Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sexual Sickness

Biography :

Starting from the meeting of the pirates-pirates vagina, so they agreed to establish a band that is: Sexual Sickness (which means: genital abnormalities). After a couple of times through change of personnel and also had time to vacuum a few months, then the final formation are: Yoyock (vockill) , Rude ((guitar), Jang (Bass), ifan (drums). With the craziness they try mamainkan STRESSICK musical concept that terinfluence MOTHERFUCKER porn grind bands out among others: LIVIDITY, CBT, they have poured dll.Dan mucus-mucus enjoyment for the manufacture of some songs that are used to treat the pirates-pirates really crazy metal with thigh blossom, fresh pussy tsb songs are: Cock-Hole destroyer, PSK (pay, sexual, killer), Beautiful face with rotten pussy, GPL (gigolo's best-selling), the sexual instinct overrule, Im horny babe, I remember Pls I fuck her, To liric tell them much about love, sexual, orgasm, and not far from what is called a pussy, pussy and pussy.

Band Members :

* Yoyock - Vocals
* Rude - Guitar
* Deddy - Bass
* Ifan - Drums

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