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Vital Remains

Biography :

Vital Remains is an American death metal band from Providence, Rhode Island formed in 1988.

History :

Created in 1988 by Paul Flynn , Vital Remains' first line-up, consisted of guitarists Paul Flynn & Butch Machado, vocalist Mike Flynn, bassist Tom Supkow and drummer Chris Dupont. Searching for better musicians Paul decided to search the local music scene. He came upon Tony Lazaro they met at a local show, who in turn referred vocalist Jeff Gruslin to the band. From there the band became a driving force in the local death metal scene. Lazaro and Flynn shared the writing duties in these early days.

Soon after forming the band released a pair of demos (1989's Reduced to Ashes and 1990's Excruciating Pain) which led to a contract with French label Thrash Records, who in turn released the single The Black Mass in 1991. Shortly after the release of the single, which proved to be the band's first and only release with the label, the band signed to Peaceville's subsidiary, Deaf Records. A pair of releases followed for the Peaceville label, 1992's Let Us Pray and 1995's Into Cold Darkness. However after poor distribution and a lack of promotion from the label the band requested their contract be dissolved. At this stage, in 1997 the band's founder, Paul Flynn left Vital Remains. After a ten year hiatus he would return to the scene, and go on to found 2005s Godless Rising, an old school death metal band with original Vital Remains vocalist Jeff Gruslin. They quickly signed to Pathos productions for a self funded demo release, from that they were offered a full deal with Moribund records out of seattle, Washington. Due to the financial hardships and lack of support from other members Paul would leave this project also.

Two years later the band signed a two album deal with French label Osmose Records. In order to complete the line-up which at this stage lacked a permanent drummer, bassist and lead guitarist, Dave Suzuki was brought in. He would fill all of these roles as well as that of lyricist and backing vocalist. This led to the release of 1997's Forever Underground and 2000's Dawn of the Apocalypse, the latter of which marked a significant step towards a new, heavier sound which would become more prominent on their following albums.

Vocalist 'Thorn', who had handled vocal duties on Dawn of the Apocalypse, was soon after fired from the band. This led to the addition in 2001 of Deicide frontman Glen Benton on vocals along with original member Tony Lazaro on guitars and Dave Suzuki on bass, drums and lead guitars . The band's first album with Benton, 2003's Dechristianize, was released to much critical acclaim. The band's next album, released in 2007, was Icons of Evil. Vital Remains also put out its first live DVD, Evil-Death-Live, the same year, in Europe on 9 July, and in the US on 31 July through Polish label Metal Mind Productions.

On November 21, 2007, Vital Remains announced they are seeking a bassist and lead guitarist. No further information was given.

On March 29, 2008, the band announced their latest tour line-up, excluding Dave Suzuki. It is presently unclear whether Suzuki is removed from the band permanently or if he is merely unable to tour for the time being.

Tony Lazaro is the only original member of the band.

In an interview with Metal Assault, Tony Lazaro announced that the band has new material and would be recording in late 2010 with an album release around December 2010.

Style :

Vital Remains earlier work was considered to be blackened death metal, with minor use of keyboards and ambient noise. After Forever Underground they went for a purely death metal approach. One element of their music that distinguishes them in their genre is the use of acoustic Spanish-style solos.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Tony Lazaro – Rhythm Guitars (1988 - present)

Live :

* Scott Wily – Lead Vocals
* "Gator" Collier – bass
* Eddy Hoffman – drums

Studio :

* Scott Wily - Lead Vocals

Former Members :

* Paul Flynn - Guitars
* Mike Flynn - Vocals
* Jeff Gruslin - Vocals (1989 - 1996, 1999)
* Taylor Fishman - Session Lead Guitars
* Joe Lewis - Vocals, Bass
* Tim Yeung - Drums
* Marco Pitruzzella - Session Drums
* Rick Corbett - Drums
* Chris Dupont - Drums
* Ace Alonzo - Drums
* Kyle Severn - Session Drums
* Derek Boyer - Session Bass
* Istvan Lendvay - Session Bass
* Kelly Conlon - Session Bass
* Anthony Geremia - Live Vocals
* Thorn - Vocals (1999 - 2003)
* Damien Boynton - Live Vocals
* Brian Hobbie - Live Bass
* Antonio Donadeo - Live Drums
* Glen Benton - Studio Vocals (2003 - 2009)
* Dave Suzuki - Lead Guitars, Studio Drums and Bass (1997 - 2009)

Discography :

* Reduced to Ashes (Demo, 1989)
* Excruciating Pain (Demo, 1990)
* The Black Mass (EP, 1991)
* Let Us Pray (1992)
* Into Cold Darkness (1995)
* Forever Underground (1997)
* Dawn of the Apocalypse (2000)
* Dechristianize (2003)
* Horrors of Hell (Compilation, 2006)
* Icons of Evil (2007)
* Evil Death Live (DVD, 2007)
* Untitled New Album (Holidays 2010)

Associated Acts :

* Deicide
* Incantation

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