Thursday, October 13, 2011


Biography :

Exactly on the 20th March 2009, sparked a shallow thinking of those southern outskirts of Bandung, a desire to work in one particular piece of music on the basis of the soul UNDERGROUND with litter born to a world uprising VICTIM a fairly eccentric band name you think but it means a lot to us and look bad for thinking ahead!
Starting with the genre we Thrashcore stretcher with sufficient initial formation seems to taste, taste of hell!
SEGA: VOCAL Lutfi: BACK VOCAL Saladaeng: Amjad GUITAR: GUITAR FADX: BASS BEURIT: DRUM After quite a long time, shit!
Dispute was kicking our butt, and all our aspirations, just in the year 2010 Lutfi, amjad fadx and resigned, and perhaps the reason it is still a question mark for us!
With the state of limping like a ball player deform the injury affected the way we keep.
We are sick because of the void formation which is not according to taste.
A toast to the coming of injections of Deri (stringfukk head off) SEGA VOKILL Deri AS AS AS STRINGFUKK Saladaeng STRINGSICK U.S. BEURIT BLASTINGSICK once we change the genre of music that became brutal DEATHCORE PROGRESSIVE stretcher.
We spent more time and possibly a series of terror conspiracy many different opinions but we always try solid.
Although in the case of such Influence: SEGA More terinfluence by brutal deathmetal bands from europe.
Saladaeng more likely terinflunce by deathcore bands and metal. Deri monotonous very different assumptions that more terinflunce by western bands swedish punk and punk rock.
BEURIT more oldschool terinfluence by metalion old bands from Brazil.
Damn strings attached because it's always all the differences we're drunk and fell silent disaan flexible monotonous!
This is our little Biografy nothing more than hypocritical lip that kills all souls rot and common mental shallow you! SUPPORT JUST, JUST RESPECT!

Band Members :

* Sega - Fighthroat
* Restu - Stringsick
* Deri - Stringfukk
* Dani - Blastingsick

Influences :

* Mysery index
* Carnifex
* Suffocation
* Dying Fetus
* Sepultura
* Discharge
* Disfear
* Amebix
* Crass
* Pisschrist
* Doom

Genre :

* Death Metal
* Grindcore
* Metal

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