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Biography :

Formed in November 2006 when Dedy Kresna(vox/guitar) and R. Endry “Saenk” Noerdradjat(guitar) who has just left their old band Sekaratul Maut and Sandro Dwiputra Armanda(bass) who also has left his old band too, have a brilliant idea for making a sick and wicked music inspired by their favourite metal bands.
After a few days of conversations, Plasmoptysis found their first drummer, Sandi. For some reasons Sandi replaced by Andri Kemod(drums), and the band practicing was begun since that. They decided Mannequin as their first name. After some shows, Dedy wants to focus himself at guitar. So they start looking for vocalist who has the same visions with them. On March 2007 Argha Riyan(vox) who's still Saenk’s cousin fill the vocal position.
On August 2007 Andri Kemod resigns from the band due to his school activities, and his position replaced by Rahadian Mufti. But on December 2007, because of his instability condition Rahadian Mufti resigned from the formation. And once again they lost their drummer.
January 2008, Dawan Saputra(drums) was officially joined the band to be their drummer. Well, with this solid formation Argha(vox), Dedy(guitar), Saenk(guitar), Sandro(bass), and Dawan(drums), they have released their first demo album called ‘Promo 2008’. They did lots of shows and joined some local compilations. On October 2008, for some reasons they decided to change their name to PLASMOPTYSIS.
They're currently signed with Extreme Souls Productions to release their first debut full-length album "Breeds of the Malevolence" in January 2010.

Band Members :

* Argha Riyan - Vocals
* Dedy Kresna - Guitar
* Endry Noerdrajat - Guitar
* Sandro D. Armanda - Bass
* Dawan Saputra - Drums

Influences :

* Disgorge (US)
* Cannibal Corpse
* Deeds of Flesh (old)
* Inveracity

Free Download Plasmoptysis's MP3 :

* Plasmoptysis - Darah Tumbal
* Plasmoptysis - Edan Maneh
* Plasmoptysis - The New Age of Human Putrefaction
* Plasmoptysis - Torture


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