and with different and exclusive artwork, it has sold 2000 copies in just 2 month. This time, the CD was distributed by Off The Records/Universal Music Indonesia. Playing from club gigs to stadium festivals, SERINGAI never failed to impress people with their sound, energetic live show, and antics. In 2007 SERINGAI released their full length, Serigala Militia, which acclaimed high praises from mainstream and underground press. The album itself shows maturity but still gaining high impact of the heavy rock blend that’s been a trademark from the band. Songs like “Mengadili Persepsi [Bermain Tuhan]”, “Amplifier”, “Citra Natural” becomes crowd’s favorite anthem, more experimental/doom metal song like “Marijuanaut” is another expanded songwriting from the band. Serigala Militia was the best rock album in 2007-2008, an album without filler. Now SERINGAI is gearing up for their second album, and also in the process of editing their own home video, Generasi Menolak Tua, which consists interviews with the band, fans, high profile music journalists, and a lot of live footage, videos, and road mayhem. This year, SERINGAI is scheduled for those releases and a lot of shows, meaning it will be an exciting and interesting year for the band and of course, real heavy, high octane fueled rock fans.

Band Members :

* Arian13 - Vocals
* Rick - Guitar
* Sammy - Bass
* Kemod - Drums

Influences :

* Black Sabbath
* Motorhead
* Black Flag
* Slayer
* Roxx
* Godbless
* Leaf Hound
* Blue Cheer
* [old] Metallica
* Duo Kribo
* Hellhammer
* Celtic Frost
* Darkthrone
* Cavity
* Motley Crue
* My Bloody Valentine
* Pink Floyd
* Yes
* High On Fire
* Iron Maiden
* [old] Genesis
* Hawkwind

Free Download Seringai's MP3 :

* Seringai - Akselerasi Maksimum
* Seringai - Alkohol
* Seringai - Berhenti Di 15
* Seringai - Citra Natural
* Seringai - Lencana
* Seringai - Marijuanaut
* Seringai - Membakar Jakarta
* Seringai - Mengadili Persepsi
* Seringai - Mengibarkan Perang
* Seringai - Satu Sisi dan Menyerang
* Seringai - Serigala Militia
* Seringai - Skeptikal

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Biography :

SIKSAKUBUR first time in the form on 6 july 1996. With a line up: Andyan Gorust (Drums) - Godel Ade (Guitar / VOC) - Mbenk (Guitar) - Burgenk (Bass). SK's name is taken from the band that became a benchmark for them in music that is sepultura which means the grave of his band's debut from underground events began to attract the attention of music lovers DEATH METAL in last july until september 1996 SIKSAKUBUR start into a recording studio called K- repacking ninth studio songs that poured in an album released THE Carnage and distributed by EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION in a cassette & CD. The album received positive responses from the observers of underground music, especially this album in 1000 sold 500 copies of CDs & cassettes, although the quality of this album is lacking due to lack of recording studio equipment.
Success with her first album in November 2001 SIKSAKUBUR record nine songs and laced one (intro) which is poured into the second album BACK TO Vengeance distributed by ROTTREVORE records in a tape format, including a fantastic album sales in the period of one month has already sold 750 copies of tapes although even this recording is still less than perfect but better than the first album. SIKSAKUBUR start reaching events in Indonesia, particularly the island of Java to Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi & Other Cities.

Formation album BACK TO THE Carnage and Vengeance is Japra (vocals), Andyan gorust (Drums), Ade Godel (guitar), Burgenk (Bass), but after the second album released ADE SIKSAKUBUR Godel resigned from not being able to divide his time with the band, followed by with BURGENK who resigned from the band because they have to continue studies abroad. This position will be replaced by Andre REVITOL and guitarist who is also ex-duck Yudhi Authority, with this formation into three SIKSAKUBUR out the album CRY EYE titled album was released and distributed by ROTTREVORE records in CD and cassette albums which makes SIKSAKUBUR get more attention of mass and electronic media. SIKSAKUBUR penetrated events not just events but underground only event that is not up to performing arts school Underground SIKSAKUBUR a headliner in this event as evidence that music played by DEATH METAL SIKSAKUBUR began receiving more attention, not only in Indonesia but to other countries especially SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA. Since july 2005 and then became headline SIKSAKUBUR metal at an event in singapore.

