Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ablaze My Sorrow

Biography :

Ablaze My Sorrow was a melodic death metal band from Falkenberg, Sweden. The group formed in 1993, released three full-length albums for No Fashion Records through several lineup changes, and received significant exposure among metal press outlets before disbanding in August 2006.

History :

The group first came together in 1993, featuring original members Martin Quist on vocals and guitar, Magnus Carlsson on guitar, Anders Brorsson on bass, and Fredrik Wenzel on drums. The group recorded a demo before drummer Alex Bengtsson replaced Wenzel and guitarist Roger Johansson joined the group, both playing on their 1996 debut for No Fashion Records entitled If Emotion Still Burns. After the release of the record, Quist and Johansson left the group, and were replaced by Fredrik Arnesson on vocals and Dennie Linden on guitar in time for their follow-up effort, 1997's The Plague. After The Plague, the group went on a temporary hiatus, and replaced Fredrik Arnesson with new vocalist Kristian Lönnsjö. In 2001, they returned with their third album, Anger, Hate and Fury. The cover of the album featured artwork by Niklas Sundin, a renowned album cover artist. In 2004, the group played the Swedish 2000 Decibel festival. On August 16, 2006, the group announced it was breaking up.

Band Members :

* Martin Quist - Vocals and Guitar (1993-1997)
* Magnus Carlsson - Guitar (1993-)
* Anders Brorsson - Bass (1993-)
* Fredrik Wenzel - Drums (1993-1995)
* Alex Bengtsson - Drums (1995-)
* Roger Johansson - Guitar (1996-1997)
* Fredrik Arnesson - Vocals (1997-2000)
* Dennie Lindern - Guitar (1997-)
* Anders Lundin - Guitar (1998-1999)
* Kristian Lönnsjö - Vocals (2000-)

Discography :

* Ablaze My Sorrow - If Emotion Still Burns (No Fashion, 1996)
* Ablaze My Sorrow - The Plague (No Fashion, 1997)
* Ablaze My Sorrow - Anger, Hate and Fury (No Fashion, 2001)

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