Monday, April 9, 2012

Bloody Rejects

Biography :

Formed in 1997 as an all Girl Band. Released a full length album in 1998 'Frightfully Yrs' with a new Drummer.
Appeared in numerous compilations trought out South East Asia. The band has gone trough a few line up changes ending with Kismet, Yus, Moon & Hairiel (Ex 5ocial 1ntegration). Subsequently the band has been involved in playing gigs in trough out these years in the Underground Music Scene. March 2007 Released Of EP 'La Varita Prevale' . 2nd Full Length Album 'Ready Set Go' was finally Self-released in June 2008.

Band Members :

* Kismet - Throat
* Moon - Guitars
* Debbeh - Bass
* Hairiel - Drums

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