Album BACK TO THE Vengeance Carnage and finally released by FROM BEYOND record (Netherlands) This is a sub label of DISPLASEDrec which is one major label in the U.S. METAL This album is packed into a CD that is distributed not only in Asia but European and American continents. Setelah lebih dari 10 thn berkiprah di Blantika musik metal Indonesia SIKSAKUBUR telah merilis 4 AlbumPodi yaitu THE CARNAGE, BACK TO VENGEANCE, EYE CRY dan PODIUM yang juga merupakan album terakhir dari drummer sekaligus pendiri SIKSAKUBUR yaitu ANDYAN GORUST." onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">> After more than 10 yrs of doing business in Indonesia SIKSAKUBUR metal music scene has released four AlbumPodi namely THE Carnage, BACK TO Vengeance, EYE CRY and a podium which is also the last album from the drummer and founder of Andyan GORUST SIKSAKUBUR. But after experiencing a difficult and time masa2 search drummer, finally get a new drummer is SIKSAKUBUR PRAMA [ex-ALEXANDER.LAST Suffer]. But the problem has not been completed, Yudi DUCK resigned because of problems of work, but EWIN (ex, Bloody Gore / COB / Extracensory) directly replace it. And After recording the album BLOOD RED ARMY, NYOMAN SAPUTRA (Ex Funeral Inception / Death Valley) signed the decree on strengthening the position of the guitar ... SIKSAKUBUR was ready to come back with this new formation .... so WATCH OUT!!

Band Members :

* Ade Godel - Guitar and Vocals
* Mbenk - Guitar
* Burgenk - Bass
* Andyan Gorust - Drums

Free Download Siksakubur's MP3 :

* Siksakubur - Anak Lelaki dan Serigala
* Siksakubur - Darah Terpilih
* Siksakubur - Diam Tertikam
* Siksakubur - Eksekusi Mati
* Siksakubur - Eye Cry
* Siksakubur - Menanduk Melawan Tanduk
* Siksakubur - Pasukan Jiwa Terbelakang
* Siksakubur - Selera Neraka
* Siksakubur - Pusara Bala Tentara

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Biography :

Such is some words from on Pickwolf. It is a new attack from the minority, an effort to show their teetch to the common society. PICKWOLF established in mid 2007 and they choose to play stoner metal rock, since they felt bored with the music trend at the time, where each of the Pickwolf’s stonerhead are also in other bands that play different kinds of music.

Taking its root on the Southern Rock, they are much influenced by the sound of bands such as: Metallica, The Sword, Pantera, Every Time I Die, Maylene And The Son Of Disaster, Cancer Bats, and others. They give special attention lyrics writing, they choose criticize social trends. With witty and straight forward lyrics style, they wanted to provoke society’s mind to be more open towards their surroundings. It is also a kind of protest on the current system that is outdated. To avoid stagnancy, Pickwolf always tries to explore and improvise their music, putting in patterns of rock n roll, metalcore, hardcore, and many more. Aside from putting out their sense of creativity, this is also aimed to make Pickwolf as a band from Malang that is always have its special unique characteristics.

Band Members :

* Awang - Vocals
* Angga - Guitar
* Christian - Guitar
* Wira - Bass
* Atenk - Drums

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mati Langkah

Biography :

Inception of this band was when Eddie (guitaris) meets Sandra (drummer) with the status and
guitaris NEUROSESICK REALITAT drummer .. and they both decided to create a new project band that carries the flow of other music from their previous bands and modern metals off-choice appropriate for channeling our desires ... then join bermusic afiek (guitaris), dono (bass) and Cino (vocalist) with the status of personnel SOUL SICK ... over the months and afiek dono decided to leave and be replaced .... STEP OFF Fadly (guitarist ) which is still a guitaris CCS .. and Yanu (bass) with bassist status vulgar thinking ... and because the will of god yanu our bassist died ... now replaced Krisna .... and now our latest formation are: sandra (drumm ) Edi (guitar) Fadly (guitar) Krisna (bass) anto / Cino (vocals) .. and we hope our music can be acceptable among rock music lovers

