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Infernal Desire

Biography :

One of the bands that were thrown into the mud puddle 19-21 Corpse Grinder and covered with a shadow of Triple Six is Infernal Desire, huh grombolan goons was formed in mid-May 1997 by Kadek Wier (ex Triple Six) and Putu Adhi (ex-Yankee Rose), who coincidentally met at a music event in Denpasar and continues to talk about forming a new metal band called Infernal Desire where the name is taken from one of the title song by Malevolent Creation as one of inspiration and musical ideas that would have created terkonsep in the minds of each.
Then meet Jember (ex Triple Six) who are willing to become a vocalist and a bassist De Gung. Infernal Desire when it does not yet have permanent Drummer, which carrying Gus Tut (Rotten Soul) and Leonk (Demonstration Effect) as sessionist on drums.
Infernal Desire began to pound the metal event in June 1997 at the Music Forum event held Complications First, take cover songs from Malevolent Creation, Deranged and Six Feet Under. 1998 De Gung (Bass) subsequently resigned as sessionist Goen was replaced by the band found a drummer Grindcore Debtor and fixed by selling Kum-Kum (ex Bassist Rottens Soul) at the Music Forum event Complications IV. Soon Jember (vocal) resigned replaced by Yoyox, bassist position was filled by Komang Dirga (ex Demise God), in the event Complications V Music Forum, bringing music and the cover of Broken Hope Brutal Truth. In 1999, Komang Dirga resigned due to continue their studies outside the area and was replaced by Tommy Putu (ex Astral abortion). Infernal Desire began creating his own music with style and color of music drawn from various influences, and lyrics of songs that convey many social circumstances surrounding the Infernal Desire in the period.
In the period of 2000 years, along with several bands Infernal Desire Underground in Bali, in cooperation with the Underdog State, making two compilation albums namely "Underdog Society 2 and At Hell's Gate", as well as participate in events Undergound in Denpasar, Bali and beyond.
In April-May 2003 Infernal Desire to record her first album, contains 10 songs by Infernal Desire since the year 1997 to 2003, entitled "FFFF" (Feel Free For Fuck), where for us the word has a meaning of freedom in berekpresi, has the idealism and future outlook on life, as well as open-minded. But in the process of recording, Tommy resigned because the bassist was doing and the position held by Putu Adhi (guitar), later replaced by Komang Krisnawa / Lenkkonk (ex Rotten Soul / Disharmonic Distortion), eventually replaced again by Komang Dirga who has returned from his studies.
To replace Putu Adhi moment can not follow the event, Made Dharma "Donkkank" Suyasa (ex-Yankee Rose) to fill the vacancy as a guitarist until today.
The album was released in March 2004 by indie label, produced by Infernal Desire itself, and distributed kedistro-distributions in Denpasar and surrounding areas, as well as outside areas such as Yogyakarta, Bandung, Purwokerto, Malang, Jakarta, etc..
Infernal Desire is not just to work for show to seek popularity by becoming the most powerful, or the most brutal, but Infernal Desire to work to express "honesty" of an idealism in music, and strives to display an artwork berbasik metal music artistic fusion tones of disharmony, and try not to follow the rules of metal music itself. In March 2005 Infernal Desire with some metal bands participated in the recording Grindcorner Bali Bali compilation "Grind at the corner." Over time, in the month of October 2005 Yoyox resigned because of a busy life until Infernal Desire could be assisted by vocalist Deformed Inside Agus Alopecia in some events. Infernal Desire, beginning in 2006 finally got a new vocalist that I Made Adi copying or the decks call Ulong (ex Gorehate). Over time, the various bids to participate in kompilasipun came from all regions outside of Bali, including suicide mutilation Compilation Time of Creation Extreme Music Media Horrible Bandung, Extreme Brutal Violence Brutal Productions Compilation of Bekasi, Epidemic Of Brutality Compilation of Makassar as well as a Psychosm Production International compilation from Germany "Mystical Music Compilation".
At mid-year 2007 Kumkum (Drummer) exit area for a job to be seen outside the area who knows how long, for while the position occupied by Tonny Drum (Gate 13). And until now, although the overall Infernal Desire members busy with their work, they are still active in some events.

Band Members :

*I Made Adi Putrawan - Vocalist
*Made Dharma “Donkkank” Suyasa - Guitarist
*Putu Adhi - Bassist
*Tonny - Drummers

Discography :

*1998 - Demo Tape 4 songs
*1999 - At hell's gate compilation
*2000 - Underdog Society 2 compilation
*2004 - FFFF album
*2005 - Suicide Mutilation Sides compilation, Bandung
*2005 - Mystical Music Compilation "(Germany)
*2005 - Extreme Brutal Violence Compilation, Bekasi
*2005 - Bali Grindcorner compilation "Grind at the corner"
*2006-4 Airways split album (Bekasi) Brutal Record Production

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