Thursday, October 14, 2010


Biography :

Bandung in 2008, exactly the end of October since it began as a high school friendship with no clear place to live like savages as lack of purpose, and since in that we think needs a change in life with common musical interests, starting from where we formed DIE OF DEATH with nara as the lead guitarist, ache as the bassist and piun as drums, since that time we're looking for a vocal and novan is we have recruited as a vocalist, the band with this UNDERGROUND flow we start with ordinary things just practice and practice and only Fill in the school environment to bring our band influences. After all this time we started looking for the identity of the flow direction where this band, and we change the name of the DIE OF DEATH be decrypted since that time we changed the flow into Death Metal, with personnel ache as vocal, lead guitar piun, towers as the guitar, novan as a bass drummer and we recruited from the warrior and “disincarnation” then we are eager to start something more serious things by making some of the material in the track, we still influence Brutal Death band. Since we first entered the studio to start recording the songs live on our sadistic offered to dock with BANDUNG DEATH METAL syndicate, with a compilation PADIGA (Panceg Dina Galur) by PIECES RECORD consists of several bands bandung. We started playing in the first stage in Jakarta exactly the BRUTALITY FEST, it is impressive to us then we played at several events in bandung and major events in the studio show after so long we began to enter the different materials that the recording stage 2 song title VONOMOUS ANNIHILATE, this song we go into the compilation CHAOTIC RECORD "from dust to dust", And here we are as DECRYPTED.

Band Members :

* Ache - Vocals
* Fian - Guitar
* Nara - Bass
* Satria - Drums

Discography :

* Padiga Compilation
* From Dust To Dust

Influences :

* Cannibal corpse
* Meshuggah
* Behemoth
* Obscura
* Sleep Terror
* The Faceless

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