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Biography :

Kerangka Band was formed 30 September 2001 initial format: voc / andry, guitar / ockky ca'ak, bass / Dendy, drums / Kerangka own whistle beralirkan musick "Pure Brutal Death." to bring the song song of "flesh grind, dying fetus, and Hypocrisy ... who used to practice at the headquarters tongkrongan anak2 metal band jak-old jl.pisangan Mr.P studio team - Kerangka enjo.dan market itself has demo tracks in the studio doors in 2004.hanya 2 songs are: military 1.agresi 2.dying in beheaded.berbagai kinds of events and the label has been entered and is denied mentah2 ... (fucking labels )...??? This is only temporary demo tracks in a studio master doors.setelah Kerangka vacuum hose a few years because of busy masing2.andry and Dendy has resigned (RIP). While the whistle moved on death metal band Burial and caak himself joined the band east jakarta blackmetal origin Mortuary. This band has entered in various compilasi including: BLACKSOUND.3 (edelweiss recd), SCREAM FATALITY.4 (cadazsick magazine), EAST STAND (depression recd). after all this time in mid-2009 finally vacuum Kerangka reunian rise from the grave and hit with the song Their latest song, song song Kerangka still bring more cadaz, danger and more brutal than the previous one, song and sound on their latest highly influenced and penetrated by DEVOURMENT, DISGORGE (USA), Deeds OF FLESH, Ababil, Death Vomit, bodies, SIKSAKUBUR , and PROSATANICA .... until now many bids and enter profile gig at the local zine2 UG until out of town. And Kerangka band decided a new formation to date: Vockill / whistle Burial, guitar / Ockky. Tsk, basst / dodolipet, drums / suryakuya and additional players: Vockill (Faith Bhelamy), Drum (Oman Mortuary / Rever) Kerangka support and reference: The Beginning (Ababil), Dicky (Rever), Puput (Burial), Nano (Vomit larynx .)

Band Members :

* Puput Burial - Vocals
* Ockky Ck - Guitar
* Dodolipet - Bass
* Suryakuya - Drums

Influences :

* Devourment
* Disgorge (Usa)
* Suffocation
* Hypocrisy
* Death Vomit
* Jasad
* Prosatanica

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