Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beauty For Kill

Biography :

A collection of home-based child
Who tried to rebel
Of all the existing rules and conditions
With all the limitations
Trying to get up and make something different

Starting from a fractional number of band
That eventually people are unlucky in unite with one another
But because of various issues and matters that have
Metal genre this band has changed personnel several times

Slumped from all hypocrisy and lies of the world
The band rose from all the ills of the existing
Greed and people stepping on foot - the coward
Everything inspires to remove tears
And this burden!

Warm Regards From Us

Band Members :

*Hendra - Vocalist
*Boh - Guitarist
*Danan - Bassist
*Kolek - Drummers

Influences :

*Suicide Silence
*The Black Dahlia Murder
*Annotations Of An Autopsy
*Job For A Cowboy
*All Shall Perish

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