Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Different Breed of Killer

Biography :

A Different Breed of Killer is a deathcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. They released their debut album, I, Colossus, on April 29, 2008.

History :

Formed in October 2006, A Different Breed of Killer quickly made a name for themselves in the Knoxville deathcore scene. Less than a year after their formation, the band signed with Rise Records and released I, Colossus, which received generally positive reviews. The band has toured with such bands as Whitechapel, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Impending Doom.

Recently, A Different Breed Of Killer have announced they are preparing their second full-length to be titled The City. The album will be produced by the band's drummer Nija Walker, who has been a student of recording technologies for 8 years, and worked directly under world-renowned mastering engineer Seva at SoundCurrent Mastering in Knoxville, TN. The album will also be mastered by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me) at The Basement Recording in Winston-Salem, NC. Also unique to this recording is plans to record, mix and master the entire album in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound. The band stated "to our knowledge this is the first time this process has been applied to a death metal record."

The band has also announced that they have left Rise Records and are in the process of securing a new label for The City.

As stated from a conversation with vocalist Klint Monroe via Facebook, A Different Breed of Killer has indeed disbanded. A few members left the band which made it difficult to record "The City" so A Different Breed of Killer decided to self produce the album. "The City" was only going to be released for the sake of the fans even though the band has disbanded. Sadly, "The City" will never be released because of a stated argument and contract with the producer. Only certain members have access to the Myspace page and refuse to announce the disbanding.

Band Members :

Current Members :

* Klint Monroe - Vocals
* Nathan Palmer - Guitar
* Louie Thal – Bass Guitar
* Nija Walker– Drums

Former Members :

* Patrick Hamilton – Vocals
* Kyle McNulty – Bass Guitar
* Jesse Mainor – Vocals
* Trevor McKee – Guitar
* Ethan Brown – Guitar

Discography :

Studio Albums :

* A Different Breed of Killer - Demo / Soundlair Demo (2007)
* A Different Breed of Killer - I, Colossus (2008)

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