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Biography :

Looserz was formed in early 1996 and the band is a member of Struggle Life Crew comunity at Halte Rawamangun,east jakarta along with old pals such as : R.U. SUCKS,HORRIBLES,UNDERGROUND TOWER,H.I.V. and many more.The real members : Mario Ganzamo on Vocals G-pay On Guitar Dede On Bass Kiss Out On Drums And the additions members Arya (HIGHLANDER/FORMYBLOOD/DEAD VERTICAL/PANIC DISORDER)> on Drum
Boni (DEAD VERTICAL) on Bass
Sacha (PERFECT ENEMY) on Guitar
The band inspired by all Hardcore Legends such as : CONFRONT,RACIAL ABUSE,AGNOSTIC FRONT,RYKER'S,TERROR, MADBALL,BRIGHTSIDE,SICK OF IT ALL,25 TA LIFE,HATEBREED. MISERY INDEX and many more. Most of the band lyrics talking all about today's reality and spent your times in the wild streets of jakarta thing for sure the band is not a Straight Edge band some of them does the smoke and booze but they have a good respect for all straight edge bands and the band is really friendly so don't hesitate to hang out with them.

Band members :

* Arya (Highlander / Formyblood / Dead Vertical / Panic Disorder)> - Drum
* Bleh (Dead Vertical / Formyblood) - Guitar
* Boni (Dead Vertical) - Bass
* Sacha (Perfect Enemy) - Guitar

Discography :

* Looserz - Struggle Life Crew Compilation  1997
* Looserz - Split Album RU-Suck & LOOSERZ/Reflection  1999
* Looserz - Rebel Brothers Compilation  2000
* Looserz - Jakarta Most Dangerous Compilation  2000
* Looserz - A Struggle For Unity Compilation  2001
* Looserz - The Blood Forever Runs Ep.Album  2003
* Looserz - Crushing The Boundaries Compilation  2003
* Looserz - Aunorysm Sampler tape  2004
* Looserz - Hardfest 2006 Sampler  2006

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