Band Members :

*Edi - Guitarist
*Chandra - Drummers
*Fadly - Guitarist
*Cino - Vocalist
*Krisna - Bassist
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Extreme Decay

Biography :

Was born at Malang, East Java-Indonesia, 01-01-1998
RELEASED : {1. EXTREME DECAY - " bastard " DEMO TAPE 1998, RE-pressed on TAPE (plus Live Songs), by IMPREGNATE RECORDS (CZECH REP.).} {2. EXTREME DECAY - " Extreme Decay as fuck " Rehearsal RAW on TAPE.} {3. EXTREME DECAY - " social warfare " Demo-Rehearsal Live on TAPE.} {4. EXTREME DECAY - " progressive destruction " TAPE & CD - FULL LENGTH, Released on TAPE by Disgust Tape. Re-pressed on CD by Extremist Records (USA).} {5. EXTREME DECAY - " sampah dunia ketiga " TAPE & CD - FULL LENGTH, Released by Extreme Souls Prods. }

SPLIT-RELEASED : {1. With : ANTIPHATY. "FOR FREEDOM" on TAPE, Released by Confuse Indie Prods.} {2. With : AGATHOCLES. "mince/grind " on TAPE, Released by Confuse Indie Prods.} {3. With : BONFIRE/FLAG OF HATE. (3way split) on TAPE, Released by Pulgar Dist. (Spain).} {4. With : DEMISOR. "grind fucker " on TAPE, Released by Grin-Konrr Records (Malaysia).} {5. With : PARKINSON. (split) on TAPE, Released by Broken Noise Records (Malaysia).} {6. With : NOISE DAMAGE/CRIMINAL VAGINA/OBLITERATION TENDENCIES/GONORRHOEA. "grind extrimies" (5way split) on TAPE, Released by Hyperblast Area Records.} {7. With : ATRET/DIRTY MOUTH. (3way split) on TAPE, Released by Comberan Records.} {8. With : DAMAGE DIGITAL/TORTURE INCIDENT/DEMISOR. "durian is food Grind is good" (4way split) on TAPE. Released by Grind-Konrr Records (Malaysia).} {9. With : PROLETAR. (split) on TAPE & CD, Released by on TAPE by Badai Prods., Released by on TAPE by Melophobia Records (USA), Released by on CD by Extreme Response Records (Turkey).} {10. With: NEGATION/CARDIAC NECROPSY/MASOCHIST/BEYOND TERROR BEYOND GRACE. "BREEDING THE SICK SPECIES" on CD, Released by Sick Chainsaws Productions (Thailand).}

COMPILATION-RELEASED : {1. "deformed inside/demo" on Escort Zine Samplers-TAPE, Released by Escort Zine.} {2. " bastards/demo" on "Last Minutes of Safety....2-TAPE, Released by THT Prods.} {3. "stop the war" on Brutally Sickness-Sounds of Millennium Death-TAPE, Released by Extreme Souls Prods.} {4. "racial prejudice-live/DON'T REGRET cover's" and "apostate-live/ANTIPHATY cover's". on Saudara Sebotol-TAPE, Released by Raw Tape.} {5. "deformed inside/rehearsal" on Indonesian Filthy Species-TAPE, Released by Morbid Noise Prods.} {6. "(4 songs from demo)" on Grindcore Holocaust-TAPE, Released by Amir'diy (Malaysia).} {7. "respect now!?!/live" on Republic Chaos-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {8. "teror/promo" on Brutal Fantasy-CD, Released by Volume Maximum.} {9. "politik/live" on The Way It Crust To Be-TAPE, Released by Oposisi Records.} {10. "pressure/promo" on Fallen Angels Magazine....2 sampler-TAPE, Released by Fallen Angel.} {11. "extremedecay" on All Filth of This World is a Human Filth" pt.4-CD, Released by Impregnate Records (Czech Rep.).} {12."teror" on Brutally Sickness-Retribution of Hate-TAPE, Released by Extreme Souls Prods.} {13. "decay in your mind/live" on Listen-Grind-Respect-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {14. "hard but coreless/demo" on Goat Sounds-TAPE, Released by Dahmer Records.} {15. "extremedecay" on Differencess is The Strength..2, a Death to Bussiness-CD-R Released by Relamati Records.} {16. "my burning forest" and "lifeless harmony" on What Wrong with my Ears?, International Fast Hardcore Thrash Crust Grindcore Compilation-Tape Released by Teriak Rekord. } {17. "extremedecay" on Cadas Tanpa Batas Chapter2, Kompilasi-Tape Released by Dapross Records.} {18. "extremedecay" on Grind Mask for Noise Pollution, International Grindcore Crust Compilation-CD Co-Released by Khhapspmch Prods., Melophobia Records (USA), Paska 247, Teriak Rekord, Extreme Terror Prods., Epidemic Records, Meat Grinder Records, Hormigonera Prods.} {19. "extremedecay" on Brutal Disaster-Sountrack of Violence Compilation-TAPE, Released by No Label Records.} {20. ""extremedecay" on Podrum Against Nazis! Vol.1 Compilation, Released by Podrum Music Netlabel (Bosnia and Herzegowina)}

