Friday, January 22, 2010

Paramore Albums

Brand New Eyes

1. Careful
2. Ignorance
3. Playing God
4. Brick By Boring Brick
5. Turn It Off
6. The Only Exception
7. Feeling Sorry
8. Looking Up
9. Where The Lines Overlap
10. Misguided Ghosts
11. All I Wanted
12. Decode (Bonus Track)

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The B-Sides

1. Decoy
2. Another Day
3. Oh Star
4. Stop This Song
5. Just Like Me
6. Temporary
7. My Hero
8. Stuck On You
9. Hello Hello
10. When It Rains (Demo)
11. Emergency (Alternate Version)
12. Rewind (Demo)
13. This Circle
14. Adore
15. My Number One
16. Here We Go Again
17. Sunday Bloody Sunday

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Green Day Albums

Last Night on Earth

1.21st Century Breakdown” (live)
2.Last of the American Girls” (live)
3.21 Guns” (live)
4.American Eulogy” (live)
5.Basket Case” (live)
6.Geek Stink Breath” (live)

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Know Your Enemy

1.Know Your Enemy
2.Lights Out
3.Hearts Collide

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2.Blood, Sex and Booze
3.Church on Sunday
4.Fashion Victim
7.Deadbeat Holiday
8.Hold On
12.Macy’s Day Parade

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1039 Smoothed Our Slappy Hours

1.At the Library
2.Don’t Leave Me
3.I Was There
4.Disappearing Boy
5.Green Day
6.Going to Pasalacqua
8.Road to Acceptance
10.The Judge’s Daughter
11.Paper Lanterns
12.Why Do You Want Him?
13.409 in Your Coffeemaker
15.1,000 Hours
16.Dry Ice
17.Only of You
18.The One I Want
19.I Want to Be Alone

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2.Having a Blast
5.Welcome to Paradise
6.Pulling Teeth
7.Basket Case
9.Sassafras Roots
10.When I Come Around
11.Emenius Sleepus
12.Coming Clean
13.In The End
15.All By Myself

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1.Armatage Shanks
3.Stuck With Me
4.Geek Stink Breath
5.No Pride
6.Bab’s Uvula Who?
8.Panic Song
9.Stuart And The Ave.
10.Brain Stew
12.Westbound Sign
13.Tight Wad Hill
14.Walking Contradiction

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21 Century Breakdown

1.Song of the Century
2.21st Century Breakdown
3.Know Your Enemy
4.¡Viva La Gloria!
5.Before The Lobotomy
6.Christians Inferno
7.Last Night On Earth
8.East Jesus Nowhere
10.Last Of The American Girls
11.Murder City
12.¿Viva La Gloria? (Little Girl)
13.Restless Heart Syndrome
14.Horseshoes And Handgrenades
15.The Static Age
16.21 Guns
17.American Eulogy (Mass Hysteria/Modern World)
18.See The Light

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1.Nice Guys Finish Last
2.Hitchin´ A Ride
3.The Grouch
6.All The Time
7.Worry Rock
8.Playtpus (I Hate You)
10.Last Ride In
13.Walking Alone
15.Take Back
16.King For A Day
17.Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
18.Prosthetic Head

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American Idiot

1.American Idiot
2.Jesus Of Suburbia
4.Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5.Are We The Waiting
6.St. Jimmy
7.Give Me Novacaine
8.She’s A Rebel
9.Extraordinary Girl
11.Wake Me Up When September Ends

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Charlotte Albums

The Young And The Hopeless

1.A New Beginning
2.The Anthem
3.Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous
5.The Story Of My Old Man
6.Girls & Boys
7.My Bloody Valentine
8.Hold On
9.Riot Girl
10.Say Anything
11.The Day That I Die
12.The Young & The Hopeless
14.Movin’ On

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Greatest Remixes

1.Los Angeles World Wide (JNR SNCHZ Remix)
3.Broken Hearts Parade (Marshall Arts Remix feat. Philieano and Tabi Bonney)
4.Fight Song (Jay-E Remix feat. The Game)
5.Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Dead Execs. Remix feat. Bubba Sparxx & Jung Tru)
6.I Just Wanna Live (Teddy Riley Remix)
7.The Anthem (Million $ Mano Remix feat. Hollywood Holt)
8.All Black (The White Tie Affair Remix feat. Mat Devine of Kill Hannah)
9.Little Things (Patrick Stump Remix)
10.I Don’t Wanna Be In Love (Dance Floor Anthem) Metro Station
11.Predictable (Stress The Whiteboy Remix feat. Rahzii Hi Power)
12.Girls & Boys (Ed Banger Records Allstars Remix)
13.The Young & The Hopeless (Remixed by Mr. Hahn)
14.Hold On (The Academy Is Remix)
15.Where Would We Be Now (Troublemaker Remix)

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Good Morning Revival

1.Good Morning Revival (Intro)
3.The River
4.Dance Floor Anthem
5.Keep Your Hands off my Girl
6.Victims of Love
7.Where Would We Be?
8.Break Her Heart
9.All Black
10.A Beautiful Place
11.Something Else
12.Broken Hearts Parade
13.March On
14.Keep Your Hands Off My Girl (Broken Spindles Remix) (Bonus Track)
15.Face The Strange (Bonus Track)

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Burgerkill Albums


1. Terlilit Asa
2. Penjara Batin
3. Berkarat
4. Luka
5. Tinggalkan Aku Terdiam
6. Resah Dera Jiwa
7. Hilang
8. Sejuk Sebuah Dosa
9. Gelap Tanpa Akhir
10. Tiga Titik Hitam (Feat.Faldy)

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Dua Sisi

1. Heal The Pain
2. Revolt!
3. Let's Fight
4. M.T.P.M.
5. Hancur
6. Sakit Jiwa
7. My Self
8. Rendah
9. Homeless Crew
10. Blank Proudness
11. Everything Sux!
12. Guilty Of Being White (Minor Threat Cover)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blink 182 Albums

Greatest Hits

1. Carousel

2. M&m’s
3. Dammit

4. Josie
5. What’s My Age Again
6. All the Small Things
7. Adam’s Song
8. Man Overboard (Live)
9. Rock Show
10. First Date

11. Stay Together for the Kids
12. Feelin’ this
13. Miss You
14. Down
15. Always
16. Not Now
17. Another Girl Another Planet

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Blink 182

1.Feeling This
3.I Miss You
5.Stockholm Syndrome

7.The Fallen

11.Easy Target
12.All Of This
13.Here’s Your Letter
14.I’m Lost Without You
15.Anthem Part Two

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This Albums

Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

1.Anthem Part Two
2.Online Songs
3.First Date
4.Happy Holidays, You Bastard
5.Story Of A Lonely Guy
6.The Rock Show
7.Stay Together For The Kids
8.Roller Coaster
9.Reckless Abandon
10.Everytime I Look For You

11.Give Me One Good Reason
12.Shut Up
13.Please Take Me Home

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Enema Of The State


2.Don’t Leave Me
3.Aliens Exist
4.Going Away To College

5.What’s My Age Again
6.Dysentery Gary
7.Adam’s Song

8.All The Small Things
9.The Party Song
11.Wendy Clear


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Cheshire Cat


4.Touchdown Boy
6.Peggy Sue

8.Does My Breath Smell

11.Toast & Bananas
12.Wasting Time
13.Romeo And Rebecca
14.Ben Wah Balls

15.Just About Done

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5.Romeo & Rebecca
6.21 Days
8.Point Of View

9.My Pet Sally
10.Toast & Bananas
11.The Girl Next Door

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1.Reebok Commercial
3.Red Skies
5.Point of View
6.Marlboro Man
7.The Longest Line
8.Freak Scene

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Dude Ranch

5.Dick Lips
9.Apple Shampoo
12.New Hope
15.I’m Sorry

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The Mark,Tom,And Travis


2.Don’t Leave Me
3.Aliens Exist
4.Family Reunion
5.Going Away To College
6.What’s My Age Again
7.Dick Lips
8.Blow Job
12.Adams Song
13.Peggy Sue
14.Wendy Clear
16.All The Small Things

