Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bersimbah Darah

Biography :

That's the name of a metal band that was born in the Gianyar district of Bali, Gianyar is one area in Bali has an interesting cultural diversity particularly good art of dance, percussion, sculpture and painting and crafts that are already global power attraction for tourists.
Many art maestro was born in this area, and even the era of rapid globalization of this information was not lost on the art itself as well as from the birth of a Grindcore band whose name connotes these scary.
The band that was born on 27 June 2007 was initially made by two persons convict named Rico and Artha and the subsequent development of strong line-up strengthened by Rico [backvocal-guitar] Aswin [vockill] Artha [drums] Buezt [bass].
The name or meaning for the audience certainly BERSIMBAHDARAH connoted by images horror, disgust or absurd but actually they use the name BERSIMBAH DARAH want to say this not because sinister. At first they accidentally found the name of this band of impression in that broadcast tv programs there are criminal homicide and one sentence saying the host is spoken "was found dead covered in blood" up from where they blaze to name their band BERSIMBAH DARAH.
BERSIMBAH DARAH = Covered in Blood.
As a Grindcore band who brought the Grindcore genre, the music they play is very strong with influences from Grindfather itself is Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Lock up, Brutaltruth, Misery Index, Nasum, Rottensound, Disrupt, Exhale and much more.
Core structure of their music creation wrapped with thick feel grindcore lyric average song they created tells the story of a handful of state or condition of our lives are filled with ignorance, conflict and consequently, as a fellow human being.

Band Members :

* Nimhsy - Vocal
* Rico - Guitar/Backing Vocal
* Buezt - Bass
* Artha - Drums

Discography :

* Bersimbah Darah - Demography
* Bersimbah Darah - Metal Blast Compilation
* Bersimbah Darah - And The Seeds For The Next Season Compilation Vol. 1
* Bersimbah Darah - Indogrind Compilation
* Bersimbah Darah - Land of Terror

Influences :

* Napalm Death
* Terrorizer
* Lock up
* Brutaltruth
* Misery Index
* Nasum
* Rottensound
* Disrupt
* Exhale

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