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The Showdown

Biography :

The Showdown is a Christian southern metal band, based in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Lyrically, their writing tells of heroism, sojourns and battles of life, most of which draws influence from Biblical aspects. As of 2008, they are signed to Solid State Records.

History :

A Chorus of Obliteration

Over time longtime metalhead Josh's metal influences saw 2540 morph from punk to metal. This change in style prompted a change of the band's name to "The Showdown". In 2003, Daniel left the band to get married at which time Andrew Hall took the drumming position. With Andrew on board the fivesome headed to the studio and recorded their first Full length album A Chorus of Obliteration. This album, produced by Bruce Fitzhugh, lead singer of Living Sacrifice, was mainly a mix of Hardcore and Metal.

Temptation Come My Way

After a great deal of touring in both the US and Europe, The Showdown went back to the studio to record their second full length album. This album took a different direction trading in the screaming double-bassing death metal for a more southern approach mixed with elements of their older style such as heavy guitar riffs, some screams (although not as dominated by them), and distinct bass and drum lines, drawing also from 1980s to early 1990s-era metal like Pantera, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metallica. In the fall of 2006, The Showdown joined the Christian rock/alternative band Pillar on The Days of the Reckoning tour. The tour lasted from mid-October through November 2006 and also featured Christian rock bands Day of Fire and Decyfer Down. In late 2006, after completing the album, Andrew announced he was leaving the band to get married (and possibly to pursue a career in professional wrestling). Andrew was soon replaced by another Andrew - A.J. Barrette of Still Remains. Although the album was already completed, The Showdown along with A.J. hit the studio once more to record the track "Head Down" which would be added to the album before its release. The completed album, Temptation Come My Way was released on February 20, 2007. Unknown to the public until release, two different versions were released, one with the song "Fanatics and Whores", and one without, probably to avoid controversy in the Christian market. This upset many fans who had pre-ordered the CD and received the incomplete album, even though most distributors listed the song in their track listing. Temptation Come My Way received high popularity in the underground culture, and The Showdown was soon signed on March 21 of 2007 to play at Ozzfest 07.

Back Breaker

After extensive touring and popular reception, the band announced on their MySpace page that they had begun recording their next album on January 2008. On April 19, 2008, the Showdown completed their new album entitled Back Breaker. Back Breaker was released on August 19, 2008, with a style that is sort of a mix of their first two albums, along with the addition of a heavy groove style. Following the release they joined Shadows Fall on tour to promote Back Breaker. The Showdown released Back Breaker through Solid State Records. The Showdown toured with Norma Jean on The Anti-Mother Tour, which lasted throughout October and November 2008 and also featured Haste The Day, Mychildren Mybride, Children 18:3, and Oh, Sleeper. Children 18:3 was only on half of the tour dates (October 3 to October 26), while Oh, Sleeper filled in for the rest of the tour (October 28 to November 15). On April 13, 2009, the band announced that AJ drums and Eric bass would be leaving the band in order to spend more time with their families and other responsibilities. They were replaced by Timothy "Yogi" Watts of Demon Hunter on drums, and Jeremiah Scott of "Destroy Destroy Destroy" on bass. However, it was stated that AJ and Eric will rejoin the band for a show at the Ichthus Music Festival on June 13; however it did not happen. During the Ichthus Music Festival, Patrick Judge, new guitarist of acclaimed band Demon Hunter, took on the second guitar as a "fill in", according to Josh. His position in The Showdown is unknown, but he has toured with them extensively since then. Jeremiah Scott unofficially stated he will be on both The Showdown's next record, along with Demon Hunter's as well, also revealing Patrick's new endorsement with Dean Guitars, after being endorsed by Washburn Guitars.

Blood in the Gears

The Showdown's latest album is titled Blood in the Gears. On March 17, 2010, David posted on his Facebook page that The Showdown had finished recording Blood in the Gears and that they were hoping for a summer release. Blood in the Gears was released August 24, 2010.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* David Bunton - Vocals
* Josh Childers - Guitar, Vocals
* Jeremiah Scott - Bass (Destroy Destroy Destroy)
* Patrick Judge - Guitar (Demon Hunter)
* Isaac Harris - Drums

Former Members :

* Travis Bailey - Guitar, Vocals
* Andrew Hall - Drums
* Daniel Swain - Drums, Vocals
* AJ Barrette - Drums (ex-Still Remains)
* Eric Koruschak - Bass
* Timothy "Yogi" Watts- Drums (Demon Hunter)

Discography :

* The Showdown - A Chorus of Obliteration
* The Showdown - Temptation Come My Way
* The Showdown - Feel Like Hell EP
* The Showdown - Back Breaker
* The Showdown - Blood In The Gears

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