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bullet For My Valentine Albums

The Poison

1. Intro - Apocalyptica
2. Her Voice Resides

3.4 Words (To Choke Upon)
4. Tears Don't Fall

5. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do)

6. Hit the Floor

7. All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)

8. Room 409

9.The Poison

10. 10 Years Today

11. Cries in Vain
12. Spit You Out

13. End

14. Room 409 [CD-ROM Track]

15. Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow

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Scream Aim Fire

1.Scream Aim Fire

2.Eye Of The Storm
3.Hearts Burst Into Fire
4.Waking The Demon

6.Deliver Us From Evil
7.Take It Out On Me
8.Say Goodnight

9.End Of Days
10.Last To Know

11.Forever And Always

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare Album

Free Download Avenged Sevenfold's ( Nightare Album ) MP3 :

* Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
* Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome to The Family
* Avenged Sevenfold - Danger Line
* Avenged Sevenfold - Natural Born Killer
* Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away
* Avenged Sevenfold - God Hates Us
* Avenged Sevenfold - Victim
* Avenged Sevenfold - Tonight The World Dies
* Avenged Sevenfold - Fiction
* Avenged Sevenfold - Save Me Read More...!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

System Of A Down

System of a Down (also known by the acronym SOAD, and often shortened as System) is an Armenian-American rock band from Glendale, California, formed in 1994. It consists of Serj Tankian (lead vocals, keyboards), Daron Malakian (vocals, lead guitar), Shavo Odadjian (bass) and John Dolmayan (drums). All four members are of Armenian descent, and are widely known for their outspoken radical views expressed in many of their songs confronting the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Ottoman Empire and the ongoing War on Terror by the US government.

The band has achieved commercial success with the release of five studio albums, selling over 20 million records worldwide. System of a Down has been nominated for four Grammy Awards, of which has won one in 2006 for Best Hard Rock Performance. On August 13th, 2006, the group went on indefinite hiatus.
Soil (1992–1994)

The roots of System of a Down lie in the band Soil (not to be confused with the current band SOiL), a group from Los Angeles that included Serj Tankian on vocals/keyboard, and Daron Malakian on vocals/guitar, as well as Dave Hakopyan (Bassist for Mt. Helium) on bass and Domingo Laranio (Local Hawaii Drummer) on drums. Shavo Odadjian joined Soil near their end as a guitarist. After three years, only one live show, and one jam session recording, the band split up.
In the beginning (1995–1997)

After Soil split up, Serj and Daron formed a new band, System of a Down, based on a poem that Daron wrote. The poem’s title was “Victims of the Down”, but Shavo Odadjian, who was originally the band’s manager and promoter, didn’t like the word and thought the word “System” sounded better. Ever since Shavo joined as bassist, managerial duties have been undertaken by the Velvet Hammer Music and Management Group and founder David “Beno” Benveniste. The band then found a drummer, Andy Khachaturian. System of a Down quickly made what is known as their early Untitled 1995 Demo Tape, which had very early recordings of “Mr. Jack” (called “PIG”), along with songs called “Flake”, “Toast” and an early recording of “The Metro”, a cover of the Berlin song of the same name. It is rumored that there are other tapes made, which contain early recordings of “Friik”, “36” (called “.36”), and “Roulette”. Two other songs, “X” (called “Multiply”) and “Honey” were live demos at the time and were played at very early shows. After this, the band recorded Demo Tape 1, which had early versions of “Sugar”, “Suite-Pee”, and “P.L.U.C.K.”, as well as “Dam.” Demo Tape 2 was released in 1996 and had a rough demo of the song “Soil” as well as the most known unreleased tracks such as “Honey” and “Temper.” At the beginning of 1997, SOAD recorded their final publicly-released demo tape, Demo Tape 3, which had rough versions of “Peephole”, “War?”, and “Know.” In mid 1997, Ontronik Khachaturian left the band due to a hand injury(he subsequently co-founded The Apex Theory, which included former Soil bassist Dave Hakopyan). Soon after playing at the Whisky-A-Go-Go and Viper Room with new drummer John Dolmayan, the band caught producer Rick Rubin's attention and he told them to keep in touch with him. Showing great interest, they recorded Demo Tape 4 near the end of that year. This demo, however, was made only to be sent to record companies. The tape was not released to the public until years later when it was leaked onto the Internet. After Rick helped them get signed onto American/Columbia Records, SOAD began to record in his studio. In 1997, the group won the Best Signed Band award from the Rock City Awards.[1] Prior to 1998, SOAD’s live shows were called “The Dark Red Experience”.

System of a Down quickly made what is known as their early Untitled 1995 Demo Tape, which had very early recordings of "Mr. Jack" (called "PIG"), along with a song called "Flake," and an early recording of "The Metro," a cover of the Berlin song of the same name. It is rumored that there are other tapes made, which contain early recordings of "Friik," "36" (called ".36"), and "Roulette."[citation needed] After this, the band recorded three public demos, which have been numbered as Demo Tape 1 to 3, as the early 1995 demo was not discovered until much later. Many of the songs featured on the demos would eventually make their way onto the band's debut album.
Debut album (1998–2000)
In the summer of 1998 (June 1998), System of a Down released their debut album, System of a Down. They enjoyed moderate success with their first single "Sugar" becoming a radio favorite, followed by the single "Spiders." After the release of the album, the band toured extensively, opening for Slayer and Metallica before making their way to the second stage of Ozzfest. Following Ozzfest, they toured with Fear Factory and Incubus before headlining the Sno-Core Tour with Puya, Mr. Bungle, The Cat and Incubus providing support. In 2000, the band contributed their cover of the Black Sabbath song "Snowblind" to the Black Sabbath tribute album Nativity in Black 2.
Toxicity and Steal This Album! (2001–2003)

The group’s big break arrived when their second album Toxicity debuted at #1 on the American and Canadian charts, eventually achieving multi-platinum certification. The album has since sold 6 million copies worldwide. It was still on top in America on the week of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the political environment caused by the attacks added to the controversy surrounding their hit single “Chop Suey!” causing it to be taken off the radio as it contained politically sensitive lyrics at the time such as “(I don’t think you) trust in my self-righteous suicide.” Regardless, the video gained constant play on MTV as did the second single, “ Toxicity”. Even with the controversy surrounding “Chop Suey!” which earned a Grammy nomination, System of a Down still received constant airplay in the United States throughout late 2001 and 2002 with “Toxicity ” and “Aerials”. In May 2006, VH1 listed Toxicity in the #14 slot in the 40 Greatest Metal Songs.

In 2001, the band went on tour with Slipknot in the United States and Mexico. After seeing the success of the tour, System and Slipknot went on a Pledge of Allegiance Tour with Rammstein in 2002. In late 2001, a few unreleased tracks made their way onto the Internet. The group released a statement that the tracks were unfinished material. Soon after, the band released the final versions of the songs, which were recorded at the same time, but hadn’t been used for Toxicity. The result was Steal This Album!, released in November 2002. Steal This Album! resembled a burnable CD that was marked with a felt-tip marker. 50,000 special copies of the album with different CD designs were also released, each designed by a different member of the band. The name of the album is a reference to Abbie Hoffman’s counter-culture book, Steal This Book and as a message to those who stole the songs and released them on the Internet. The song “Innervision” was released as a promo single and received constant airplay on alternative radio. A video for “Boom!” was filmed with director Michael Moore as a protest against the War in Iraq.
Mezmerize and Hypnotize (2004–2006)
From 2004 to 2005, the group produced a double album, with the two parts released six months apart. The first album, Mezmerize, was released on May 17, 2005, to favorable reviews by critics. It debuted at #1 in the United States, Canada, Australia and all around the world, making it System of a Down's second #1 album. First week sales rocketed to over 800,000 copies worldwide. The Grammy Award-winning single "B.Y.O.B.," which questions the integrity of military recruiting in America, worked its way up the Billboard Modern Rock and Mainstream Rock charts. The next single, "Question!" was released with Shavo Odadjian co-directing the music video. Following the release of Mezmerize, the band toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada with The Mars Volta and Bad Acid Trip supporting.

