Monday, August 2, 2010

Deformed Inside

Biography :

Earlier when I talked about this, very sad when having to remember things that have been passed. Starting in 1999, three young men dream about playing band music, with a homage to grindcore, but a hardship on the drums because of limited manpower. But every day we kept beating the ear drum from the music blasting. Year 2000 came the name DEFORMED INSIDE where the first formations exist; Agus Botax: Vocals + Guitars Wira: Drumm Boy (ADD): The three of us wading Bass music is full of ambition, the theme of social and life. One side of this life is not fair to the human consumption of nature. Examples of human nature too much damage is causing the heat! Walking by the end of the year 2003 when we can forget our past record and tired of our first album which is "Hope and Reality". All about the story of this album is a cry of our hearts to humans and nature. But this trip really poor, the year 2008 yesterday, our friend suffered a very tragic accident. So that caused the loss of lives of our friends (RIP) WIRA. Very hurt and felt like a bird's heartbreaking loss of his wings. Irreversible time, very heartbreaking. Besides, one our personnel Boy also resigned, because of the bustle and life. But ambition was always in the mind of this, all because my friends and also to remember the deceased WIRA. Although personally I still have hands and minds to be able to rise from this downturn. In 2009 we came back with a new formation that is; Botax: Agus TR Vocals Guitar: Bass Guitar Gus Deck: Drummer WIRA (RIP), Will always be my best friend in my heart.

Band Members :

*Agus Botax - Vocalist and Guitarist
*Wira R.I.P. - Drummers

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