Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Virtual God

Biography :

Originated from the desire to return to work in Malang city scene. His final Satpam, Dhirga and Ardian planning to set up a project that brought the genre of Grindcore, and join Bryan and Bayu as the early formation of this project.
By carrying the name Virtualgod who philosophize about the changing pattern of human thought to his god. Divinize them more virtual objects in their lives. Over time came a few singles such as "Virtualisasi Tuhan" and "Hedonists nation" who deliver virtualgod to a few Gigs in the city of Malang.
Four months passed we finally took the decision to add new ammunition, then joined the Chesil is that add variety to our music. Until now has had ten singles Virtual god that reflects the current state of the world filled with destruction.

Band Members :

* Satpam - Vocal
* Ardian - Vocal
* Bryan - Guitar
* Chesil - Guitar
* Dhirga - Bass
* Bayu - Drums

Influences :

* Phobia
* Rotten Sound
* Nasum
* Insect Warfare
* Terorizer
* Dead Vertical

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