The second part of the double album, Hypnotize, was released on November 22, 2005. Like Mezmerize, it debuted at #1 in the US, making System of a Down, along with The Beatles, Guns 'N Roses, and rappers 2Pac and DMX, the only artists to ever have two studio albums debut at #1 in the same year.[2] In February 2006, System of a Down won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for "B.Y.O.B.," beating out other established artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Robert Plant. Their second single off the Hypnotize album, "Lonely Day" was released in March in the United States. System of a Down released "Kill Rock 'N Roll" and "Vicinity of Obscenity" as their next promo singles. The band headlined Ozzfest 2006 in cities where tour founder Ozzy Osbourne opted not to appear or wasn't playing on the main stage.

System of a Down's songs were used in the 2006 film Screamers, directed by Carla Garapedian. They appeared in the movie, in an interview talking about the importance of helping create awareness and recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Screamers debuted in theaters in large city markets such as New York City, Detroit, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Fresno, Providence, and Boston. An earlier engagement started exclusively in Los Angeles on December 8, 2006. Also, "Lonely Day" appeared on the soundtrack for the 2006 movie Disturbia.

System of a Down was honored at the USC v. Cal game at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, California in 2006. The Trojan Marching Band, along with Dolmayan and Odadjian, performed three System of a Down songs: "Toxicity", "Sugar", and "Hypnotize". System of a Down's song "Lonely Day" was nominated for Best Hard Rock Performance in the 49th Grammy Awards in 2007, but lost to "Woman" by Wolfmother.
Hiatus and future of the band (2006–present)

In May 2006, the band announced they were going on hiatus. Malakian has confirmed the break will probably last a few years, which Odadjian specified as a minimum of three years in an interview with Guitar magazine. He told MTV, "We're not breaking up. If that was the case, we wouldn't be doing this Ozzfest. We're going to take a very long break after Ozzfest and do our own things. We've done System for over ten years, and I think it's healthy to take a rest."[3]

During their performance in Houston, Texas, Malakian also took a moment to say, "There's been a lot of rumors about us breaking up. Well, don't listen to them. Us four right here, we will always be System of a Down!" However, Malakian announced he was forming a band called Scars on Broadway, which was joined by Dolmayan. Their debut self-titled album was released on July 29, 2008. Odadjian will be working on a project with RZA of Wu-Tang Clan named AcHoZeN as well as his urSESSION website/record label. Tankian plans to keep recording as a solo artist/producer. "Empty Walls" is his first single off his debut solo album Elect the Dead, which was released on October 23, 2007. Dolmayan, as well working with Scars on Broadway, planned to open a comic book store online by November 2007.[4]

System of a Down's final performance before their hiatus took place on August 13, 2006 in West Palm Beach, Florida. "Tonight will be the last show we play for a long time together," Malakian told the crowd during Sunday's last performance. "We'll be back. We just don't know when."[5]

Shavo Odadjian told Launch Radio Networks in 2007 that System of a Down is "alive and well", but just aren't working together.[6]

In an April 2008 interview with Kerrang magazine, guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan gave their takes on the band's future. When told that many people are going to wonder what the future of the band is, Malakian responded by stating that "We'll all know when the time is right." Dolmayan added, "It'll just happen." Malakian went on to say:

Yeah. It'll feel good and happy. I can respect this situation [System's hiatus] more than I can respect the situation where two people are like, 'The lead singer fucked my girlfriend!' and that kind of bullshit. Nah, man. The lead singer is a special person to me and I am to him. And that's how we ended off. Same with Shavo, same with John. And it will always be. It was a big part of my life. We were onstage together for a long time, man. We went through shit as a band and friends -- we slept in RV's together!

In an interview with Tankian about Big Day Out 2009, a show involving playing his Elect the Dead album live with the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, and his upcoming second studio album. "Every few months I am honored to hear interesting rumors about whether the band is going to tour or break up permanently. I find them all to be very entertaining."

On October 31, 2009, Shavo threw a Halloween party at the Roxy in which three of the members (Shavo, Daron, and John) played three songs including "Suite-Pee" (off System of a Down), Scars on Broadway's "They Say", and an unknown song. Franky Perez from Scars on Broadway joined them for these songs.[7]

On November 20, 2009, at the Avalon in Hollywood, Daron, John, and Shavo joined the Deftones on stage at the show benefiting bassist Chi Cheng and played hits "Aerials" and "Toxicity".
Style and influences

The stylistic variety and level of experimentation[8] in System of a Down's music has made it difficult to describe. Though they have evolved their sound with each album, System of a Down has, for the most part, maintained a single style throughout their body of work. This style has variously been termed alternative metal,[9] alternative rock,[10] art rock,[11][12] experimental rock,[13][14] hard rock,[9][15] heavy metal,[9] nu metal,[16][17] progressive metal[18][19] and progressive rock.[20][21] Malakian has stated that "We don't belong to any one scene"[22] and that "I don't like the nu-metal drop-A 7-string guitar sound; it is not my thing, at least not yet".[23] According to Tankian, "As far as arrangement and everything, [our music] is pretty much pop. To me, System of a Down isn't a progressive band. [...] But it's not a typical pop project, obviously. We definitely pay attention to the music to make sure that it's not something someone's heard before."[24]

The band has used a wide range of instruments, including electric mandolins, baritone electric guitars, acoustic guitars, ouds, sitars and twelve string guitars.[25] According to Malakian, he would often write songs in E♭ tuning, which would later be changed to drop C tuning in order to be performed by the band.[23] Malakian states that "For me, the drop-C tuning is right down the center. It has enough of the clarity and the crisp sound—most of our riffy stuff is done on the top two strings, anyway—but it's also thicker and ballsier."[23]

The band's influences include Middle Eastern music,[26] The Beatles,[26][22] Frank Zappa[27] and Slayer.[26] The band's musical style has often been compared to that of Zappa.[20][28] Malakian has stated that "I'm a fan of music. I'm not necessarily a fan of any one band."[29] Dolmayan stated "I dont think we sound like anybody else. I consider us System of a Down."[30] Odadjian stated "You can compare us to whoever you want. I don't care. Comparisons and labels have no effect on this band. Fact is fact: We are who we are and they are who they are."[30] All members of SOAD showed profound admiration for Van Halen, AC/DC and Dead Kennedys[31].
Band members

Current members

* Daron Malakian – vocals, guitar (1994–2006)
* Serj Tankian – lead vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar (1994–2006)
* Shavo Odadjian – bass guitar, live backing vocals (1994–2006)
* John Dolmayan – drums (1997–2006)

Former members

* Ontronik "Andy" Khachaturian – drums (1994–1997)

Touring musicians

* Harry Perry – rhythm guitar (2006)
Main article: System of a Down discography

* System of a Down (1998)
* Toxicity (2001)
* Steal This Album! (2002)
* Mezmerize (2005)
* Hypnotize (2005) Read More...!!


MxPx is a Christian punk rock[4] band that officially formed in Bremerton, Washington, United States in 1992. The band has recorded eight studio albums, four EPs, four compilation albums, a live album, a VHS tape, a DVD and released 20 singles.

All the members of the band are Christians, and this is reflected in some of the band's songs. However, they prefer not to be called a Christian band.[5]. On the topic of their faith Mike Herrera was quoted saying "We are Christian. It’s not a cult or something. It’s part of our story and I guess it’s different and controversial. But it’s a personal thing. It’s what we choose to believe. That’s all there is to it. We don’t preach to anyone." [6].

