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Biography :


Armed with AK47s and guerilla tactics in mind... shooting the center stage with all their extreme ammo in music! TAKING NO PRISONERS!

CAMP NEGATION based in the Kuala Lumpur territory have infiltrated the music scene since 1992 (while terrorising ITM Shah Alam at the same time!), with their loudness of amnesty, angst and rage towards the negativity of politics, social, people and other negative affluences.

NEGATION takes their music to an all inner soul violent torture and pain inflicting grindcore and metal tunes that will bust your eardrums with a thousand nails. Being influenced by bands such as Napalm Death, Carcass, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Extreme Noise Terror, Brutal Truth, Morbid Angel, Voivod, The Accused, OLD, D.R.I and Unseen Terror; they are ready to tear you apart with a vortex of extreme music, limb by limb.

Here is some meat about us:

* Just a Fuckin' Damm Rehearsal (reh - 1992)
* Excessive Consumption (live album - 1995 East Gothic Prod.)
* We Won't Shut Up! Vol.III Comp. (Capeet Rec. Vienna, Austria - 1996)
* Grinding You High (demo - 2000)
* Split Live Gig (2003)
* Eastern Grind Unleashed (4-way split - 2005 Straineyes Prod)
* Metal To Metals Compilation (Ultra Hingax Prod. & MetalTerus Forum 2006)
* 10.0 Richter Scale (2006)
* Mutation From Devastation 1 (Morggorm Music - 2007)
* One Way Ticket To Hell 3 (Teriak Record - 2008)

And we are back louder, violent and angrier than before! This is TERROR TO THE EXTREME!!!!!!!

Band Members :

* Madec - Vocalist
* Madie - Guitarist
* Yore - Bassist
* Hezree - Drummers

Influences :

* Napalm Death
* Extreme Noise Terror
* Brutal Truth
* Rotten Sound
* The Accused
* Repulsion
* D.R.I
* Groinchurn
* Phobia
* Carcass
* Morbid Angel
* Voivod
* Nasum
* Cripple Bastard
* Slayer
* Unseen Terror
* Ripcord
* Brujeria
* Nailbomb
* Terrorizer

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