Saturday, December 22, 2012

Brigade Zero Seven

Biography :

In the year of 2000, Brigade Zero Seven was born in to earth with the founding formation of Gale(Vocals and Guitars), Adith(Bass), Cahn(Drum and Percussion). They have the same ass and so they understand that they was mean to be. And so the play around as one gruop! And not quite long after 2 years left, the last person Rendy(Vocals and Guitars) completly the superior formation as a boy band.

Band Members :

* Gale - Vocals, Guitars
* Adith - Bass
* Cahn - Drums, Percussion

Discography :

* Brigade Zero Seven - Split Album 9Fold and B07  2006
* Brigade Zero Seven - Port Compilation  2007

Inflences :

* The All American Reject
* Boys Like Girls

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