The band's current lineup includes Mike Herrera on bass guitar and vocals, Tom Wisniewski on guitar, and Yuri Ruley on drums. The band has only had one major lineup change, early in their career, when founding guitarist Andy Husted left the band after the release of their first record and was replaced by Wisniewski.

MxPx began with the name Magnified Plaid. Initially, they started playing music inspired by Descendents, NOFX and other Southern California skate punk bands. The trio—Mike Herrera, Yuri Ruley, and Andy Husted—were classmates at Central Kitsap High School in nearby Silverdale, WA and were 15 years old when they formed. The name was a tribute to the original guitarist's fascination with plaid shirts but did not fit on the band's posters. Consequently, the name was abbreviated to M.P. But in Yuri Ruley's handwriting, periods appeared as "X"'s, and since he made up the show posters for the band, the four-letter moniker stuck.[7]
Tooth & Nail Years

MxPx caught the attention of Tooth & Nail Records when they played a showcase for the label in 1993 in Herrera's parents' back yard. Mike Herrera had practiced so much before the first show that he lost his voice.[citation needed] Their first major album, Pokinatcha (1994), was released while the band members were still in high school. The album, though classified as christian punk, incorporated the quick styles of hardcore punk.

Guitarist Andy Husted soon left the band and was replaced by Tom Wisniewski. MxPx released two further albums with Tooth & Nail: Teenage Politics in 1995, and Life in General in 1996. They then received a major distribution deal with A&M Records. This deal first saw a re-release of Life In General. MxPx then released two more studio albums jointly distributed by Tooth & Nail and A&M: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo in 1998, and The Ever Passing Moment in 2000. Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo would be last album to incorporate hardcore punk for some years and with the release of The Ever Passing Moment, the band used frequent pop punk styles. MxPx had fulfilled their contract obligations with Tooth & Nail and decided to part ways.

Before Everything & After in 2003 was released exclusively by A&M, and marked a radical departure from their old sound.[citation needed] In 2005, MxPx was dropped by A&M, signed with SideOneDummy Records, and released their seventh full-length album Panic.

In September 2006, MxPx and the City of Bremerton started a marketing effort revolving around the band's song "Move to Bremerton". Bremerton's Community Renewal Agency secured rights for the song to be played in a promotional website for the city, and MxPx played a concert at the downtown Admiral Theatre on September 16, 2006 with local bands The Divorce and Ruxton Towers. The band was also given keys to the city by Mayor Cary Bozeman in recognition of their contributions to Bremerton.[8][9]

MxPx spent the majority of 2005 and 2006 touring in support of their 7th album Panic. On November 21, 2006, Tooth & Nail Records re-released "Let It Happen", an earlier rarities compilation, in a "Deluxe Edition" which included a bonus DVD featuring 12 music videos, new artwork, and two new songs.

Let's Rock, MxPx's second rarities album, was released on Side One Dummy Records on October 24, 2006. The album consists of many previously unreleased songs, re-recorded b-sides and acoustic demos.
Return to Tooth & Nail

In March 2007, MxPx played at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas. From May through June they headlined the Tooth and Nail Tour, also featuring Hawk Nelson, The Classic Crime, The Fold, Sullivan, Project 86, and Run Kid Run. In the same year their eighth studio album, Secret Weapon, was released. It marked the band's return to Tooth and Nail Records, as well as the first album to use a hardcore punk sound since Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo nine years earlier. In an interview with Herrera said the band was now free to get back into more of the Christian Market.[10] In promotion for the album MxPx was featured on the labels of 120 limited edition Jones Soda bottles.

Drummer Yuri Ruley told that MxPx planned to start writing and recording a ninth album in January 2009,[11] but Mike Herrera more recently stated that there were no immediate plans to do so.[12]

A six-song EP entitled Left Coast Punk EP was released on November 17.[13] A Christmas album, titled Punk Rawk Christmas, was also released on December 1, 2009.[14][15]

In late 2009 a United Kingdom tour will feature Jamie Hand (ex-drummer of The Wildhearts) filling in for drums as Yuri takes time off.
MxPx All Stars

In late 2009, Mike Herrera teamed up with frontman of The Ataris, Kris Roe and the drummer of The Summer Obsession, Chris Wilson (formerly of Good Charlotte) for the MxPx All Stars tour in Japan and South East Asia. This amazing ensemble conquered cities like Tokyo, Yokohoma, Nagoya, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur and Bandung.[citation needed]
Band lineup

* Mike Herrera – lead vocals, bass, keyboard (1992–present)
* Yuri Ruley – drums (1992–present)
* Tom Wisniewski – guitar, backing vocals (1995–present)


* Andy Husted – guitar (1992–1995)
Touring Members

* Jamie Hand - drums (2009-present)
Main article: MxPx discography
Studio albums

* 1994: Pokinatcha
* 1995: Teenage Politics
* 1996: Life in General
* 1998: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo
* 2000: The Ever Passing Moment
* 2003: Before Everything & After
* 2005: Panic
* 2007: Secret Weapon Read More...!!


NOFX (pronounced no-eff-ex) is an American punk rock band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1983 in Los Angeles.[5] The band was formed by vocalist and bassist Fat Mike and guitarist Eric Melvin. Drummer Erik Sandin joined them shortly afterward. In 1991 El Hefe joined to play lead guitar and trumpet, rounding out the current line-up. The band rose to popularity in 1994 with their album Punk in Drublic which was certified gold.

NOFX has released 12 studio full lengths, 15 EPs,[6] and many 7" singles. The group has independently sold over 6 million records worldwide,[7] making them one of the most successful independent acts of all time. The band also aired their own show on Fuse TV entitled NOFX: Backstage Passport.[8]
Early years (1983–1990)

In 1983, guitarist Eric Melvin met bassist/vocalist Mike Burkett (Fat Mike) and started the band under the name NOFX, after a Boston hardcore punk band called Negative FX.[9] At this time, they were joined by drummer Erik Sandin. NOFX's first recording was a demo from 1984, produced by Germs drummer Don Bolles, which did not sell any copies. The only people who possess this rare copy were either the people who made it or the people they sold it to. It is an incredibly rare collector's item. Many have been uploaded online, but barely any are valid. Fat Mike claims no copies exist anymore. They released their self-titled debut EP NOFX on Mystic Records in 1985, which was later re-released in 1992 as part of the Maximum Rocknroll CD. The band's lineup had undergone numerous changes; however, the original three members had reunited. For a year, Erik Sandin left the band and was replaced by Scott Sellers, and later by Scott Aldahl. Dave Allen was in the band for about four months, until he died in a car accident. In 1986, the band released So What If We're on Mystic! Dave Casillas joined the band on second guitar in 1987 and was featured on the EP The P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This, attacking the PMRC's campaign for music censorship. The original cover was an edited S&M photo; the cover for the re-released version was changed to a photo of Eric Melvin. Prior to the release of Liberal Animation, a compilation of 14 early NOFX songs was released on Mystic Records. The album was self-titled, and featured the songs from the NOFX and So What If We're on Mystic!. The album is quite rare and only printed around 1,000 copies. The average price of the album is $80.00 (see "NOFX" article on NOFX Wiki for more details).

They recorded Liberal Animation in 1988 with Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion. Although the title and some of the album's lyrics mocked vegetarianism and animal rights, Fat Mike says that he became a vegetarian after writing the Liberal Animation album.[10] The album was re-released in 1991 on Gurewitz's label Epitaph Records. Dave left the band and was replaced by Steve Kidwiller (a.k.a. 'Steve the Caucasian') after the recording of Liberal Animation. NOFX released their second album S&M Airlines on Epitaph Records in 1989.
Epitaph years (1991-2002)

1991 saw the release of Ribbed. By that year, Steve Kidwiller left the band, and Aaron Abeyta (a.k.a. El Hefe) joined to round out the group. With Abeyta, the band recorded the album White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean followed by The Longest Line, released in 1992.

