Friday, November 12, 2010

With Blood Comes Cleansing

Biography :

With Blood Comes Cleansing is an American Christian deathcore band from Albany, Georgia.

History :

This deeply Christian band started in February 2005. After touring, several member changes, and releasing a 6-song EP, With Blood Comes Cleansing signed on with Virginia-based Blood & Ink Records in February 2006. That summer they released their first full-length album, Golgotha. Since then, the band has been touring, and recently moved to a bigger record label, Victory Records, in February 2007. They released their second album, Horror, in January 2008, through Victory Records.

On 10 July 2008, lead vocalist Dean Atkinson and bassist Dennis Frazier announced that they were leaving the band on good terms. Though they stopped touring for the while, rumors that the band has broken up were denied. Atkinson moved to Illinois with his wife, Therese, and is working with a local musician and friend on a progressive metal project called 'Dustin Hoffman's Face' for fun, and Frazier lives in Albany, GA with his wife Christie, and works at a recording studio.

On 10 December 2008, WBCC announced through their myspace page that their hiatus was over. The band stated that Michael Sasser would be returning as vocalist. They are currently playing shows around the South East and are hopeful of touring again soon.

Lyrics :

Christian faith is a common theme in their lyrics. Their lyrical concept, for instance, about their worship to God ("God, you're all I have / Take my everything. / I owe it all to you"), about Jesus ("Now we all can be saved the price for sin is now paid"), seeking help from God ("God, I need your help now"), and, using a common black metal theme in the original Christian context, Golgotha: "This is the place of the skull where terror reigned / A crucifixion of agony and pain." Most of WBCC's lyrics come from Books of the Bible including Mark, Luke, and Revelation.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Michael Sasser - Vocals
* Scott Erickson – Guitar
* Jeremy Sims – Guitar
* Greg Titus – Bass
* Spence Erickson – Drums

Former Members :

* Dean Atkinson – Vocals
* Hank Day - Guitar/Drums
* Tyler Holt – Guitar
* Josh Pearson – Guitar
* Dennis Frazier – Bass
* Pat Hood – Bass
* Doug McMillan – Bass
* Jon Stripling – Bass
* Darrell Bentley - Drums
* Matt Fidler - Drums

Discography :

Albums :

* With Blood Comes Cleansing - Golgotha (CD, Blood and Ink, 2006)
* With Blood Comes Cleansing - Horror (CD, Victory, 2008)

EPs :

* With Blood Comes Cleansing - The Dern EP (EP, 2005)

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