TRIBUTE-RELEASED : {1. "condemned system" Tribute to Terrorizer-TAPE, Released by Edelweiss Prods.} {2. "terror reign" A Tribute to Regurgitate-CD, Released by Bizzare Leprous Prods. (Czech Rep.).}


Band Members :

* Afrl - Vocals
* Sahery - Guitar
* Yudha - Bass
* Eko - Drums

Free Download Extreme Decay's MP3 :

* Extreme Decay - Condemned System
* Extreme Decay - Decay In Your Mind
* Extreme Decay - Degradation
* Extreme Decay - Desperate Life Act 2
* Extreme Decay - Eksis Tak Terhenti
* Extreme Decay - Fighting 4 Self-Respect
* Extreme Decay - For Sale (What's Left)
* Extreme Decay - Hard But Coreless
* Extreme Decay - Invisible Chain
* Extreme Decay - Konfrontasi
* Extreme Decay - Kultur Barbar
* Extreme Decay - Masih Ada Darah
* Extreme Decay - Politik
* Extreme Decay - Pressure
* Extreme Decay - Releaze Peace This World
* Extreme Decay - Respect Now
* Extreme Decay - Tereksploitasi
* Extreme Decay - Terror
* Extreme Decay - Terror Reign
* Extreme Decay - Terampas Atau Tercabut
* Extreme Decay - Thanks
* Extreme Decay - Unrest Conditions
* Extreme Decay - We Aren't The Center of This
* Extreme Decay - Welcome To The Bleakness
* Extreme Decay - What Ur Fighting For
* Extreme Decay - Wonderful Vacation Ship

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Biography :

AnormA "Malang Notorious Metal" Genre - Death Metal
DISCOGRAPHY: 1.Bagai Dewa 2001 (single) 2.Mata air 3.Restorasi 4.Tersudut 5.Pelangi Hitam 6.Dead End Syndrome (single-2005) 7.Burning Lips (EP-2006) 8.Killer!! On the Dance Floor(single-2006) 9.The Flame of Blame (single-2007) 10. Lets the Killing Begins (single-2007) Band Contact: Mail: Home: (0341) 568830 Mobile: 085234001138 08563524206 081333145872 Base: Kertorahayu dlm 50a,Malang, East Java, Indonesia 65145

Band Members :

*Sig66 - Lead Vocal
*Sahery - Guitarist
*Cupred - Bassist
*Eko - Drummers

Free Download Anorma's MP3 :

* Anorma - Burn Our Heavens Down
* Anorma - Burning Lips
* Anorma - Flame of Blame
* Anorma - Killer On The Dance Floor
* Anorma - Red Storm Rampage
* Anorma - Sleepwalkers
* Anorma - Supramortal
* Anorma - What You Hold Dear Is None Read More...!!

Slaughter Victim

Biography :

We're an indonesian metal band,precisely in east java [malang] town of rock with its pride. We were formed in 2005 with formation now : CIMENK [Vocal], ARHAM [Guitar], VICKY [Guitar], LOLA [Bass],RENDY [Drum] . Name of Slaughter Victim synonym metally, heat, cruel, and podium action which is powerly spirit. But for we only a expression, and delectation of ekstase which is natural, like mysterious and beautiful eclipse, but normal at the same time natural and. Possible that's making music and appearance which we play felt so reality,do not pretensius,do not be pretended.

