Sunday, April 1, 2012

Divine Codex

Biography :

Divine Codex is a Black Metal creature born from the sick minds of GUH.LU (Impiety, Xeper, Hell Terrorist) and ATUM (ex-Impiety, ex-Setherial, ex-Malfeitor) in April 2009, playing a mix of fast blasting songs with obscure atmospheres, in the vein of Thorns and Mayhem. The project started with a studio jam session that later became the debut album "Ante Matter", out in 2010 with special guests from the swedish horde Setherial and Attila Csihar of Mayhem.

The band is now ready to unleash the second album, entitled "The Dark Descent", due to be out in late 2011 through the spanish label Mighty Hordes Productions.

Band Members :

* Guh.Lu : Guitars - Bass
* Atum : Drums - Synth

Discography :

* Divine Codex - Promo 2009
* Divine Codex - Ante Matter  2010
* Divine Codex - The Dark Descent

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