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Biography :

Wayd is a technical/progressive death metal band with jazz influence from Prešov, Slovakia.

History :

The death metal band Wayd was founded in the year 1994 when thrash metal band MARION and death metal band DYSENTERY fused together. Both of them were just small bands known only in the regional underground scene as conventional metal bands. However, the very first beginnings of Wayd are connected with the effort to break the borders between the styles, as well as the effort to create more experimental and musically richer compositions.

Wayd was set up by Milan Savko (vocals and guitars), Braňo Kóša (drums), Richard Mayer (guitars) and Drahoš Juřík (bass guitar and vocals). Even though these four members stayed faithful to "Wayd", some small changes occurred in the line-up.

They mix the styles of jazz, death metal and progressive creating their music.

Band Members :

* Drahoš Juřík – Bass, Vocals
* Milan Savko – Guitar, Vocals
* Richard Majer – Guitar
* Braňo Kóša – Drums

Discography :

Official Releases :

* Wayd - The Ultimate Passion 1997
* Wayd - Barriers 2001
* Wayd - Decadance 2003
* Wayd - Ghostwalk 2007

Demo Recording :

* Wayd - Shape of Your Mind 1995

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