Thursday, October 21, 2010

Abaddon Incarnate

Biography :

Abaddon Incarnate are an Irish blackened deathgrind band.

History :

Abaddon Incarnate was formed in Dublin in 1991, playing fast death metal with grindcore elements. Under the name Bereaved the band released two demo cassette tapes, Signs of Death in 1992 and Tortured Souls in 1994. The decision was made to change their name to Abaddon Incarnate on the release of their third demo, When the Demons Come. Since then the band has released two more promos (in 1996 and 2001) and three full-length album releases, namely The Last Supper in 1999, Nadir in 2001, and Dark Crusade in 2003. The band has toured in Spain, France, Britain, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

Abaddon Incarnate are currently signed to Metal Age Productions (Slovakia) but have previously been signed to the French label Season of Mist, to the Irish label Sentinel Records, and to the Spanish label Xtreem Music.

In 2007 the line-up changed with the introduction of Stephen Finnerty on bass and Johnny King on drums. A new album has been written and recorded, entitled Cascade and was released in 2009.

Lyrical Themes :

The lyrical content of The Last Supper deals with traditional medieval Satanism and Devil worship, as well as subjects such as nihilism, misanthropy, and the Apocalypse.

Lyrics on Nadir revolve around classical myth, the Apocrypha, Satanism and Cabalah. Influences also came from the books of Michael Moorcock, Dennis Wheatley, Anton LaVey, Ragnar Redbeard, Aleister Crowley, and Nietzsche.

The lyrics of Dark Crusade reflected influences from movies such as Evil Dead and Predator, and subjects such as werewolves, the Left Hand Path, magick, and parapsychology.

The lyrics of the album "Cascade" deal once again with the occult, Satanism, and also exploring left hand path hinduism, The press release reads "No politics, gore or porn on this release"

Band Members :

* Steve Maher - Guitar and Vocals
* Bill Whelan - Guitar and Backing Vocal
* Stephen Finnerty - Bass and Vocals
* Johnny King - Drums

Former Members :

* Jason Connally - Drums (2002-2005)
* Olan Parkinson - Drums (1995-2002)
* Cory Sloan - Bass and Backing Vocals (2000-2004)
* Rob Tierney - Bass (1995-2000)
* Bren Roache - Bass (2004-2007)

Discography :

As Bereaved

* Bereaved - Signs of Death (demo, 1992)
* Bereaved - Tortured Souls (demo, 1994)

As Abaddon Incarnate

* Abaddon Incarnate - When the Demons Come (demo, 1995)
* Abaddon Incarnate - 2-track Sampler (demo, 1996)
* Abaddon Incarnate - The Last Supper LP (Season of Mist, 1999)
* Abaddon Incarnate - 3 Track Sampler 2001 (demo, 2001)
* Abaddon Incarnate - Nadir LP (Sentinel, 2001)
* Abaddon Incarnate - Dark Crusade LP (Xtreem Music, 2004)
* Abaddon Incarnate - Cascade LP (Metal Age, 2009)

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