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Biography :

War was a Swedish black metal supergroup, formed by Tony "IT" Särkkä of Abruptum, David "Blackmoon" Parland of Dark Funeral and Peter Tägtgren of Hypocrisy.

War was formed in 1995 when Blackmoon attended an Abruptum recording session in Peter Tägtgren’s The Abyss Studios. After the recordings, IT, Blackmoon and Tägtgren had a discussion about the scene, about the murder of Euronymous and IT's True Satanist Horde. They discussed to record an album and give any money they would earn to the True Satanist Horde. It was also discussed to have killed Varg Vikernes who had murdered Euronymous. As IT said: "We knew people inside the "Cunts" prison, who would have him killed for a certain amount of money, at that moment we hatched the idea of recording an album and that any money earned from it would directly go to the Hordes bank account. This is how WAR was born."

According to Blackmoon, "We decided loaded out of our minds, to form a band that night...a band that should be like a true fist to the face to all the theatrical, keyboards, female vocals, troll singing black metal bands that were coming out at the time". Unlike those bands, War played primitive black metal with lyrics mostly about Satan and war, but also recorded the racist song "I Am Elite" with lyrics such as "Stand aside for the superior race. You are nothing but worms" and "Niggers and kikes, stay away".

In 1997 the band released its first EP "Total War", featuring IT and Blackmoon on guitars, Peter Tägtgren on drums, Mikael Hedlund of Hypocrisy on bass and Jim "All" Berger of Abruptum, Ophthalamia and Vondur on vocals, on Necropolis Records. They also featured on the Bathory tribute album In Conspiracy With Satan released in 1998, performing the final song titled War. In 1999 they released their album "We Are War" with All on vocals, Blackmoon on guitars, David "Impious" Larsson of In Aeternum on bass and Lars Szöke, one more Hypocrisy member, on drums and guitars. IT had left the black metal scene in the meantime.

The band had to change its name to Total War as there was already another band called War and was put on hold in 2001, but released "We Are...Total War", a compilation of material released before.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* All (Jim Berger) - Vocals
* David "Blackmoon" Parland - Guitar
* David "Impious" Larsson - Guitars, Vocals

Former Members :

* Mikael Hedlund - Bass
* Lars Szöke - Session drums on We Are War
* IT (Tony Särkkä) - Guitars
* Peter Tägtgren - Drums

Discography :

* War - Total War (EP, 1997)
* War - We Are War (Full-length, 1999)
* War - We Are...Total War (compilation, 2001)

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