Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Biography :

After sharing the stage in East Europe with Pro Pain and Zuul FX, Blasted release their first full-length, “Alchemy”. Produced by themselves, “Alchemy” packs plenty of energy and neck-breaking riffs and hopefully would drive you nuts!

Their way quite impressively evolved since the story began in 2000, in Martigny (CH) when Yomgui (bass) joined Nico (guitar) and Simon (drums). Their common love for heavy sounds blended with ultimate grooves inspired them to composing their own songs, trying to fill the gap between Pantera and Machine Head. In early 2006 Carlos (vocals) joined them. At that time, the four freaks began to hit the road, playing almost one hundred shows in all Europe and strengthening their self-confidence. Blasted is truly a live band first, and the band’s onstage attitude is far away from the metalhead’s cliché. The guys have lot of fun, and want to transmit that to their audiences.

Band Members :

* Carlos - Vocals
* Nico - Guitar
* Yomgui - Bass
* Simon - Drums

Blasted   first album is comming soon

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