Thursday, October 13, 2011


Biography :

We stood on January 21, 2008 in Tangerang area. and started with a meeting Anggi and Vidy when playing skate in the area tangerang.
Anggi as guitarist / clean and Vidy as vocalist / scream began collecting personnel from their friends.
Finally Anggi adopted Angga as a guitar / lead from one of the band's melodic named "Vinca Minor" to join in this band.
Eventually the three of us gathered to think what material should we create in a song.
Anggi re-recruited as bass player Roby. And the four of us think to be more serious in play and give harmony in music, then we assign a name that we call REDSBLOODYLIPS.
REDSBLOODYLIPS in our sense means the Reds are "Red"which means Brave.
Bloody is the "Blood"which means strength in the human body.
LIPS is a "lip"which means everyone's lips conversation.
When we combine REDSBLOODYLIPS word meaning "brave blend of red blood in our bodies that will be talked about every person conversation. " And mid-March we hired Okky as drummer.
We also started our first perform at the opening of the skate park in the area of Tangerang in February.

Band Members :


Genre :

* Metal
* Screamo

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