Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fear Epidemic

Biography :

FEAR EPIDEMIC is a "REGRESSIVE GRINDING DEATH METAL".. Formed in mid-2003 that was originally trying to carry the Pure Grind Core ... And now along with the development of personnel skills, ultimately committed carries "DEATH METAL" but still there is a little touch of "Grind Core" in each song's creation.

Band Members :

* Yanuar a.k.a. Tylun Killmore (growling voice and rawk destructive fourstrings)
* Anton a.k.a. Tome (holly sickstrings)
* Sandys (brutal destroyer of percussion kit)


* Dying Fetus
* Napalm Death
* Sepultura
* Psycroptic
* Divine Heresy
* Suffocation
* Slayer

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