Saturday, September 18, 2010


Biography :

HANTAMRATA are the ultimate youthrashcore unit 'n this our story...., was founded 2003 in Kediri City small city in Indonesia, beginning this band (Purnomo) have idea with friend called Paidi, and then we make this band called HANTAMRATA (mean Different it’s never mind, fuck discrimination, we all feel equal) and play crustpunk. Paidi on guitar, Sulaiman on Bass,ur song about disagree with political/movement reality life, and then Ongki hangout cause he must focus in KillHarmonic,we only share on small DIY Punk/HC GIG’S,band with name like our first band., we mix fast/thrash/88 style HC/Punk 'n little bit grindcore, DonHell on guitar2, Apek kusumo on bass n now playing guitar, Romi on Guitar (just a little bit time), xGEOFx on drum, Purnomo on vocal, and we recruit Adam just one month, after one month Adam have job must work in other city and he hangout, and we use Ucok Babi (Donat hell), till now still solid with our personel.
Forever true!!!

Band Members :

* Gus Pur - Vocals
* Apex Kusumo - Six Strings Thrasing Terror
* Six Strings Noise Terror - Don Hell
* Ucox La Bamba - Axe Grinder
* Geof - Drums

Influences :

* Sex Pistols
* Ramones
* Discharge
* Career Suicide
* And Many More..!!!

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