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Biography :

Vendetor is an homage to black band death metal from Surabaya Indonesia, founded in 2008 precisely at the time vendetor first appearance at the New Year January 1, 2008 in Surabaya. Vendetor Vendetta comes from the word meaning of revenge. Originally vendetor play black metal music with influences from Immortal, then through a maturing process vendetor musical genre began to metamorphose into the Black Death Metal band that many kinds terinfluence by the band Behemoth, Nile, and Job For A Cowboy Vendetor founded by Albert ex coffin on bass and Max ex mesmeric on guitar, who later assisted by ex Dollah sadister on vocals and assisted by UnChrist Tartanos (mesmeric) on drums. Four, vendetor began performing at various underground events in the Surabaya event. In mid-2008 vendetor decided to add new ammunition to fill the position of lead guitar aka Gendutch Razinheim officially joined vendetor Over time Dollah out as a vocalist and was replaced by ex Buckets Of Good War. And founder Albert vendetor also ruled out due to working in batam island which was then replaced by the Q-Benk as a bass player, as well as Christ also decided to vacuum from the world of music since married and followed by Good also decided to pull it off vendetor because of the work. During the early 2009 vendetor vacuum and look for replacement personnel to fill the drum position. So far only the remaining two personnel remain vendetor that Ivor and Razinheim. Vendetor began actively moving again in mid-2009 after discovering veteran drummer whose name is familiar in the ears head banger in East Java who are willing to assist the process of recording songs that vendetor Cacoponaz. It makes vendetor're excited to continue working. Vendetor in early 2010 mengebrak headbangers surabaya Surabaya event to appear in Extreme Metal Fest with a new formation in which the ex guitarist secte black, Vioza joined by bass player to fill the position and Razinheim fill the position of lead vocals & guitars VENDETOR In the year 2011 which changes the position of personnel position on the contents of the drum & bass Comenk Chatedral hast filled by HOD, and for the first time appeared within the past year at the Surabaya event Blackened Movement Vocals & Lead Guitar: Guitar Razinheim Eqy: Arief "Mak" Drummer: Comenk ... . .. .. .. .. .. .... .... .. .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .................... ...... ............ ......

Band Members :

* Eqy Razinheim - Vocal & Lead Guitar
* Arief "MAK" - Guitar
* Comenk - Drummer

Influences :

* Helloween
* Metallica
* Dimmu Borgir
* Immortal
* Behemoth
* Dark Funeral
* Suffocation
* Cradle of Filth
* Dying Fetus

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