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Biography :

The long winding road through the times…!!!

Formed at the end of 1994, specifically in the city of Bandung on November 11, 1994 by the name of LUMPUR, with line up as follows: Iye, Mimi, Diki, and Dida which influenced by bands from Netherlands for instance Sinister.They finally contaminated by DEATH METAL. Unfortunately, after completed many events, the band was vacant from any events. Although they were existing again after several months by participating in death metal events, the band circumstances worsen. They only lasted for one year. Since then, LUMPUR incapacitated, as their two forerunner, bass and drum positions leaves the band. Totally, the band being vacant for one year and six months.
Finally, after 3 years of erratic, LUMPUR creeps their way and being active again in Indonesian death metal scene in the mid-1999. Along with his fresh line up people who have long engaged in the world of death metal,LUMPUR finally have a new adrenaline, Kamal (Vocals), Aief (Bass), Agus (drums), and Putra as Lead Guitar. Not only new formation, the concept had to change course into Brutal Death Metal which influenced again by foreign bands like, Dying Fetus, Kreator, Deeds OF FLESH, Malevolent Creation,etc. The progress does not just stop there, LUMPUR formation has produced several songs, among others Dissillutionment, Impurity, and Premature Suffering and ready marketed to they audience.
On 6 May 2000, Kamal the growler resigned from LUMPUR. Praise the Lords, the vacant circumstances didn't last long because of their new members, the Growler Fadly from Noise Damage on 13 May 2000. Despite claims to the formation of LUMPUR was so solid with members Fadly (Vocals), Putra (Guitar), Aiep (Bass), and Agus (Drum), their educated guess turned to a big mistake.
Since their solid formation was found in ninth generation with Andre (Guitar) and Dicky (Bass), metal troops from the Postmortem which eventually landed in the band, accompanied by Ari Bejo (drums), replacing Sinchan and Agus, who also ended up in EXPLICIT PROGRESS HYPERBLASTING music concept. Influenced by bands from America, and with New-School metal bands like Dying Fetus, Devourment, Deeds of Flesh, Malevolent Creation, Dehumanized,and Crytopsy. they agreed to overhaul the entire song with the theme of Suffering, human moral decay,wars and destruction in to the EXPLICIT PROGRESS HYPERBLASTING gender. Around 2002 year they participate in the compilation held by EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION while preparing the songs that they intended to be released in the form for full length albums. And at the end of 2002 the album was completed successfully and released by the EXTREME SOUL PRODUCTION with tittle ESCAPE YOUR PUNISHMENT. Which released in early February 2003.
In the ninth generation in the last formations with Fadly (Vocals), Putra (Guitar), Andre (Guitar), Dicky (Bass), Ari Bejo (Drums) which is the final formation in 2003. After launching an album with title ESCAPE YOUR PUNISHMENT in 2003 and vacant again LUMPUR find the light for the return to scene Death Metal in mid 2009. Finally, after 7 years erratic, LUMPUR active crawling back to the get involved again, to Death Metal scene that has raised a LUMPUR name. The leading, Putra (Guitar). Strikes again back to the scene, with a predominantly young guns with new force is a : Gugum (Vocal), Faris (Bass), and Dawan (drums). With this a cross-generation, concept still referring to the American Taste Death Metal, LUMPUR still prioritize their themes about Suffer, Humans Moral decay , War and destruction. Concept music still bring to EXPLICIT PROGRESS HYPERBLASTING!! Currently LUMPUR writing for a new material for EP with titled is Unleashed Sufferance Human Weak.

Band Members :

* Gummers - Vocalist
* Putra - Guitarist
* Faris Yaro - Bassist
* Dawan - Drummers

Discography :

* Lumpur - Escape Your Punishment (2003)

Influences :

* Disgorge Us
* Dying Fetus
* Misery Index
* Broken Hope
* Obscured Secretions
* Internal Bleeding
* Infernal Torment
* Deeds of Flesh
* Devourment

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