Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MXPX Albums

Punk Rawk Christmas

1.Punk Rawk Christmas
2.Christmas Day
3.Christmas Only Comes Once A Year
4.Coming Home For Christmas
5.You’re The One I Miss (This Christmas)
6.Christmas Party
7.Christmas Night Of The Living Dead
8.So This Is Christmas?
9.It’s Christmas And I’m Sick
11.Late Great Snowball Fight of 2006
12.Gimme Christmas
13.Another Song About Christmas
14.Auld Lang Syne

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Left Coast Punk

1.One Step Further
2.Desperate to Understand
4.Shanghaied in Shanghai
5.Hopeless Case

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Life In General

1.Middle Name
2.My Mom Still Cleans My Room
3.Do Your Feet Hurt
4.Sometimes You Have to Ask Yourself
5.Wonder Years, The
6.Move to Bremerton
7.New York to Nowhere
9.Your Problem, My Emergency
10.Chick Magnet
11.Today Is in My Way
12.Sorry So Sorry
13.Doing Time
14.Correct Me If I’m Wrong
16.Destroyed by You

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On The Cover 2

1.Punk Rock Girl
2.I Will Follow
3.Suburban Home
4.(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles
5.My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg)
7.Heaven Is a Place on Earth
8.Kids in America
9.Fallen Angel
10.Should I Stay or Should I Go
11.Linda Linda (English)
12.Somebody to Love

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1.The Darkest Places
2.Young And Depressed
3.Heard That Sound
4.Cold Streets
5.The Story
6.Wrecking Hotel Rooms
7.Late Again
8.Kicking And Screaming
9.Grey Skies Turn Blue
10.Emotional Anarchist
11.Call In Sick
12.Get Me Out
13.Waiting For The World To End
14.This Weekend

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Secret Weapon

1.Secret Weapon
2.Shut It Down
3.Here’s to the Life
4.Top of the Charts
5.Punk Rock Celebrity
9.Chop Chop
10.You’re on Fire
11.Bass So Low
12.Sad sad song
13.Never Better Than Now
14.Biting the Bullet
15.Not Nothing
16.Tightly Wound

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