Saturday, January 8, 2011

Theory in Practice

Biography :

Theory in Practice is a Swedish technical death metal band founded in 1995, which borrows heavily from progressive metal. The band writes technical and complex songs consisting of a lot of time and tempo changes. After a year of rehearsals and gigs, they recorded a demo called Submissive in the Abyss Studio, and three full-length albums after that. In December 2002, the band went on an extended hiatus and began recording again in February 2003.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Henrik Ohlsson - Vocals, Drums
* Peter Lake - Guitar
* Mattias Engstrand - Bass, Keyboards
* Patrik Sjoberg - Drums on Colonizing the Sun

Former Members :

* Johan Ekman - Guitar, Vocals (on Third Eye Function)

Discography :

* Theory in Practice - Submissive (demo, 1996)
* Theory in Practice - Third Eye Function (CD, 1997)
* Theory in Practice - The Armageddon Theories (CD, 1999)
* Theory in Practice - Colonizing the Sun (CD, 2002)

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