Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grave Dancers

Biography :

It all started from Martyr and Jabarantas who has been trying to set up a new jamming project alongside with Murph, and K.C, jamming up to play old tunes from Early 80's thrash / speed metal.
Not long after we’re satisfied with the first rehearsal, we're all agreed to make routine rehearsal for this band, name was our main priority on that time, cause we wanna something different to spell it out loudly, several of crappy & ass licking names came out, in the end ,GRAVE DANCERS become our last option.
After a few months of jamming together, the needs of a second guitar player was highly urgent, thus we asked Demon to join us in this club. We're pretty much influenced by oldschool crossover but most of them are overpowering metal, think of 1 part metallic grind added with crunchy hardcore riffs, raw bass sound, fast paced intense drumming, and raw yelling vocals.
Lyrically we are inspired by huge collection of thoughts, human interest stories and social theme. The line has drawn, we're ready to rock, for sure!

Band Members :

* Murphy Boy - Vocal
* KC - Beat
* Demon - Six Strings
* Djabarantas - Four Strings
* Moro - Additional Six Strings

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