Tuesday, May 22, 2012

50 Lions

Biography :

50 Lions are an Australian band from Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The band is named after a poker machine called '50 Lions'.

History  :

In 2006, they released their self-titled 7", which sold out within 3 months of its release. Later that year, they released their debut album, Nowhere To Run, through Washed Up Records.[1]  They then released Time Is The Enemy through Resist Records.[2]

In 2006 they did a tour with Australian band I Killed The Prom Queen.[3] At the beginning of 2008, the band played alongside Parkway Drive in 14 out of 15 dates during the Surf Rat Tour.[4] They have since released a split CD with American band Down To Nothing.

After their European tour, they will be doing a tour of Australia with Blacklisted, and then will be a part of the annual Hardcore festival in Sydney.[5][6]

50 Lions vocalist Oscar McCall is the brother of Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall.[7]

In December 2010, they released a new song on a split 7" with Australian bands Parkway Drive, No Apologies and Blkout entitled, This is Australia. The 7" was released by good friend and No Apologies vocalist Pete 'Bloke' Abordi on Abordi's very own Bloke Records. The goal was to release one song each by four prominent Australian hardcore bands with each song being under a minute in length.

The band continues to perform at metal festivals across Europe, despite their waning popularity and tenuous link to music royalty through familial relations with Parkway Drive.

Tours :

Throughout their short career they have toured with bands such as Rise Against, Parkway Drive, I Killed The Prom Queen, Evergreen Terrace and Comeback Kid.[8]

In November 2009, 50 Lions teamed up with Baltimore's Trapped Under Ice for a national tour of Australia. The tour will cover Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Byron, Sydney and Perth. In January 2010, 50 Lions toured Australia nationally on the Boys of Summer 2010 Tour, supporting American metalcore band Every Time I Die. During the months from April to May 2010, 50 Lions toured Europe with Parkway Drive, Despised Icon, Winds Of Plague and The Warriors.

Band Members :

* Oscar McCall - Vocals
* Byron "Boz" Carney - Bass
* Elmzy- Guitars
* Baina - Guitars
* Jonathan Niclair - Drums

Discography :

* 50 Lions - Demo 7"  2005
* 50 Lions - Nowhere to Run  2006
* 50 Lions - Time Is the Enemy  2007
* 50 Lions - Down to Nothing / 50 Lions EP  2009
* 50 Lions - S/T 7"  2009
* 50 Lions - Where Life Expires  2009
* 50 Lions - This Is Australia: Split 7"  2010

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