Band Members :

*Cimenk - Vocalist
*Arham - Guitarist
*Vicky - Guitarist
*Lola - Bassist
*Rendy - Drummers

Free Download Slaughter Victim's MP3 :

* Slaughter Victim - Arogance
* Slaughter Victim - Neraka 17
* Slaughter Victim - Sesal
* Slaughter Victim - The Hypocrite and The Treason Read More...!!


Biography :

Innersig is an Indonesian Heavy Metal band from Malang, East Java, formed in 2007.
Since its formation, Innersig has released one studio albums "Have a Nice Death", and 1 EP "Infected".
Due to the variety of influences, stylistic elements and changes throughout the band's career the press has chosen several genres and terms to describe Innersig's music. Innersig has been labeled as a metalcore and melodic death metal band.

Band Members :

*Tommy - Vocalist
*Rizky - Guitarist
*Pede - Guitarist
*Dimas - Bassist
*Ichal - Drummers

Free Download Innersig's MP3 :

* Innersig - Moment of Silent

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taste Of Poison

Biography :

TASTE OF POISON was founded in May 2007, meet at State University of Malang (Indonesia). With their music based on melody and breakdown rhytm TASTE OF POISON is a collection of musicians who are determined to make themselves known in the sprawling underground metal scene. Bringing together elements of Melodic, Metal, Hardcore, a little bit Death, Taste of Poison strives to push themselves to musical limits and re-define the metal melody and the beautiful. With an undying work ethic and intense live performances, Taste of Poison will poisoning you! banging your head! kicking your ass! till you get fucking crazy in the dance floor! till your legs down!

Band Members :

* Putra - Vocals
* Rendy - Guitar
* Oky - Guitar
* Daniar - Drums

Free Download Taste of Poison's MP3 :

* Taste of Poison - Burn and Lie.mp3
* Taste of Poison - Through The Paroxysm of War.mp3
* Taste of Poison - Tyrany of Human Fools.mp3

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Friday, June 18, 2010


Biography :

Beside exsis from mid-year 1997, stood in Bandung, Indonesia, born in the midst of a fairly well-known community in Indonesia "HOMELESS CREW". A band with a project at home playing hardcore music of his day from start Rykers, Strife, Earth etc. crsis. Changing personnel is becoming a habit, even at the end of 2007 Beside still changing personnel.

Fattah, one of the guitarists Beside the latter should resign! In karnakan busy work very dense. Heaven Ichad fall are the people we choose to cover the empty formations, and because we often change pesonel, then Beside meet many new people who have musical tastes that range from start Inflames, Soilwork, Dragon Force, Slayer, Malevolent Creations, Kataklysm etc. . Which in turn gives a new color for Beside music. Metal may be a more appropriate concept for Beside the present.

10 years is not a short time to finish an album, because frequent dressing changes of personnel, time-intensive activity, the concept of music that is still unclear to be the main factor in our delay.

By this time a solid formation Owank voc, Akew Guitar, Bass Paneu, Chad Guitar, Baby Drum, Beside finally able to finish our first album which was given the name of Against Ourselves, which was released in late 2007 by parapatan Rebels & absolute records.

Band Members :

* Owank - Vocals
* Akew - Guitar
* Paneu - Bass
* Chad - Guitar
* Baby - Drums

Free Download Beside's MP3 :

* Beside - 7th Deadly Sins
* Beside - Aku Adalah Tuhan
* Beside feat Burgerkill - Aku Adalah Tuhan
* Beside - All Of My Hate
* Beside - Dosa Adalah Sahabat
* Beside feat Iyas Alone - Fall
* Beside - Holyman
* Beside - Intro
* Beside - My Black Diary
* Beside - New Colony
* Beside - Outro
* Beside - Sincerity
* Beside - Sisi Kelam
* Beside - Testimoni Penyesatan
* Beside - The End Of Pain

Lyrics :

*Beside - 7 Deadly Sins :

Brave means nothing
It’s the only thing to be blame
Killing, aching, hating everywhere
They live in a hand of times

Love was such an easy weakness to live with
Stole the joy, stole the smile, even stole the sun
Anarchies become the world famous number one

Booming like poisoned mushroom everywhere
Seventh deadly sin, seventh dead of destructions

Killed by the name of life
Guide by the name of god
Whistling sound from the deepest hearth
Crash my enormous thought of us.

