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Biography :

Burgerkill is an Indonesian music group formed in May 1995. It formed as just a bunch of metalheads jamming. In early 1997, they released their first song, Revolt!, which became the opening track in the "Masaindahbangetsekalipisan" compilation.

At the end of 1997, "Offered Sucks" and "My Self" appeared on "Breathless" compilation. Then in 1998, their single "Blank Proudness" was included in the "Independent Rebel" compilation. Since then Burgerkill has been involved in many underground events in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Burgerkill became the first metal band to sign a six album contract for Sony Music Entertainment. At the end of 2003, they released their 2nd album, "Berkarat". It was chosen as "Best Metal Production" at the 2004 AMI Awards in Indonesia.

Their 3rd album, "Beyond Coma and Despair" was released by their own record label "Revolt! Records" on August 2006. The music was utterly different to their past albums. It's heavier and more explicit.

Ivan, the lead vocalist, died in July 2006. After many auditions, they chose Vicki to be their new vocalist.

In 2009 the band toured Australia; they also appeared at Soundwave 2009.

Band Members :

* Vicky – Vocals
* Eben – Guitar
* Agung – Guitar
* Ramdan – Bass
* Andris – Drums

Discography :

Studio Album
Dua Sisi (2000)
Berkarat (2003)
Beyond Coma And Despair (2006)

Compilation appearances
* "Revolt!", MASAINDAHSEKALIBANGETPISAN CD Compilation. 40.1.24 Records, 1997.
* "Offered Sucks", "My Self", BREATHLESS HARDCORE Compilation, Manifest Records, 1997.
* "Blank Proudness", INDEPENDENT REBEL Compilation, Independent Records (Aquarius Indonesia) & Pony Canyon Records (Malaysia), 1998.
* "Heal The Pain", "Rendah", "Hancur", "Blank Proudness", 3 WAY SPLIT with INFIREAL (Malaysia) & Watch It Fall (French), Anak Liar Records (Malaysia), 1999.
* "Everlasting Hope...Never Ending Pain", TICKET TO RIDE Compilation, Spill Records, 2001.
* "Berkarat", MC&CD Album, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, 2003.
* "Shadow Of Sorrow" & "Angkuh", HANTU JERUK PURUT, Original Soundtrack Movie, Indika Ent. 2006.
* "Laknat" & "Darah Hitam Kebencian", MALAM JUMAT KLIWON, Original Soundtrack Movie, Indika Ent. 2007.

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