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Biography :

The Birth Of Indonesian Hardcore Punx Scene

I started Antiseptic with Acid at the Rock gig, at an Art School (IKJ) in Jakarta, on 1990. We used to hang out at the first Metal club in Jakarta, called Pid Pub. We used to get drunk and slamdancing for our favorite Thrash Metal bands at that club, around 1989-1990. We used to hang out and skating on the street around Pid Pub area too. We didn't hang out with all those Metal dudes, who were more older than our ages. We were just 15-16 years old kids. We've got bored with Metal scene in Indonesia. So, we've decided to start a new scene, it was called Hardcore Punx scene. Alcohol, Skateboarding, and Fun are our style. We shaved our heads and with two other friends, we started a new band called the Dickheads. After failed for a band's selection at high school's gig, I changed the name to Antiseptic, because i don't really like the Dickheads, it was just sounds not fun for me. Influenced by D.R.I, Suicidal Tendencies, the Misfits, Black Flag, A.M.Q.A, GG Allin, Gang Green, S.O.D, Exploited, and the Sex Pistols, we started to hit the local scene, which totally Metal at that time. Before we started, there were no Punx, Skins, and Hardcore kids in Indonesia. Our first gig was a Metal festival at Bulungan (Jakarta), on the late 1990. Thousand kids came to that gig, most of Metalheads, and about 25 bands played on the same stage at that festival. All bands were pure Thrash Metal and Death Metal bands. Only us played different, we still covered songs from our Hardcore Punx and Crossover heroes. Only 15 kids supported us at that gig, most of young useless skaters. Those Metal dudes were shocking and laughing when we were playing. Because we were different, we were Hardcore, and we were Antiseptic. Yeah right, fuck you all, what the fuck are you laughing at ?!?.....
After did about 10 gigs, we were keep trying to spreading Hardcore Punx to the kids in Jakarta. There was a legendary gig at Granadha on 1991. About 50 kids started a big riot when we were playing. They're waiting for us, we're still the only Hardcore Punx band in Indonesia at that time. We're just to start playing our first song, and the riot started. They're slamming hard, they're fighting hard, and started threw all the chairs to the air. Cops came to the stage and tried to stop us playing. But the kids threw all the chairs to the cops. Damn !, that place was totally mess up. I've never seen any solid action of the kids at the gigs against the police until now. It was so awesome, it was our good old days. Later, we're banned to play at any big Metal festival, hahaha !!! We started to play at smallest gigs at school, university and any places we can play. We used to play at bicycle race on 9 o'clock in the morning. What we've got only burger and soda. Antiseptic is the only band who never get paid until now, we're already happy with all fun we've had at any gigs we played, hahaha !!!. Month by month, we've got more kids supported us. They called themselves 'the Septic Crew'. Those kids were crazy and loyal to us.....
On late 1995, i went to Australia and lived over there for 3 years. Josi and Rendi replaced me as the singers in the band. With two singers in the band, Antiseptic changed the music more N.Y. Hardcore. Influenced by Warzone, Agnostic Front, and Murphy's Law, they did the most brutal gigs at that time. At Antiseptic's gigs, Punx, Skins, Hardcore kids, Metalheads, stick and had fun together. Around 1992-1995 some hardcore punx and punkrock bands were born in Indonesia, but most of them only lived for short times. They're just trendy Punx and Hardcore kids, they changed their music to another trendy music. They followed all the fuckin' trends. On 1997, Antiseptic released their first album called 'Finally' on their own label. It used to be available on tapes for 1000 copies. It was the first D.I.Y Hardcore Punx album in Indonesia.....
We didn't realy get along with all those fashion Punx. I still remember, when the Septic Crew chased about 20 fashion Punx with mohawk, boots, and stupid swastika badges at Menteng street on 1993. We grabed one of them, and beat him up so baddd. And offcorse i still remember, when we started a big fight at the first pure Punx gig on 1995, at Bulungan (Jakarta). We beat up a leader of a fashion Punx gang, and gave alot of stitches on his head. The funny thing, he became good friend of mine long times after that incident. We didn't hate Punx, we're Punx, but on the different way. We've just hate their over acting reactions at our scene, and we're not interested on their fuckin' fashion. There were no Antiseptic's gigs without violence. There were allot of fight between Punx, Skins, Hardcore kids, and Metalheads, and we fought everyone, hahaha !!!. We're not tough guys, we beat up tough guys. And we're not like most of the kids in the scene, who only fought in the scene, they only had balls to fight each other, they're nothing than stupid pieces of shit. We fought every where with every assholes. Drugs and violence were getting bigger at the Punx/Hardcore scene around 1996-1998, and it made fun at the gigs less than before. New kids tried to get attention with all those stupid things. We didn't know where the hell they came from, they just came to the gigs for a fight and looking for attentions, they didn't know anything about Hardcore Punx, they just dressed up as Punx, Skins, and Hardcore kids. Metalheads went away from our scene, and stayed at their own Metal scene because of that.....
Rendi went to jail on 1999, and the band asked me to joined Antiseptic again. When we played at Jayabaya university on 1999, i was shocked. There were about 500 kids supported us. Damn !!, it was totally different with when i used to sing in the band before, which only had maximum 50 kids supported us. Yeah right ! our struggle to spreading hardcore punx in Indonesia was successful, specially in Jakarta. On 2004 we released our second album, it was called 'Call it what ever you want' on Jealous Again records. It was available on tapes for 300 copies only. Black stayed in jail on 2005, not so long after our second album out.....
Time is changing so fast. Hardcore Punx is so fuckin' big in Indonesia right now. Thousands Hardcore Punx bands were born, Hardcore Punx became a new trend over here. Some "Punx" of today gave allot of shit about us. But, we didn't give a fuck !!!. They weren't there when Hardcore Punx was born in Indonesia. They didn't know anything about us from the beginning, how hard we survived, how hard we fought to built this scene. They didn't know any shit about those story, fuck them all !!!. We're like them too when we're 18. Gave the other people allot of shit. So, who cares anyway. If they want to against us or wanna make trouble with us, they supposed to did that 15 or 10 years ago. Where the hell all of you on 1990 'til 1997 ?. I think all of you still stayed at school, and just learned how to masturbating. I think all of you still listened for Bon Jovi or something. We have more brain right now, we're changing allot, and we're not 18 anymore. So, fuck off !!!.....
I like to dedicate this story to the kids in the scene of today, and to our loyal crew 'the Septic Crew' from the beginning. I'll never forget all the great great fun we've had for about 18 years. Antiseptic did hundreds gigs around Indonesia until today and still play fast and loud hardcore punx. The unique thing about Antiseptic is the band always did something every 7 years. Started on 1990, first album on 1997, second album on 2004, and i think this band will break up on 2011, hahaha !!!
Thanx for the friendship and fun !!! Stand strong, stand proud !!!

Ps: Sorry, if we used to beat you up before. We're just a bunch of stupid young Punx back then, big cheeers !!!


Band Members :

* Berry - Fucked Uu
* Acid - Guitar Hero
* Josi - Bass Attack
* Rendi - Beat Destroyer

Free Download Anti Septic's MP3 :

* Antiseptic - Bad Daddy Evil Mommy
* Antiseptic - Brisik
* Antiseptic - Fuck For False Friends
* Antiseptic - Never Ending Conflict

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