Friday, August 27, 2010

Give Me a Chance

Biography :

Give Me A Chance(GMAC) is a band that had beginnings like any other band. No one could have guessed that a few guys and a former roadie from Malang would start a band as a one-song side project and it would turn into a band like it is now. They took humble roots and worked their way to add their chapter to the long history of Malang City Hardcore(MCHC) and they would define the term “oldschool hardcore” wiith some beats of beatdown that would become so common years later. Since the early 2006's the band had changed its formations and began a solid member since late 2008 with a big sign of East Coast Empire in their underground scene. It’s hard to argue that bands a decade later would take the oldschool hardcore groundwork laid by GMAC to wider audiences. It's now 2010 and GMAC is still here, frontman Arbisama, as its bassist had worked so hard for years keeping this band on stages, recruiting new men and to be like what it is right now. Dealing hard with rough people in this underground scene in Malang had made GMAC proved everything needed to make this band as a Hardcore band. Hardcore and punk as concepts have been diluted, confused and hyphenated to the point where it’s a marketing term. The re-emergence of GMAC hits with their play in Metal vs. Hardcore in the late 2008's. Only a few solitary chords before the crashing of a fast, raw and punk/hardcore, complete with classic sing-alongs and a perfect breakdown. The title track is next and while it’s only a minute and a half blast, “Beware of Danger” sums up GMAC’s manifesto for this release: the band is back and while their history speaks for itself, they’re not resting on any laurels, the band shows they haven’t forgotten where they came from. As the album progresses, GMAC reminds the listener that their penchant for infectious anthems and choruses has not dissipated one bit.

Band Members :

* Aan - Vocals
* Tamy - Vocals
* Yudo - Guitar
* Sinyo - Guitar
* ARBY - Bass
* Gondol - Drums

Influences :

* Minor Threat
* Champion
* Miles Away
* Sick of It All
* Soldier Embrace
* H2O
* Chain of Strength

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