In 1994, pop punk entered the mainstream with the success of The Offspring's Smash and Green Day's Dookie, and NOFX had a commercial breakthrough with the release of their album Punk in Drublic, NOFX's best-selling album to date. The album went Gold without any radio airplay or aired music videos, although a video has been made for the song "Leave It Alone". Due to the success of Punk in Drublic, NOFX received many offers to sign with major labels, but they turned the offers down. The following year, the band released their first live album I Heard They Suck Live!!

Punk in Drublic was followed by 1996's slower Heavy Petting Zoo. The album did not approach the success of their predecessor, although it was the first NOFX record to achieve a position on the US Billboard charts, peaking at number 63. The band stated, "Weird record. I thought it was the coolest record when we finished it, but a few months later I wasn't so sure. Some of those songs are kinda weird. I like the cover a lot though. I think it sold well in Belgium."[11]

In 1997 the band released So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes, a return to faster punk, as exemplified by the frenetic opening track, "It's My Job to Keep Punk Rock Elite."

In 1999, the band released The Decline, an 18-minute single-track EP which served as a fiery and cynical social commentary. The Decline, at 18 minutes, 23 seconds, is the second-longest punk song ever recorded (after Crass's 22-minutes Yes Sir, I Will).[12]

NOFX released the full-length album Pump Up the Valuum in 2000. It would be their final album on Epitaph, as the band decided to move on to Fat Mike's own label Fat Wreck Chords.

2002 saw the band record BYO Split Series, Vol. 3, a split album with Rancid in which Rancid covered NOFX songs and NOFX covered Rancid songs.
Recent history (2003-present)

In 2003, NOFX released The War on Errorism, an album of political songs. It became the start of their anti-George W. Bush campaign, and a rallying point for leftist punks. Fat Mike organized the website, compiled two chart-topping Rock Against Bush CDs, and kicked off a Rock Against Bush U.S. tour. The song "Separation of the Church and Skate" from that album was featured in the game Tony Hawk's Underground.

In February 2005, the band launched the NOFX 7" of the Month Club, a subscription-based service which saw the release of one new EP almost monthly, from February 2005 to March 2006 (a total of 12 releases). The cover art for these EPs was chosen from fan-submitted entries. The first 3000 subscribers to the club received all of their records on colored vinyl. Fat Wreck Chords later released full sets of the EPs.
On March 6, 2006, lead singer Fat Mike was rumored to be in a bar fight in Lexington, KY with an unnamed member of a local band Jumpin Jack and the Jackaroos, but no charges were ever filed.

On March 14, 2006, the EP Never Trust a Hippy was released. This EP was followed on April 18 by the full-length album Wolves in Wolves' Clothing. On September 12, 2006, the video game EA Sports NHL 07 was released, featuring Wolves in Wolves' Clothing on its soundtrack, produced by Bill Stevenson and Fat Mike. Also in 2006, NOFX's song "Kill All The White Man" was played briefly in the action movie Crank, and was credited as such in the film's soundtrack.

In January 2007, the band recorded three nights of shows in San Francisco, California, for a live album entitled They've Actually Gotten Worse Live!, released November 20, 2007. The live album is described on the press release as "their sloppiest, drunkest, funnest, best sounding recording ever … and they even made sure not to play any songs off their 1995 live album I Heard They Suck Live."[7]

NOFX launched a world tour in September 2007, which included concerts in Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa). During their final concert in Israel (7 September in Haifa), vocalist Fat Mike inadvertently struck guitarist Eric Melvin with his bass guitar during the performance of "Bottles to the Ground," breaking the guitar's neck, and leaving a bloody gash on Melvin's forehead. The broken bass guitar was replaced with one from Useless ID for the rest of the show. The band completed their scheduled set amidst the audience's cheers for Melvin's good humor and perseverance. This tour was the basis of the band's recent TV show, NOFX: Backstage Passport.

During the same world tour NOFX played four shows in South Africa (one in Cape Town, one in Durban, two in Johannesburg), the band's first concerts on the African continent. The tour of South Africa followed successful tours by bands Lagwagon, Frenzal Rhomb, and Mad Caddies, all of which are signed to Fat Wreck Chords.

In February 2009, NOFX reunited with previous fellow members Steve Kidwiller and Dave Casillas for their 25th anniversary special shows. NOFX released a new album, Coaster,[13] on April 28, 2009.[14][15] The band worked with the same co-producer, Bill Stevenson, who produced the previous album Wolves in Wolves' Clothing.[16] NOFX was also added to the lineup for the Warped Tour 2009.[17][18] They also toured Australia and New Zealand in late 2009 with Bad Religion.

NOFX released a new EP on November 24, 2009. Entitled Cokie the Clown, it was also released on two 7" vinyl records or one CD, which are called Cokie the Clown and My Orphan Year. The EP consists of outtakes from the Coaster sessions.
Music style and influences

The band's sound is diverse, utilizing elements of punk rock, melodic hardcore, skate punk, ska, and other music genres. Their lyrics generally satirize issues such as politics, society, racism, sexism, homophobia, class inequalities, drug use, the music industry, and religion.

They cite their influences as Adrenalin O.D., Rich Kids on LSD, Descendents, Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, The Adolescents and The Subhumans.[19]
Relationship with the media

For years the band has consented to very few interviews and have only made a few music videos, citing the fact that they do not need any more exposure and that people were exploiting them.[20] In recent years Fat Mike has consented to more interviews, including four different interviews with Nardwuar between 2002 and 2006.[21] The band has also refused permission for their music videos to be played on MTV, VH1, and similar music channels, although they made a live appearance on NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 2004.[22] The credits on the album Heavy Petting Zoo call on MTV, along with major labels, to "Leave us the fuck alone."

Fat Mike has also repeatedly conducted friendly interviews with the Australian Broadcasting Corporations' alternative radio station Triple J on its breakfast show with Jay (Jason Whalley) and the Doctor (Lindsay McDougall). Jay and the Doctor are both members of Frenzal Rhomb, an Australian punk rock band that has played many tours and festivals with NOFX, and have their music distribution outside Australia handled by Mike's Fat Wreck Chords label.[23]

In 2008 NOFX aired a documentary series on Fuse TV about their worldwide tour.[24] The show was entitled NOFX: Backstage Passport.
Band members
Current members

* Fat Mike - lead vocals, bass guitar, keyboards (1983–present)
* Eric Melvin - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1983–present)
* Erik Sandin - drums, percussion (1983–1985, 1986–present)
* El Hefe - lead guitar, trumpet, backing vocals (1991–present)
Former members

* Steve Kidwiller - guitar (1989–1991)
* Dave Cassilas - guitar (1986–1989)
* Scott Sellers - drums, percussion (1985–1986)
* Scott Aldahl - drums, percussion (1986)
* Dave Allen - lead vocals (1986)
Main article: NOFX discography
Studio albums

* 1988: Liberal Animation
* 1989: S&M Airlines
* 1991: Ribbed
* 1992: White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
* 1994: Punk in Drublic
* 1996: Heavy Petting Zoo
* 1997: So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
* 2000: Pump Up the Valuum
* 2003: The War on Errorism
* 2006: Wolves in Wolves' Clothing
* 2009: Coaster Read More...!!


Hoobastank is an American rock band, best known for their 2004 hit "The Reason" and other hits "Crawling in the Dark" and "Running Away". They formed in 1994 in Agoura Hills, California, with singer Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin, drummer Chris Hesse, and original bassist Markku Lappalainen. They are currently signed to Island Records and have released four albums and one extended play to date. Their fourth album, For(N)ever, was released in January 2009. To date, they have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.


