Thursday, October 14, 2010


Biography :

Cadaverment was formed the August of '99'. Bruce"Snake" Moalllem (drums),and Sebastian Russo (guitars) orginated the NJ based underground death metal band with the purpose to create orignal brutal music,and to bring back Jersey's underground scene. Cadaverment's influences derive from NY's Suffocation, early Carcass, and Terrorizer, Cadaverment's music consists of hyper blast grinds, groovy brutal slams, and even a touch of hybrid melodies. In November 99, Tom Kieffer (bass/vocals), Joe "Skullcrusher" Lorincz (vocals) were added to the lineup. With this steady lineup, and 7 day a week practices, Cadaverment played a few local shows, and received good turnouts. By Febuary 11, 2000, Cadaverment hits the studio and in the hours of 12pm - 3am, records and mixes, the "Bring the Suffering" demo. With dedication and steady practices, Cadaverment promises to never let down the kids and the people who keep the undergroud real. Unable to adapt to the demand of guttural vocals, Joe "Skullcrusher" left the band to allow the remaining members to move on.

Band Members :

* Joe "Skullcrusher" Lorincz - Vocals
* Sebastian Russo - Guitar
* Tom Kieffer - Vocals and Backing Bass
* Bruce "Snake" Moallem - Drums

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