Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Screamsick 99

Biography :

A band that grew and developed in South Malang or more in the know with the title of which is very rare in Turen find HC bands that are domiciled in the area Turen ll probably you all seem very easy to calculate the HC bands that emerged in the city This very small. Starting from a meeting between two people is Katob and Krisna Adi on one of their similarities as HC music lovers, then at the end of 1999 to create a band that same year using the name "Screaming IN Sickness with the early formation Ulum (drums), Adi katob (vocal) , Krisna (6strings), Fat (4strings) which presents music music kind Backfire HC, Sick of it all.Ide crazy to build a band eventually produced the satisfaction of being able to produce a masterpiece even though it was in the form of songs that eventually helped beat the various gigs that There was some kind of Amazon fest time, severe Pakis, etc.. Our desire to record a "sample" should be a pretty long trip because the sekitaran year 2002 must travel to Singapore to look for a studio record that time we really do not understand the existence of poor record in the studio, because we get information from the mouth of a friend tentnang a studio record in Surabaya.Kenapa we call it "sample" because we just want to give an example to the public about the color of the music we play. But this trip to Surabaya though fruitless, because of our limited financial conditions and benchmark prices are extremely inflated record high, we do not have time to make the process take these satupun.Hal ga track record makes us uneasy, because we believe a time will surely have Sample our own songs that can circulate to the public. Along with the increase in Krisna started to go out because they have to transfer to Bandung continue his schooling, Adi Katob also migrate to Riau for getting and keeping a job during this waktu.Dengan loss of two SIS personnel should vacuum for a few years. Mid-year 2004 finally Adi Katob back again and again it was a sign of the rise of bands ini.Pergeseran position ensued in which noble position to move to the position of the guitar, and wearing Additional Bass.Karena position player on the difficulty of finding a bass player in Turen. Year 2005 SIS Aanx who met with still a high school student that time, we pulled to fill the positions that we agreed Bass.Dari SCREAMSICK99 name with musical concepts that are still on track and re-excite the spirit of HC at various gigs such as the hardcore South Bisink, Joint and Kuat1, Madfest, Against the Drug, Happy holyday punk and punks (Surabaya), Malang, one strength (Hardcore Punk fest2007). Lapse of two years later we set up four song material for the manufacture of "audio samples in 2007" first done in MM records.setelah studio and recording process is completed we pulled Jhean to fill the position of rhytm guitar.Pergantian happened again, this time moving into the position of the guitar Aanx , and fat bass move into position. Katob Adi (vocals), Ulum (drums), Aanx (first guitar), Jhean (second guitar), Fat (bass), a solid formation to the present with HC bands oriented to sort, backfire, sick of it all, Earth Crisis, terror, Congress, illegal. Beginning in May 2009 we did a take on the AA record studio and records that contain four new songs uploaded on our myspace or official can be downloaded directly on the site www.reverbnation.com/screamsick99. A little story about a song titled "We Are the strong" with the help of a girl named Ayiek voice (voc. Angerfire), this song tells about the form of power that exist in every person and not look at differences in types such as male and perempuan.Dan a song very dedicated to the hardcore poor highway scene titled "MCHC" Discography: Demo 1 "Hardcore for life" (2007) Compilation of Malang Today (2008) Demo 2 "We Are the strong" (2009)

Band Members :

* Adi Katob - Vocals
* Aanx - Lead Guitar
* Jhean - Rhytem Guitar
* Gunawan - Bass
* Ulum - Drums

Influences :

* Earth Crisis
* Merauder
* Backfire
* Terror
* Breath of Despair
* Congress
* Liar

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