Thursday, April 7, 2011


Biography :

Outright is a Hardcore Band. Started in late 2005 Asuy, Ryan, Ricky and Bart want to make a band start with a cover song of Biohazard, Ryker's and hatebreed. We have no idea for the name so we called OUTRIGHT we play a new new style of music, a not so fast hardcore but heavy as shit we called it SUPER GROOVE POWER CHORDS, after 3 years finally we've just released our debut album "HARDCORE STRIKES BACK" under CROSSOVER records.

Band Members :

* Ricky - Low Screaming Truth
* Bart - Sick Wired Power Chord
* Asuy - Four Wired Destruction
* Part - Groove Beater

Contact person :

* Ryan : 085624169351 / 022 92772040

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