Early career (1994–2000)

Hoobastank formed in the Los Angeles County suburb Agoura Hills in 1994. According to drummer Chris Hesse, vocalist Doug Robb had known guitarist Dan Estrin for some time before competing against him in a high school battle of the bands competition and subsequently, they decided to form a band.[1] They then recruited Markku Lappalainen and Hesse to form Hoobastank, which at the time was spelled Hoobustank (pronounced the same way as "Hoobastank"). In an interview with Launch Yahoo!, Doug Robb said the name had no particular meaning: "You're going to ask me what it means. It doesn't mean anything. And it's really cool, it's one of those old high school inside-joke words that didn't really mean anything."[2] However, on the December 16, 2003 broadcast of Loveline, Hoobastank, guests on that show, claimed Hoobastank was the name of a gas station in Germany near where a friend lives.

Hoobastank started playing gigs at the local venue Cobalt Cafe along with Incubus, 311 and others. They recorded their first full-length self-released album in 1998 called They Sure Don't Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To. It featured a unique saxophone section headed by Jeremy Wasser, who executive produced said album and recorded the Summer Romance saxophone solo on Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. By this stage, Hoobastank had developed a strong reputation in Southern California. This attracted interest from Island Records, who subsequently signed the band in 2000. At the time of signing, the band had completed a second full length album, titled "Forward", also featuring Jeremy Wasser, however Island execs felt that the direction they were heading in would work best without a sax, so Jeremy departed the band and the album was shelved. A few of its tracks were re-recorded for release on the bands self-titled 2001 release. The original recordings from the "Forward" sessions made their way to the internet via peer to peer sites in late 2001.

Hoobastank (2001–2002)

Hoobastank released their self-titled debut album in November 2001. The first single was "Crawling in the Dark" which was a breakthrough hit reaching #68 on the Billboard Hot 100, #3 on the Modern Rock chart, #7 on the Mainstream Rock chart[3] and #1 on an download chart in early 2002. The second single "Running Away" was even more successful reaching #44 on the Billboard Hot 100, #2 on the Modern Rock chart, #9 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #3 on the download chart. The Hoobastank album went Platinum thanks to these hit singles and reached #25 on the Billboard 200 album charts and #1 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart.

However, the album received many negative reviews including a 2.5 stars review by Allmusic which includes the line: "Nothing here's gonna change the world, but the fact that these guys don't seem inclined toward filling any agenda or catering to a specific audience is promising".

The album also achieved recognition internationally with the band touring in Europe and Asia in support of the record. "Remember Me", the third single released from this album, was a moderate hit reaching #23 on the Modern Rock charts and #9 on the Mainstream Rock charts. The band also made a song titled "Losing My Grip" for the soundtrack of the movie The Scorpion King. In late 2001, Hoobastank was invited to play in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to the success of the album.

The Reason (2003-2005)

The band entered the studio in 2003 with producer Howard Benson who has produced records by P.O.D., Blindside, Cold, and The Crystal Method. However, recording was disrupted for a month when Dan Estrin was seriously injured in a freak minibike accident in August. Estrin had recovered by October and the band headed off on a Nokia Unwired Tour with The All-American Rejects and Ozomatli in November.

An interview was made with Chris 'soldier' Hesse, asking the same question all ask ... "How did the band come up with the name Hoobastank?" He replied, "Doug's brother is the vice president of BMW Motorcycles and lives in Germany. And there is this street out by his house that is called Hooba Street or something like that and before Doug could pronounce the name, he called it Hoobastank and it was kinda a cute thing and his brother still teases him about it to this day. When we were looking for band names it's almost impossible to find a band name that hasn't been taken. Anything remotely normal has been taken already. I don't remember how it came up but someone said it and we were like yeah."[4]

Their second album The Reason was released in December 2003.It showcased a harder-edged vocal performance from Robb. The single "Same Direction" was made available for download on the band's website. Doug Robb says on the band's website: "A lot of it is about asking questions or questioning all that people see. It's not all about religion. "Out of Control" is about that and about opening your eyes after being blinded by being devoted to anything."[5] "Same Direction" would reach #9 on the US Modern Rock chart, #16 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #16 on a composite World Modern Rock chart (based on the US, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Australia). A year later, the Let It Out DVD collected the band's videos. 'The Reason' was put to a popular music video on Tangle. See [6]

The title track was released as a single in the first half of 2004. It became a massive hit reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100,[7] #1 on the US and World Modern Rock charts, #10 in Australia and #15 in Germany. The song was also played during the final episode of Friends. In Canada, it spent 21 weeks at the top, setting a new record for most weeks at No. 1. Meanwhile in the United States, the album reached #3 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

The band's international profile was increased by a support slot on Linkin Park's Meteora world tour in early 2004.

Every Man for Himself (2006–2007)

Their third album Every Man for Himself was released in May 2006 and debuted at #12 on the Billboard chart. Three singles, "If I Were You", "Inside of You", and "Born to Lead" have been released, all of which have fared poorly on the rock charts. Another single, "If Only" was planned to be released but was canceled for unknown reasons, possibly because of the low chart achievements of the first three singles. Despite this, the album has been certified Gold in the United States.

On a 2005 co-headlining tour with Velvet Revolver, the band received a chilly reception from some audiences and rumors of a feud between Robb and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland were soon filling Internet message boards. "If I Were You" from Every Man for Himself addressed the whole affair.[8] Doug later said in an interview with MTV News online that he has nothing against Scott Weiland or any other member of Velvet Revolver [9].

For(N)ever (2008–)

Main article: For(N)ever

In October 2007, Robb posted on the official Hoobastank message boards and said that they have "Set the bar very very high for this next CD" and that they have "More ideas going into this CD than ever before".

On June 2 2008, Robb posted an update on their temporary website, announcing that the recording process of their upcoming album was almost done and to expect a release date within a couple of weeks.[10] On September 19, Robb posted a MySpace bulletin announcing that the "new Hoobastank album is nearly done".

The first single from the new album is called "My Turn"; it premiered on radio October 13. The album For(N)ever was eventually released on January 27, 2009, as announced by Doug Robb in a blog entry on the band's official website page[11].

On April 20, 2009, a Vanessa Amorosi fan website revealed details of a collaboration between Hoobastank and the Australian singer, a duet version of The Letter. On August 5, 2009, was also confirmed another version of the song on Universal International. This one, a duet between Hoobastank and the american-japanese singer, lyricist, actress and model Anna Tsuchiya[12].

The website,, also provided the duet version to be streamed in full for the very first time.[13] The music video was shot in Los Angeles at Lacy Street Studio with director Paul Brown (Alicia Keys, Jack White). The video and single was serviced to Australian media on May 4.

While the single was released in Australia on June 19, 2009, featuring Vanessa Amorosi, the version of the song featuring Anna Tsuchiya[12] appears on Hoobastank's greatest hits album "The Greatest Hits: Don't Touch My Moustache (Deluxe Edition)".

For(N)ever had its Australian released on June 26, 2009.[14]

The best album The Greatest Hits: Don't Touch My Moustache released on August 5 2009 through Universal Records in Japan. Deluxe Edition's tracks were selected from their first four albums by Hoobastank fans on band's official record label website.

It was announced in July that Hoobastank would be the support band on Creed's 2009 reunion tour.

On September 2, Hoobastank announced on Twitter that they are recording an acoustic CD.[15]

On October 30, Hoobastank covered a song "Ghostbusters" for Halloween and music video released on Hoobastank's official YouTube channel.

On December 8, Hoobastank released a live album Live From The Wiltern available exlusively through iTunes.

