Thursday, October 14, 2010


Biography :

DAZECORTICA formed early 2005 with the name of DeathNote. Ade (vocals), Zanoe (guitar), Zaki (bass), Ryan (guitar), and Asbo (drums) complete the line up at that time. On his way DAZECORTICA had undergone several replacements drummers until finally filled by Reza. After so long, for various reasons require that Ryan and Zaki leave from DAZECORTICA. Adel (vocals), Zanoe (guitar), Reza (drumm) as the latest lineup.

"Shadow of My Nightmare" became the first promo single that was recorded in 4 Way Split cd demo which is then incorporated in the compilation album Brutality Sicknes which was released by Extreme Soul Productions 2008. 2009 singles latest demo, entitled "Plhegmatic Killer" was recorded to jazz compilation album Panceg Dina strain in Pieces Records release.

Of the many sub-genre of death metal and others, DAZECORTICA try to summarize a few. Minor grove, diminished power chords, and some progressive beats a trade mark DAZECORTICA today.

On behalf of the idealism that enough to commercialized, DAZECORTICA try to present the musical satisfaction that still can be digested easily.

Band Members :

* Adel - Vocals
* Zanoear - Guitar
* Reza - Drums

Influences :

* Cannibal Corpse
* Decapitated
* Hate Eternal
* Disavowed
* And Many More

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