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Threat Signal

Biography :

Threat Signal is a Canadian metal band based in Hamilton, Ontario (though most the different members of the band hail from different parts of Ontario). Formed in 2003, they have released two studio albums and have toured with bands such as Mnemic, Soilwork, Epica and Darkest Hour.

History :

Early years

Threat Signal was formed in the late summer of 2003 by cousins Jon and Rich Howard, who then added composer/guitarist Kyle McKnight. The trio then found drummer Adam Matthews in early 2004. Threat Signal posted their song "Rational Eyes" on an international metal chart on After a few weeks, the song reached #1, and it has received many awards including best guitars, best drums, best male vocals, best production, song of the week, and song of the day. In August 2004, Eric Papky, Kyle's former guitar teacher, joined the band on bass. Success on sparked some early record label interest and helped create a following even before the band had ever played live. In August 2005 Marco Bresette replaced Eric Papky on bass guitar.

Nuclear Blast and Under Reprisal

After spending the better part of 2004 and 2005 writing and recording demos, the band traveled to Los Angeles, to record with Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory in September, 2005. In November 2005, the band announced they had signed a recording deal with Nuclear Blast records. In late 2005 Adam Matthews left the band, and he was replaced by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native George Parfitt. In July the band took part in Germany's Earthshaker Fest, alongside notable acts as Scar Symmetry, Communic, and Arch Enemy. On August 1, 2006, the band announced that guitarist Rich Howard had left the band to pursue other personal goals, and he was replaced by the band's bassist, Marco Bressette. This left the bass guitar duties vacant, and in late September Pat Kavanagh was announced as the new bassist. In October, the band began a North American trek with Soilwork, Mnemic, and Darkest Hour. The tour ended in November, but the band announced a headlining tour of North America in early 2007 as well.
New material, touring and line-up changes

In March 2007, Threat Signal began demoing new material, but was hampered by second departure, this time Marco Bressette's. The band announced a search for a new guitarist the same day, while Rich Howard would rejoin temporarily to fill in for the remaining tour dates. Threat Signal was tapped as the opener for the Tour and Loathing trek alongside Protest the Hero, All That Remains, Blessthefall, and The Holly Springs Disaster. Shortly after this tour, guitarist Kyle McKnight parted ways with Threat Signal in June 2007 due to personal differences with the remaining members of the band. The band's drummer, George Parfitt, also departed later in 2007 to focus on his family life. The remaining members of band, Jon Howard and Pat Kavanagh reformed the band’s line-up with the new additions of drummer Norm Killeen and guitarists Travis Montgomery and Adam Weber.

In 2008 Jon Howard and Pat Kavanagh joined Arkaea alongside ex-Fear Factory members Raymond Herrera on drums and Christian Olde Wolbers (who produced Threat Signal's debut Under Reprisal) on guitar.


Threat Signal's second album Vigilance, which was produced by Howard (who is now the only founding member left in the band) and mixed by Greg Reely, was released on September 8, 2009 in North America and September 11, 2009 in Europe. The album spawned a music video for the track "Severed". On July 15 the band released a 32 minute "making of" video for the new record, containing footage of the recordings, song writing process and interviews with band members. The album sold around 1,100 copies in its first week of sale in the United States, with the band touring alongside Epica and later Dark Tranquillity to support the album.

Second Lineup Change

In July 2010 it was confirmed that Adam Weber had quit the band. Pat Kavanagh (bass, vocals) has issued the following statement:

“Adam has decided to leave us. He has some personal things he needs to work out and we wish him all the best. We’re still good friends and there’s plenty more beers that we’ll have together so no worries. I know this sucks to hear for a lot of you and I can list off a boat load of bands that have been through the same s*** we’ve been through. Just know it sucks hard on our side too. On a positive note we have a huge head start on the next record. Even have a few demos already! You’ll be hearing new s*** soon. So we hope to see you on the road with Soilwork, Mutiny Within and Kris Norris soon! Good times will be had by all!”

Ex-Darkest Hour guitarist Kris Norris filled in for Adam's absence

On September 13, 2010, The band posted an online statement that they have parted ways with drummer Norman Killeen. Both Adam and Norman were eventually replaced by drummer Alex RĂ¼dinger and guitarist Chris Feener.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Jon Howard – Vocals (since 2003)
* Travis Montgomery – Lead Guitar (since 2007)
* Pat Kavanagh – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals (since 2006)
* Chris Feener - Rhythm Guitar (since 2010)
* Alex RĂ¼dinger - Drums (since 2010)

Former Members :

* Norman Killeen – Drums (2007–2010)
* Adam Weber – Rhythm Guitar (2007–2010)
* Kyle McKnight – Lead Guitar (2003–2007)
* George Parfitt – Drums (2006–2007)
* Rich Howard – Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals (2003–2006, 2007)
* Marco Bressette – Bass Guitar (2005–2006), Rhythm Guitar (2006–2007)
* Eric Papky – Bass Guitar (2004–2005)
* Adam Matthews – Drums (2004–2005)

Discography :

Albums :

* Threat Signal - Under Reprisal (Nuclear Blast, 2006)
* Threat Signal - Vigilance (Nuclear Blast, 2009)

Singles :

* Threat Signal - Rational Eyes (Nuclear Blast, 2006)
* Threat Signal - A New Beginning (Nuclear Blast, 2008)
* Threat Signal - Through My Eyes (Nuclear Blast, 2009)

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