Band members

Current members

* Doug Robb: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar (1995–present)

* Dan Estrin: Lead Guitar (1995–present)

* Chris Hesse: Drums (1995–present)

* Jesse Charland: Bass (2008–present) [Live]

Former members

* Jeremy Wasser: Saxophone (1995–2000)

* Markku Lappalainen: Bass Guitar (1995–2005)

* Derek Kwan: Saxophone (1997–1999)

* Josh Moreau: Bass Guitar (2006–2008)

* David Amezcua Bass [Live] (2008)

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Simple Plan

Simple Plan is a French Canadian pop punk band based in Montréal, Québec. They have released three studio albums: No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002), Still Not Getting Any... (2004), and Simple Plan (2008); as well as two widely marketed live albums: Live in Japan 2002 (2003) and MTV Hard Rock Live (2005).
Formation (1993–2002)

Simple Plan began in 1993 with the formation of a band named Reset by friends Pierre Bouvier, Charles-André "Chuck" Comeau, Philippe Jolicoeur, and Adrian White.[1] Reset toured around Canada with bands such as MXPX, Ten Foot Pole, and Face to Face, but only managed to gain modest popularity.[2] The debut album, No Worries, was released in 1998, and Comeau left soon after to go to college.[1] Two years later he met with high school friends Jean-François "Jeff" Stinco and Sébastien Lefebvre who were in separate bands of their own, and combined to create the band.[1] Meanwhile, Reset released a second CD, No Limits (the two CDs would be re-released as a single CD in 2006, with liner note comments from Bouvier and Comeau). In late 1999, Comeau and Bouvier reacquainted at a Sugar Ray concert[2] and Bouvier left Reset soon after to join Comeau. David Desrosiers replaced Bouvier in Reset, but when asked to join the foursome, he too left the band six months later.[1][2] This allowed Bouvier, who had doubled as the band's front man and bassist, to concentrate on the singing.

The origin of the band's name is obscure. Band members have given various comical responses on this point, including that the band was their simple plan to avoid obtaining a "real" job. However, most likely, the name is derived from the movie "A Simple Plan".[3] The name was only intended to be temporary, but they never thought of anything better, and with shows coming up for the new band, the name stuck.[4]
No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002–2004)

In 2002, Simple Plan released their first studio album, No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls which led to the subsequent singles: "I'm Just a Kid", "I'd Do Anything", "Addicted", and "Perfect". Simple Plan is noted as saying that they were aiming at a pure pop-punk record.[5] The name of the CD echoes the popular tag line for the sport of rugby, "No pads, no helmets, just balls."

The record was originally released in the United States with twelve tracks, ending with "Perfect". Enhanced and foreign editions came in several different versions with up to two additional tracks in addition to the original twelve. For example, the U.S. release contained the extra songs "Grow Up", and "My Christmas List", while the UK release contained the extra songs "One By One" and "American Jesus" (a live version of a cover of a Bad Religion song), as well as the two music videos, "I'd Do Anything" and "I'm Just a Kid".

The record also contained vocals from singers from two other pop-punk bands as "I'd Do Anything" included vocals by Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, and "You Don't Mean Anything" included vocals by Joel Madden from Good Charlotte.

In 2002, the year Simple Plan released the album, Simple Plan played more than 300 shows, topped the Alternative New Artist Chart, and played a sold out tour in Japan.[6] In 2003, the band played as a headliner on the Vans Warped Tour — an appearance memorialized in the comedy slasher film, Punk Rock Holocaust, in which four of the five band members are killed. They would also play short stints on the Warped Tour in 2004 and 2005. Also in 2003, they opened for Avril Lavigne on her "Try To Shut Me Up" Tour.[6] In addition to several headlining tours, they have also opened for Green Day and Good Charlotte.[6]
Still Not Getting Any... (2004–2006)

In 2004, Simple Plan released their second album, Still Not Getting Any... which led to the subsequent singles, "Welcome to My Life", "Shut Up!", "Untitled (How Could This Happen to Me?)", "Crazy", and (in some markets) "Perfect World".

As mentioned before, when writing "No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls", the members of Simple Plan were aiming at a pure pop-punk record. This time however, when writing "Still Not Getting Any...", the members of Simple Plan were noted as saying that they were not limiting themselves to the punk genre, but rather letting themselves write "good music".[5]

According to the bonus DVD of Still Not Getting Any..., while making the CD the members of Simple Plan thought of many names including "Get Rich or Die Trying" and "Danger Zone". They decided on the name Still Not Getting Any... for a list of explained reasons. The most popular and most likely reason is that the members of Simple Plan thought that they weren't getting any good reviews, Bouvier once noting that they only had one recent good review in Alternative Press. Another reason may be because they were still not getting any respect. There are many more variations the band members have given, as anything can really be put after the ellipsis, including "better", "smarter", "funnier", and the obvious sexual connotation. Comeau once described the name of the album as "versatile".

"Still Not Getting Any..." showed a dramatic change in Simple Plan's style as well. They still kept their style of downbeat lyrics matched to upbeat music, but managed to transcend from the standard pop-punk genre. Although many of the tracks on this CD still carry the feeling of teen angst that is probably most noticeable in the song "I'm Just a Kid" from the first album No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls, the general slant of this album tends toward slightly deeper and more mature lyrical themes, as well as a more mainstream sound that edges away from the pure pop-punk style of their last album. Some critics have pointed towards the inclusion of 'classic' or 'mainstream' rock elements, claiming the album 'de-emphasizes punk-pop hyperactivity in favor of straightforward, well-crafted modern rock'.[7]

In 2005, Simple Plan also released the live album, MTV Hard Rock Live, which contained live versions of songs from both the previous albums.[8] The album came in two different versions — a standard one, and a fan pack edition.[9] The standard edition included audio of the whole performance, an acoustic version of Crazy, two live videos of the performance of the first two songs "Jump" and "Shut Up!" and a small booklet of pictures of the performance.[9] The fan pack edition contained audio and video of the whole performance in 5.1 surround sound, three
acoustic tracks for "Crazy", "Welcome To My Life", and "Perfect", a 32-page color tour book, and an exclusive Simple Plan patch and pin.[9]
Simple Plan (2006–present)

After nearly a year and a half in support of "Still Not Getting Any...", the band ended most touring in February 2006, giving only a few shows, taking some time off, and beginning work on their third CD. As announced in Bouvier's official MySpace blog, Bouvier headed to Miami as on about March 21, 2007 to work with an unnamed producer, who later proved to be Dave Fortman. The band entered the studio for pre-production in Los Angeles on June 29. On July 15 they returned to Montreal, to record at Studio Piccolo, the same studio at which they had recorded "Still Not Getting Any...." They finished recording and headed back to Miami and LA to mix the album. The final part of making their record was done in New York and it was officially completed on 21 October, though they later re-entered the studio to re-record some of the lyrics to the song "Generation."

"When I'm Gone", the first single to Simple Plan was released on 29 October as part of a fan webcast the band held. Simple Plan was produced by Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Mudvayne), Danjahandz (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake) and Max Martin known because of working with Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson, but also because of working with Britney Spears from the beginning of his run. On February 17, 2008, Simple Plan achieved their highest charting single in the UK. After the first two albums just missed the UK top 40, "When I'm Gone" gave the band their best chart position in the UK, coming in at number 26.

On 29 November 2007, the band announced that the CD release would be postponed from the originally-scheduled January 29, 2008 date to what proved to be the actual release date of February 12, 2008. The Japan version, with two bonus tracks, was released on 6 February 2008.[10]

After completing an around-the-world promotional tour, Simple Plan played several December 2007 holiday shows. After continued promotional tours in January, Simple Plan played a triple bill in Camden Town, London on 27 January 2008, with the first show featuring songs from the band's first CD, the second from the second, and the third from the new release. The band played four U.S. shows in late February, and completed a European tour running until late April. The band played four Japan dates, followed by several European festivals and headlining dates.

On 8 May 2008, a Quebec newspaper reported that Stinco would temporarily leave the band from June 3-29, 2008 for paternity leave.[11] Stinco was not part of the band's performance at the Download Festival on 13 June but returned for the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto on June 15. He did not play at the band's performance at a summer festival on 21 June in Altamont, New York or the following day at Six Flags New England, with Québécois musician Jean-Sébastien Chouinard taking his place at each show. Stinco returned for the band's show in Charlotte, North Carolina on 28 June.

