Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crucial Conflict

Biography :

Crucial Conflict was formed on 17 August 1999. With this initial formation (xave-guitars, krisno-guitars, vocals wicak-, ade-bass-drummer tantok), Crucial Conflict made their first album "PEACE AND FREEDOM" in 2000, land records direalese by puppets.
At the beginning of the promo album Tanto Krisno and their position on the outside and replaced by Zack - guitars and Hendy-drumers, to start a promo album. Because of the change in direction musically dark metal, eventually adding personnel Crucial Conflict keyboard [lanang].
In this formation is crucial conflict in 2007 released their second album 'BLOOD OF Sacrifice "that the records released by bluesky Bandung. Back problems come with the release of Hendy and Lanang, and enter a new drumers [big] to launch the second album promo.
Fomasi was pretty solid until now and plan to go into the studio again recording for album number three will be released by bluesky records.

Band Members :

* Wicak - Vocalist
* Zack - Guitarist and Backing Vocal
* Xave - Guitarist
* Ade - Bassist
* Gede - Drummers

Influences :

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