*Beside - Aku Adalah Tuhan Lyrics :

Akulah derita, aku bahagia
Akulah gelak tawa, dan aku air mata
Aku binatang, akulah setan
Untuk diriku, aku adalah Tuhan
Hati pikiran, dan sifatku adalah diri-Nya

Atas nama jiwa, Atas nama diri
Aku tuhan untuk diriku sendiri
Atas nama jiwa, Atas nama diri
Aku tuhan untuk diriku sendiri

Kulangkahkan kaki menuju surga
Kulangkahkan kaki menuju neraka
Setiap hal yang ku hirup penuh lahak
Setiap hal yang yg kau miliki kan ku genggam

( Back to *)

Kalian mencoba merubah takdirku
Merasuki dan menyayat sakit jiwaku
Mencoba membuka beban pikiranku
Caci maki ku untuk kalian

Untuk kalian...

Aku adalah seorang derita, akulah bahagia
Akulah gelak tawa, dan akulah airmata
Akulah binatang, akulah setan
Untuk diriku aku adalah Tuhan.

Bebaskan, lepaskan saja
Caci maki di otakmu
Lepaskan saja
Caci maki yag terucap...

*Beside - All of My Hate Lyrics :

The time has begun,
It’s time for against the enemy
No time to waste And killed them all
I want them seeing my fucking wrath,
I’ll Making them running like a dog.
I hate everyone, who always fuckin hurt me

Face to face, Dont Try To Realized Your Angry
Face to face, I'll Make All Crying

I want to make a half of my live to be better
I wanna feel a better, and I will make it true

I just want to be my self
I’m not who you are
So don’t ever try to push me,
Please don’t ever insist your desire,

God Damned (Shit...!!) , Mother Fucker
I’ll got you, I killed you
God Damned (Shit...!!) , Mother Fucker
This is all of my hate!!!

I want to make a half of my live be a better
I want felt a better and I’ll make all be better

*Beside - Dosa Adalah Sahabat Lyrics :

Lari berlarilah
Tutup mata bungkam mulutmu
Khianati pungkiri hatimu
Tataplah.. dosa mengikuti setiap nafasmu.
Jangan kau pungkiri , takan kau dustai

Tatap jiwamu tatap hatimu dan akui
Bahwa dosa seperti sahabat
Apa dosa adalah sahabat?

Setiap langkah dan nafasmu..
Harumnya dosa mendekap hasrat
Setiap langkah dan nafasmu..
Mencoba membunuh pahalamu

Coba berlari..
Aura hitam memekat
Khianati pungkiri
Kegelapan semakin gelap

Lari berlariLah ..
Umpat kau mengumpat
Dosa kau dustai
Ratapi dirimu!!!

*Beside - My Black Diary Lyrics :

For a half of my life,
You brought me to the darkness side
Living in the most darkness fear
I am blinded by my weakness

Dying in the most torturing pain
It sheep beneath my skin
Stuck inside my broken soul

Iam too damaged to be heal
And you’re too dead to be conscious
Then I lost in a shattered dreams of being with you

Standing in the most sacred place.
Watched me suffering half to death
Sedated with thousand promises
But it never coincide

These see thing anger,
Got me feel with desire to hurt you
It’s a great way to end your life
Lead you to the oblivion

I’m running as fast as I can and never looked back

*Beside - New Colony Lyrics :

I can’t control my self,
Trying to a wake from a nightmares
When everyone seem underestimate me
Sometimes I fell alone between a people.
What you gonna do with me
You’re the crazy bastard to consumed by hate

We are a new blood,
we are a new breathe
We are New Colony,
We are a new blood,
we are a new breathe
Burning me,
you can’t stop us!!