On 1 July 2008, the band gave a free concert on Quebec City's Plains of Abraham, attracting a crowd of 150,000 to the Canada Day show.[12]

After a return to the Far East in late July and early August, the band played a Cross Canada Tour[13] with Faber Drive, Cute is What We Aim For[14] and Metro Station (The All-American Rejects were originally announced for the tour, but canceled due to other commitments). After dates in Germany, Mexico, and Australia, the band played its second full European tour of the year from 28 October to 29 November, playing Estonia and Poland for the first time. The band also played Tel Aviv and Dubai in early December—shows at which the band played as a four-piece, with Desrosiers absent due to a family emergency and Lefebvre on bass. The band played an eight-show South American tour in March, and are playing various festivals and individual shows in cities ranging from Calgary to Moscow.

In August 2008, "I Can Wait Forever" was chosen as the title track for Animax Asia's original feature length anime LaMB. The band appears in the sci-fi cyberpunk anime feature as themselves, performing the theme song. Animax Asia also made an animated video for "I Can Wait Forever".[15] In October 2008, the band recorded their own version of The Hockey Theme, for forty years the theme song for Hockey Night in Canada.[16]

Since the 2008–09 NHL season, their song "Generation" is the goal horn (part of the song is played when the team scores) of the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL.

They performed for the first time at the Festival des Mongolfieres at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on August 8, 2009, and had a crowd of 60 000 people. The New Cities were the opening act.[citation needed]

Currently, the band is concentrating on the writing process for the fourth studio album, which should be released in spring/summer 2010.
[edit] Style
Simple Plan's style of music has been described as pop punk by the Calgary Herald[17], The Torontoist,[18] Channel News Asia,[19] Allmusic,[20] NME,[21] MTV,[22] The Guardian,[23] the BBC,[24] Rocklouder[25],[26] Entertainment Weekly[27] and VH1;[28] punk rock revivalist by New York Times,[29] "Dude Rock" by Digital Spy[30]; with Rolling Stone reviews describing No Helmets No Pads... Just Balls as punk[31] and their self titled album as 'arena-emo';[32] also described as having "classic punk energy and modern pop sonics" in a Marketwire press release.[33]
Simple Plan Foundation

The members of Simple Plan have helped nonprofit and advocacy groups by donating to many established organizations such as the MTV Asia Aid benefit, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), RADD (Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes against Drunk Driving), and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, after being frustrated because the members did not know exactly where their money was going to, the Simple Plan members created the Simple Plan Foundation,[34] a foundation that focuses on teen problems ranging from suicide to poverty to drug addiction.[34][35] As of 9 December 2005, the Simple Plan Foundation had raised more than $100,000.[34] The list of donors included venues on their November-December 2005 Canadian tour.

In June 2008, Bouvier announced plans for the foundation to distribute $100,000 to organizations that aid children or families experiencing difficulties due to handicaps or illness.[36] Selected organizations included Children's Wish Foundation, Kids Help Phone, and War Child Canada, as well as College Beaubois (the high school alma mater of all band members except Desrosiers).[37]

In addition, the members held a benefit for the Foundation in August. While the band's January show in Montreal had been to benefit the Foundation, this was described as the first fundraising event. It consisted of brunch and an acoustic performance.[38] An additional fundraising event has been scheduled for September 2009 in Montreal.

In October 2008, the band announced a special release, on iTunes, of the single Save You, to benefit the Foundation, with a special composite video featuring cancer survivors. The song was inspired by the struggle with cancer of Bouvier's brother Jay.[39]
Damage Control

Damage Control was a reality television series hosted by Bouvier that first aired on MTV on March 6, 2005. On Damage Control, parents would tell their teenage son or daughter that they would be going away over the weekend, but in actuality, they are just a few houses down monitoring them with Bouvier via hidden cameras and microphones. The teenager would be placed in awkward situations, in which he/she must make decisions. Parents can earn money if they can guess what their teenager will do, and after the parents come back (always with too little time for the teenager to conceal what has occurred), the teenager, still unaware of the filming, can win money by confessing. Two seasons were filmed before any episodes aired, and no more were planned or filmed, due to the likelihood that once the episodes aired, potential subjects would quickly catch on to what was going on.
Man of The Hour
Man Of The Hour is a Simple Plan side project that features Lefebvre and Patrick Langlois. Man Of The Hour is an internet radio show found on iTunes-Radio-Alternative-idobi radio. During one of the radio shows, Langlois and Lefebvre noted that Man Of The Hour started as a joke, and that they wanted to begin a band with the name because they liked how it sounded. They also said that they did not have the time, and realized it was faster to do pre-recorded radio shows instead. The show features commentary by Lefebvre and Langlois, who devote part of the time to playing songs they like, and feature occasional guests (either in person or by telephone), including Simple Plan members and crew.
Role Model Clothing
Role Model Clothing is a clothing line owned by Bouvier, Comeau (who are often seen wearing the shirts on stage and in the band's music videos) and Langlois. The line mostly markets shirts, which invariably include the words "ROLE MODEL" in the design. Erik Chandler, the bassist and backing vocalist of the band Bowling for Soup, is often seen wearing a Role Model shirt.
Patrick Langlois

Patrick "Pat" Langlois (also credited as "Patrick C. Cunningham") is a friend of the band who was responsible for merchandising (he was often seen running the "merch stand"), and also acted as webmaster, photographer, and videographer.

On 7 December 2008, Langlois posted on the band web site that he would continue to work for the band, but would also become a mobile journalist for MusiquePlus. He stated that he would continue to bring fans "all that is Simple Plan".[40] However, the program on which Langlois was working, MP6, was canceled by MusiquePlus in early December.[41] Langlois is still employed by MusiquePlus, doing interviews, and is sometimes seen at Simple Plan shows.[citation needed]

Langlois has appeared in most Simple Plan videos, with his appearances sometimes painful. He was kicked in the crotch in "I'd Do Anything", had a bowling ball dropped on his head and his apartment destroyed in "Addicted", was knocked down by the band in "Don't Wanna Think About You", and had a bottle smashed out of his hand by a tennis ball hit by Lefebvre in "When I'm Gone". He is also seen giving a thumbs up in "Perfect", as a valet in "Shut Up", in the crowd in the gym in "I'm Just a Kid", getting out of a car in "Welcome to My Life", and as an emergency services worker in "Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)", a video in which his pseudonym was used as the name of the drunk driver.[citation needed]
Affiliation with "What's New, Scooby-Doo?"

Earlier in its career, Simple Plan had a strong affiliation with What's New, Scooby-Doo?. They performed the theme song and appeared as themselves in the episode "Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman" in which excerpts from "The Worst Day Ever" are twice heard,[42][43] as well as parts of "You Don't Mean Anything".[44][45] Additionally, "I'd Do Anything" can be heard in the episode "It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine".

The song "Grow Up" was used in the 2002 movie, "Scooby Doo", and is on the movie's official soundtrack as well. The song "Don't Wanna Think About You" was used in the movie, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. The video for that song depicts the band racing across town to get to a premiere of a Scooby-Doo movie (the dog and other cast members appear at the premiere), only to arrive seconds late.

Simple Plan also appeared in the 2004 film 'New York Minute', featuring the song Vacation in a live concert as part of the film.

In 2005, a Simple Plan MYplash was marketed. MYPlash is a reloadable gift card, acceptable wherever MasterCard Debit is accepted.[46]

Many of the MYplashes were music themed, other participants including Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, and Breaking Benjamin.[47] The idea behind the MYplashes was that parents would like it because it would provide their teens with financial experience with no risk of overspending, as it was not an actual creditcard, but rather a reloadable giftcard.[48] Teens would like the band theme and that they were trusted with money that they could spend freely.[49]

The cards did not prove popular, likely owing to high charges attached to it, such as a 3% to 10% recharge fee, only getting a 3% recharge fee when paying more than $200.00.[50]
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* No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls (2002)
* Still Not Getting Any... (2004)
* Simple Plan (2008)

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