Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Biography :

SALZABILLA stood at the beginning of the year 2002.pada SALZABILLA initially consist of 5 personnel, but then there was the turn of personil.Sekarang SALZABILLA consists of 4 personil.Sampai currently SALZABILLA often appeared on stage both in the region jatim underground or outside jatim.SALZABILLA already have some song: In my dark looking for light, reach Nirvana, At the threshold, Birth and death eternal life, Flakes stain ago, lost soul, Alone in the silence, At the end of twilight, he is more needed, that carries the flow EXTREME METAL SHADOW. SALZABILLA itself has the meaning springs from the Arabic word for paradise. SALZABILLA own will terinfluence wing bands are Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal Hardcore & Metal.SALZABILLA also been involved compilation "HUMAN REVOLUTION I" by blasting production.

Band Members :

* Nopek - Vocals
* Wahyu - Guitar
* Een - Bass
* Resma - Drums

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