I’ll to make my oath on the wall
In the name of my life
This time I will pay what you have done
This is a new day

We are a new blood,
we are a new breathe
We are New Colony,
We are a new blood,
we are a new breathe
Burning me,
Fuck you
Our name is BESIDE !!

I can burn my own blood
I can stand alone
Finally I found the light
Forever I’ll keep my own life’s

This is our power

*Beside - Sincerity Lyrics :

I scream in fear trying to wake up
A thousand questions aggrieved my self
I can’t find harmonic bliss between the black and white
I don’t even know how to find a way
Lost in the darkness that I hide place

I follow the hollow a broken wing that I adore
The theology has lead me to the grey days
I don’t even know how to find a way
Lost in the darkness that I hide place

Even thought I know that will lead me to the valley of decay

Take me out, take me away
From the deepest of decay hole
Take me out, take me away
God give me sincerity

I wish upon a falling star
I’m still waiting that I can talk with god
But the light of salvations never has comes to me
I’m falling again to the valley of decay.

*Beside - Sisi Kelam Lyrics :

Biarkan rasa ini mati
Terbenam dalam kealpan ( sisi kelamku )
Buuta dari baying-bayang tuhan
Terlilit gema kemiskinan jiwa ( sisi kelamku )
Kehancuranku.. takan ku ratapi
Kan kulahap semua derita
Ku nikamati duka laraku
Kegelapan memilihku.

Kehampaan tak pernah lelah menyapa
Bagai peri malam yang tersesat untuk pulang
Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Laknat memang hidupku kelam sudah langkahku

Reff : kan kutantang mautku
Dan ku tunggu ajalku
Sisi jiwaku kelam

I know my life such a piece of shit
But I think I know my fuckin choice
Don’t ever try to judge me..
This is my life , this is my way
So, fuck you and leave me alone.

Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Laknat memang hidupku
Hilang sudah cahaya kehidupan
Kelam sudah langkahku

Tuhan.. aku bagai peri malam yang tersesat untuk pulang

*Beside - Testimony Penyesatan Lyrics :

Testimony Penyesatan

Aku adalah pendusta bertopeng emas,
Menghasut fitnah liar mengucap kata
Aku adalah prahara hilang nurani
Terbalut belenggu nafas derita

Aku adalah puitisi kegelapan
Merangkai menguntai kata2 kelabu
Aku adalah jejak langkah dewa pendosa
Ungkapkan penyesatan sebuah keimanan

Untaian kata indah terucap,
Seburkan dusta padahal laknat
Lidahku kelu untuk mengungkapkan kenyataan
Jiwa tersesat , pikiran mati

Hidupku cacat langkahku kelam
Tanggung laknat hidupku derita
Kan ku tangtang maut
Dan ku tunggu ajal...

*Beside - The End of Pain Lyrics :

This is the empty hearth
That I never found what I’ve been looking for

I saw the immortal beauty shines
Take me out from the darkness that I hide,
Let me follow the row of a candle light
That would bring me to heaven

Aku menatap sebuah cahaya
Dari gelapnya ruangan kelam
Di himpit dinginya dinding sempit dan lembab
Terbalut putihnya kafan.

Kini dalam kesendirian telah kuhancurkan debu derita
Yang lelah ku pikul , erat menggemgamku

Forgive me for my mistake before
Wiped out your tears and smiling for me
Don’t you ever remember what I had ruin
But just take a look what I’ve done

This is the end of my pain, the end of my endless pain...!

*Beside - The Holly Man Lyrics :

Hunting to find the answer
Closing comment you’ve to told me
I believe with my decisions
No reason to betray my self.

Fuck holly man, I know what I must doing,
Fuck holly man, this is my self.

Save all your breath that you can breathe
Engulfed your words
Don’t ever to talking bullshit

Fuck holly man, I know what I must doing,
Fuck holly man, this is my self.

Everything that you told me
Engender hatred

I am a grimmer
With the soil sin.
And You feel the holly man
Whereas, you’re the liar with a gold mask
I am so fuckin sorrow

I can’t escape from a shadow
Your lied still remains in my arm

I’ll wait the salvations
From a putrid mouth around my face
Stop to make me paltry...!

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