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Screaming Factor

Biography :

Screaming Factor [SF] formed in the city of Malang in March 1997 with the initial formation Evi [vocals], Harry [vocals], Yoyok [guitar], Andre [bass], and Lucky [drums]. At the beginning of his career, the concept is more to the SF music Oldschool hardcore / punk, and often mengkover foreign songs owned by Sick Of It All, 25 Ta Life, or Vision of Disorder. In 1999, SF's first single release is titled We Born In Pain for a local compilation album titled For The Truth [Youth Frontline records]. Then in early 2000, they re-record the single, titled Wake Up. This entry in the singles compilation With Pain We Born [Never End records].

After a vacuum and having a few personnel changes, ultimately the formation of SF in Novi [vocals], Udin [guitar], Yoyok [guitar], Adon [bass] and ayok [drums] re-record a demo song The Fire That Burns In My Heart in studio Nero [Malang]. This song sampler CD included in Solidrock Magazine 3 [2004] and the soundtrack of an independent film called Jana [2005]. At the end of 2005, SF finally released his debut album under the label Fukyu Records. Self-titled release was marketed to all over Indonesia through independent channels, and scooped up the public response is quite positive. Since this album, their music is a little metallic influence the direction. Arrangements become more complex and progressive. The intensity of punk / hc wild welcoming feel of a rock-metal, mathcore, metalcore, until the post-hardcore. The single entitled The Fire That Burns In My Heart also had entered the national compilation, Rock Without Borders [Dapross Records, 2007]. TRAX magazine issue in metal edition [January 2006] put them as one of Indonesia 15 local bands who are able to define heavy metal in the 21st century.

Novi et al has gone through various types and scale of musical performances in the city of Malang, Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Blitar, Yogyakarta, to Denpasar. They also have shared the stage with Extreme Decay, Sacred, Antiphaty, Primitive Chimpanzee, goons Lowokwaru, 07th Brigade, Breath of Despair, Crucial Conflict, Moment Of Pain, Mortal Combat, Hands Upon Salvation, / RIF, Burgerkill, Beside, grin to Effect Greenhouse. Post-process of recording new music material in early 2008, Adon [bass] left the band and his position was replaced by Harry [ex Kimono]. Having had time to be opening act in concert foreign bands such as SOL [Germany] and Ingrowing [Czech], Screaming Factor trusted again opened the concert Walls of Jericho [USA] in the city of Malang.
In mid-2008, SF release mini-album entitled Pieces Welcome which was released digitally through ReloadYourStereo, a project owned netlabel. Until then gait SF started ogled by the public and national media. Rolling Stone magazine called them as one of the Bands To Watch in a special section of Malang Rock Trip [February 2009 edition]. Novi et al also got elected as one of the Indonesian rock band who have featured in O magazine Star metalcore edition - where single song Welcome Pieces also included in the CD edition of the magazine sampler. SF then join the project Coil Tribute To compile; We Trust Burned Kaupun Also produced by Burn Collective [Bandung] and was released digitally by rys / Apocalypses in June 2009. On compilation albums carrying the track Novi et al entitled lawas Koil It All Is Just Fashion. SF is currently preparing material for the latest musical recordings work plan could be released in late 2009.

Band Members :

* Novi Andryanto - Vocals
* Nanang Choirudin - Guitar
* Nur Cahyono - Guitar
* Hari Susanto - Bass
* Satrio Utomo - Drums

Influences :

* 25 Ta Life
* Sick Of It All
* Vision of Disorder
* In Flames
* Black Flag
* Refused
* 7Seconds
* Everytime I Die
* Malefaction
* Shai Hulud
* The Dillinger Escape Plan
* Pantera
* As I Lay Dying
* Weezer
* 311

Free Download Screaming Factor's Song :

* Screaming Factor - 4 Seconds Of Life.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Behind The Fangs.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Broken Morality.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Centimentalize.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Eyeless Crown.mp3
* Screaming Factor - For All Mankind C'evilization.mp3
* Screaming Factor - No Haven In This World.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Rock n Roll Machine Anthem.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Still Broken.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Stronghold.mp3
* Screaming Factor - The Burning Heart.mp3
* Screaming Factor - The Fire That Burns In My Heart.mp3
* Screaming Factor - The Hell And Paradise Within Her.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Wake Up.mp3
* Screaming Factor - Welcome Pieces.mp3

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