Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beside - All of My Hate Lyrics

The time has begun,
It’s time for against the enemy
No time to waste And killed them all
I want them seeing my fucking wrath,
I’ll Making them running like a dog.
I hate everyone, who always fuckin hurt me

Face to face, Dont Try To Realized Your Angry
Face to face, I'll Make All Crying

I want to make a half of my live to be better
I wanna feel a better, and I will make it true

I just want to be my self
I’m not who you are
So don’t ever try to push me,
Please don’t ever insist your desire,

God Damned (Shit...!!) , Mother Fucker
I’ll got you, I killed you
God Damned (Shit...!!) , Mother Fucker
This is all of my hate!!!

I want to make a half of my live be a better
I want felt a better and I’ll make all be better

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