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Biography :

Inveracity is a Greek death metal band originating from Athens, formed by drummer Vagelis and guitarist Antonis, and has released two full-length albums, Circle of Perversion and Extermination of Millions.

History :

Inveracity was formed in 1998 by Vagelis and Antonis with the intention of playing brutal death metal. After a year had passed they discovered the vocalist Dionisis. A year later, former Bloodgore bass guitarist Lefteris joined to complete the line-up.

The same year, 2000, the band recorded "Defeated Humans Raped" which was released in January 2001 on CD format. This demo CD contained 5 tracks. Dionisis left the band due to personal differences the following November, being temporarily replaced by Jim.

Inveracity performed several times in small gigs and metal-fests. At one of these gigs, Inveracity met Anastasis of Nuclear Winter records who offered them their first record contract. That was for a 10" vinyl split with Insision.

During the recordings of the split, Jim left the band, being replaced by Marios and the rest of the band was very happy with the voice they had found, feeling it was right for Inveracity’s sound.

The split with Insision was released in 2001. The Inveracity side was entitled "Deceased, Abandoned, Disgraced".

In summer of 2002, Revenge Productions (a German production company) bought the rights for the split and released it on CD format. A few months later Inveracity signed with Tennessee-based Unmatched Brutality Records.

The band completed its first album, Circle of Perversion, in summer 2003. The album tracks were more fast-paced than the band's previous efforts and received many positive reviews. The CD hit the underground in December 2003. Inveracity continued playing live shows, watching the fanbase grow with each show.

In the summer of 2004 Marios left Inveracity. He was soon replaced by vocalist, George.

In early 2006, Inveracity signed with Unique Leader Records and began recording their second album, Extermination of Millions, which was released in early 2007, with very positive reactions.

Band Members :

* George - Vocals
* Antonis - Guitars
* George S - Bass
* Vagelis - Drums

Influences :

* Autopsy
* Broken Hope
* Cannibal Corpse
* Christ Denied
* Death
* Dark Angel
* Deeds Of Flesh
* Dehumanized
* Fleshgrind
* Hate Eternal
* Malevolent Creation
* Monstrosity
* Morbid Angel
* Repulsion
* Ripping Corpse
* Possessed
* Pyrexia
* Terrorizer
* Severe Torture
* Slayer
* Suffocation
* Vile

Discography :

Demo :

* Inveracity - Defeated Humans Raped (2000) Cd Self Financed

Ep :

* Inveracity - Split Insision/Inveracity (2001) NWR004 10"vinyl / RVP11 Cd

Full Length :

* Inveracity - Circle of Perversion (2003) UBR60008-2 Cd
* Inveracity - Extermination of Millions (2007) ULR60039-2 Cd

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That was the spirit guys never lost hope,now your the one great death metal band not just in your country but world wide. Congrats to all you.

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